What Color LED Light Helps You Focus?

Colors can help you in different situations. Did you know that you can build up your focus with colors? Have you noticed that you feel calm and more focused when surrounded by nature? Well, there is an explanation for that. Research shows that low wavelength colors like green, one of the most common colors in nature, improve your focus.

Green is one of the easiest colors on your eyes and it also reminds us of nature. If you need long-term concentration and focus you should pick a green led color light for your workspace.

What color light is best for studying?

What Color Light Is Best For Studying

There’s a study led by Dr. Kate Lee, that examined 150 university students, the task was monotonous and boring. The students had to press a series key when a series of numbers appeared on the screen.

The students were instructed not to press any key when the number three appeared on the computer screen. But here’s where things get interesting. When during the 40-second break time, half of the group looked out onto a dull concrete roof and the other half looked at a green rooftop, the research surprisingly showed that the students who looked at the green rooftop made fewer errors and had much better concentration.

The green roof gave a therapeutic experience that boosted those mental resources that control attention and focus.

How to get a green LED light that helps with focus?

If you feel tired when studying you should try to be surrounded by something green. You can start trying by having a plant at your desk. You can also try to change your lights and the easiest way to change your lights to green is by getting a smart light bulb. Smart bulbs have 16 million colors to choose from and you can try different shades of green to find the best one for you. If you don’t want to change your bulb in the ceiling light fixture, try a smart bulb with your desk lamp and take notice if the green light makes you more focused.

Benefits of green color and green light

What Color LED Light Helps You Focus

There are studies showing that people who work in green offices are more satisfied with their jobs, and shops that are painted green keeps the customers shopping for longer times.

You can also improve your reading ability by laying a transparent sheet of green paper over your reading material, this will improve your reading speed and comprehension.

This study claims that green light can help with migraine headaches by easing the sensitivity to light of migraine sufferers.


Using the low wavelength green light color, and the accurate selection and placement can seriously influence feelings, attention, and behavior when learning.

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