Dimmer Switch Installation Cost – Complete Guide

How much to install a dimmer switch


One of the easiest ways to find out how much the installation of a dimmer switch costs is to look it up on Amazon.

You can find top-level dimmer switch replacement pros on Amazon Home Services (just type in your zip code) and you’ll see professional dimmer switch replacement services at fair prices. Hiring a professional to service your dimmer switch replacement project is a good idea for several reasons.

  •  It ensures the light switch replacement is done correctly and safely for your family and home
  • Secondly, this is the most time-efficient way to finish your light switch replacement project, because the pro will have the right tools and experience to make your light switch replacement as swift and smooth as possible.
  • Dimmer switches can usually be installed within a few hours by a professional electrician.

How much does it cost to install a dimmer switch?


Up to 3 Dimmer Switches $150 (depending on your location).

  • The minimum cost of dimmer switches: $13 per unit + material
  • The maximum cost of dimmer switches: $40 per unit + material

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The cost of dimmer switches can differ broadly based upon the manufacturer and quality of the switch.
The more expensive dimmer switches frequently include features such as decorative styles and finish choices.

It is also important to consider the labor and supply costs that are required to install these switches.

The total labor costs for the installation of a dimmer switch range from approximately $55 to $155 per job depending on the number of dimmers you need to get installed.

These labor costs usually include the setup for the job as well as any surface touch-up and cleaning upon fulfillment of the job.
Though, these figures do not cover any costs that may be associated with the installation or repairs to the electrical supply circuit or changes to the room construction to accommodate the dimmer switch.
Other different costs include the supplies and necessary tools that may be needed to complete the installation, which run approximately between $35 and $45.

Materials for Dimmer Switch Installation and Cost


In addition to the dimmer unit and the dimmer wall plate if relevant, materials needed for the installation of a dimmer switch include:

  • wire connector nuts
  • electrical tape
  • mounting hardware.

You`re going to also need several tools for the installation:

  • Long-nose pliers
  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Wirecutter
  • Wire stripper
  • A voltage tester

Is it easy to install a dimmer switch?


Generally speaking, a homeowner can install dimmers. Though, there are a few instances where you should bring in professional help.

  • You should check the amperage of the circuit and the wattage of the new dimmer. If the amperage isn’t high enough to cover the wattage of your switch, you will need an extra wire run from your circuit breaker. The best option, in this case, is to hire a licensed and qualified electrician.
  • A couple of other thoughts before you dig into this switch project is that many older homes don’t have high-temperature insulation, which is demanded by many ceiling light dimmers and fan dimmers.

Most homeowners should never try DIY electrical work unless they already have knowledge in the electrical field.

An amateur electrical job may produce bad wire connections, overloaded circuits, and faulty grounding, which could be hazardous to the safety of your home.

Licensed electricians must undergo thorough training and keep up to date with the latest electrical regulations.

Are dimmer switches more expensive than normal light switches?


Dimmer switches cost more than standard light switches. Aside from the dimmer, you will also need to use a special light bulb intended for dimming lights.

Incandescent and low voltage halogen light bulbs are usually compatible with most dimmer models.

You can get LED bulbs in a dimmable and non-dimmable version, but the dimmable cost more than the non-dimmable LED bulbs.