What is the best beam angle for downlights? Full Guide

Proper lighting is essential in-home and other spaces but, do you know what the best beam angle for downlights is?
The beam angle of 40 degrees is the standard beam angle. It is a medium spread beam that can provide a great combination of coverage and intensity.

40 Degree Beam Angle Led Bulb

There are of course many different beam angles to choose from if you want something more specific, read on this article will guide you.

Beam Angle Defined

Before we proceed, let us first know what beam angle is. The beam angle is the angle wherein the light is emitted or distributed. It can be measured by degrees. Meanwhile, a regular light bulb can have 360 degrees beam angle. Downlights or can lights come in different beam angles. These angles can be used in different spaces. The beam angle is quite important, just like the color temperature.
It indicates the amount of light spread from the source of light.
Let us know more about these below.

Different Beam Angles for Downlights

BrandTypeCheck PriceRating 1-5
15-Degree Spot Light Bulb $3.4
25 Degree Spot LED Light Bulb $4.3
36 Degree Spot Light $4.7
40 Degree Beam Angle Led Bulb $4.5
60 Degree Beam Angle $4.4
120 Degree Beam Angle $4.1


best beam angle for led downlights


With the continuous innovation of technology, there are different beam angles that you can choose for downlights. GU10 LEDs and LED downlights are now available in a broader mixture of beam angles. Broader beam angles like 60 degrees are becoming increasingly common. Usually, the main decision is whether to go for a 40-degree or 60-degree beam with some options for narrow 25-degree beams, but let`s go over the available range of bulb angles.

  • 15 Degrees

The beam angle of 15 degrees can offer you concentrated light, which is essential for accent lighting. Whatever the size of your room is, it can provide a dazzling light that can create a beautiful atmosphere in your area. It can provide a focused and more intense light to your room. It can distribute the light better in the room.

15-Degree Spot Light Bulb



  • 25 Degrees

Narrower beam angles of 25 degrees can provide you with concentrated light. It is the best choice for illuminating surfaces and emphasizes the smaller details in the room. It can be used downlights in the kitchen. You can also use this beam angle in rooms with higher ceilings like a study room or library. You can use this beam angle for ceilings over 9 feet and get a really nice light beam. This beam angle is also referred to as a spot.

25 Degree Spot LED Light Bulb



  • 36 Degrees

Beam angles of 36 degrees are perfect for rooms in your office and home. However, it can also depend on its application and light spacing. It can also offer a softer, general light. It is also ideal to use in domestic household ceiling fitted appliances.

36 Degree Spot Light



  • 60 Degrees

Beam angles of 60 degrees continue to increase its popularity. This beam angle is ideal for bigger rooms. Although it is a wider beam, it doesn’t offer more light. However, it can spread the light further. This beam angle is highly suggested if you prefer soft diffuse lighting. You can use it in the living room. The beam angle of 60 degrees is also known as floodlighting. It is also good for standard ceiling heights.

60 Degree Beam Angle



  • 120 Degrees

If you want brighter downlights, you can prefer for 120 degrees beam angle. It is also a great choice if you don’t want to install more lights in your room to get your desired lighting environment.

120 Degree Beam Angle




To sum it up, there are different beam angles for downlights. You can prefer wider beams of 60 degrees for lounging areas. Thus, it doesn’t need to be too bright. Lounge areas may include activities like relaxing, watching television, or reading. You can also space out your downlights further apart with the wider beams.

On the other hand, narrower beams, including 15 degrees beam angle, are perfect for spaces with higher ceilings like study room and library. It depends on your preference and standards, whether you are going to choose between wider or narrower beams angles for downlights. It is important to choose the best beam angle to create a relaxing ambiance in your room.

If you are still unsure which is the best beam angle for downlights, you can choose between 34 to 120 degrees. These beam angles can work fine in different types of rooms. However, it can still depend on the spacing of the lights and its application. In addition, you must take note that there are some factors you must consider in choosing the right beam angle for downlights. These factors include the light bulb type, color, brightness, and wattage.

You can also use different beam angles in big areas like lounge areas. Do you need a beam angle for downlights in your home or office? Then, you can choose the types of beam angles mentioned above. It will help you to create your desired lighting in your specific area.

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