How many lumens for path lighting? Full Guide with examples

Looking for the best lumen range for your path lightning? Here are 5 important tips for you.

Lumen output for path lighting is individual. It depends on how brightly you want to lighten any particular element. There are fixtures available from 5 to 200 lumens. Look for fixtures with adjustable lumen output, so you can control the brightness yourself. For path lightning, 40 lumens is the best choice.

Path lights are a fundamental outdoor fixture all yards should have. Path lights easily improve the overall design of your yard and, of course, make walking along paths much safer.

  • When picking your path lights, take height into thought. For a pleasant, even glow, path lights should be installed about 13-inches high.
  • Your path lights should be firm and made from materials that resist corrosion and wear. Powder-coated surfaces have long-term resistance to the outdoor elements while soda-lime glass stays strong throughout the different seasons.
  • LED path lights are a very good choice, as they keep costs cheap with reduced power consumption, they are maintenance-free and stays cool with options in color temperature.
  • If possible choose a light fixture with an adjustable lumen output.
  • Keep debris and snow off the solar panel to enable the batteries to recharge.


Solar Pathway Lights 10-40 Lumens Adjustable

You can adjust the brightness between 10-40 lumen with these path lights. There is a knob-type brightness adjustment on the switch, so you can pretty much install them where you want and get the perfect amount of light.

What I like about these lights also that unlike ordinary plastic plugs, these lights use aluminum pointed plugs that are rigid and durable. The stake is aluminum, the body is stainless steel, and the lens is glass.

They are easy to install and of course easy to move when needed.



Rechargeable battery included (600mAH aluminum battery)

Pro quality





If you are looking for a light with a nice light-pattern take a look at these, the size of the pattern is roughly 5 feet in diameter and the pattern resembles a snowflake.
If you want real glass in your lights these got it, they are quality made with glass and sturdy metal.

Very easy to install, just remember to flip the switch under the cap to on.


Rechargeable battery included

Glass lens

Good customer service


The light pattern may not fit everyone



Signature Garden 15 Lumens

  • 6 Pack Solar Garden Lights
  • Super-Bright 15 Lumens
  • Premium Stainless Design
  • Easy NO-Wire Installation
  • All-Weather/Water-Resistant

If you want a hassle-free installation take a look at these lights, you just simply push their stakes into the ground and they are ready to go. These are wire free and they run completely on solarpower. When it gets dark they turn on and when there is light again they turn automatically off again. They also come with a 100% lifetime replacement so you can buy with confidence.



100% Lifetime replacement

Good customer service


Plastic lens



Twinkle Star 50 Lumens

These solar-powered path lights are charged fully in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours, the lights automatically turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. There’s an ON/OFF switch on the light cover.

These are made of matte black finish stainless steel tube and you can easily install these in two ways:
1. take out the stake from the pole and insert the stake into the bottom of the pole, quickly install by pushing into the ground.
2. insert the round pile into the pole and fix it in the ground with three screws.

  • 4 pack
  • White LED 50 lumens
  • The beam is up to 16ft long

Bright warm white
Easy to assemble


Could be more sturdy