Best 1-watt Led Bulb – [Equivalent, Small] Full Guide

1-watt LED bulbs have a much longer life span than traditional incandescent light bulbs and require less energy. They come in a range of shapes, offer a variety of sheens, and come in different base widths to match nearly any light fixture.

1 watt led light bulb
1 watt led light bulb

The reason LEDs last longer than other types of bulbs:

  • they have no filaments
  • the metal does not get fatigued
  • no oxidation
  • no evaporation
  • they are robust

LEDs don’t burn out like traditional bulbs.

Led’s brightness decreases at a slow pace over their lifespans. LEDs might last for hundreds of years, but they will be functioning at approximately 70% brightness when they have reached the full term of their expected lifespan.

1-watt LED is equivalent to a 7.5W incandescent bulb.

1 watt Led Light Bulb – Top 5 List

1-watt Led BulbTypePriceRating 1-5
JandCase 1-watt LED
Globe Opaque G14 Medium Base $4.5
Newhouse Lighting 1-Watt
S14 LED Bulb, Curved Filament for Outdoor String Lights $4.3
Landlite LED 1W

LC7-1W, Bullet/Candle shape led bulb $3.9
Satco S9161 LED Bulb
S11 White 2700K Medium Base 1.2W $4.2
Fantado 1W
Dimmable Fantado LED Filament G40 Globe Shatterproof $4.5

JandCase LED Globe White Light 1 watt Bulb Review, Opaque G14 Medium Base


  • White LED chips
  • White colored cover
  • Opaque
  • Not dimmable
  • E26/E27 base
  • Rated 30,000hrs lifespan.

Small led light bulbs are real energy savers.

These are going to save you about 80% on the electricity bill compared to incandescent bulbs.

E27 Led bulb 1w

The bulbs are about 2 3/4 inches long including base and 1 3/4 inches diameter, so they are about the size of a ping pong ball.

JandCase 1 watt led bulbs outside

The bulbs are plastic, so they are perfect for outdoor usage and the bulbs are very durable.

JandCase 1W led bulb equivalent to 7.5W incandescent.

Color choices: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White

Led color choices

•Can be used for night light


•Plastic material

•Does not get hot


•Sold only in 6-pack


Newhouse Lighting 1-Watt S14 LED Bulb Review, Curved Filament for Outdoor String Lights, 18-Pack

Are you searching for a luminous, energy-saving, retro-style bulb?

Then look no further than the Newhouse Lighting S14 1-watt LED bulb.

These modern bulbs are available separately as replacements to popular outdoor string lights.

You can even upgrade your 11-watt incandescent bulbs to these energy-sipping LEDs, upgrading saves energy, and the retro style bulbs last 5x longer.

These Newhouse led plastic bulbs are available in 3-pack, 6-pack, and 18-pack.

These bulbs are shatter resistant. The bulbs also work great in any E26/medium/standard base light fixture. The light color temperature is at a warm 2400K,

Led low wattage glass bulbs?

If you want low wattage glass bulbs instead of plastic Newhouse has also the 2-watt glass bulbs.

2-watt dimmable glass bulb

As an extra benefit, these LED light bulbs shine with 200 lumens/bulb and are dimmable up to 50%(glass bulbs only).




•(Glass bulbs)1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

•(Plastic bulbs) 5 year warranty

•Plastic and glass bulbs



•3-pack is pricey


Landlite LED-C7-1W Review, Bullet/Candle shape led bulb


•Color temperature 2700K warm white

•Patented LED candelabra base Night light / Window candles replacement bulb, 4pack,

•For Night lights, Window candles, Applicances, Accent, Task and Genergal lighting

•Not Dimmable* but compatible with photo sensor

•Equivalent to 7W incandescent bulb


•1year warranty

•e12 base

These little 1-watt led bulbs by Landlite produces 35 lumens light output.

The bulb has a nice warm color temperature of 2700K. It is very close to standard tungsten lighting. The LED also has a good spectrum of light and creates proper color rendition. Many other brands of E12 night light bulbs use surface mount LEDs that don’t distribute the light very well. They tend to shine out the top which doesn’t work very well in certain applications. These are also compatible with most sensor night lights. The size of these small LEDs is height 2.2inch and width 0.9 inch.


•Light distribution


•Does not get warm



•Just 1 year warranty

•*Are dimmable in some dimmers, but says not dimmable on the package


Satco S9161 LED Review S11 White 2700K Medium Base 1.2W

These Satco LED bulbs comes in many types of shapes and base models:

  • T6 / Candelabra Base
  • C7 / Candelabra Base
  • CA8 / Candelabra Base
  • BA9.5 / Candelabra Base
  • BA9.5 Crystal / Candelabra Base
  • S11 / Medium Base
  • B11 / Medium Base
  • S11 / Intermediate Base
  • S14 / Medium Base 
  • A15 / Medium Base
  • G16.5 / Medium Base

Gentle warm light and long-life LED

Satco`s little bulbs are perfect for small lamps and they are very energy efficient. The light output for the frosted version is 40 lumens and the clear bulb is 50 lumens and they have the same low 1w power draw.


  • Solid State LED lighting
  • Specialty & Indicator lamp
  • Long life
  • Carded
  • Wet location
  • Non-Dimmable
  • Color warm white

•Many colors

•Lots of shapes and base types

•3 year warranty



•Big difference in light output between the 1w and 1.5w


Fantado LED Filament G40 Globe Shatterproof Light Bulb Review, Dimmable, 1W

You can forget the broken glass bulbs with these shatterproof 1W bulbs by Fantado.

These super bright great looking globe-shaped bulbs are made of industrial polycarbonate, you can feel secure they will withstand the wear and tear. The bulb is sold individually and not in packs so you don`t have to pay for bulbs you have no use for.

They use much fewer amps, five of these uses the same energy as one incandescent and they produce almost no heat at all. The bulb is bright with a beautiful warm glow. You get to choose from cool white and warm white color. The filament-style emitter is pretty stylish both lit and unlit, a nice a trade up from other LED styles.

The 1 watt led price of these bulbs are very affordable

The bulb came well packaged and of 20 bulbs ordered and installed so far every bulb is ok.

They are available in many different base types and wattages:

S14/E26 – .7Watt

S14/E26 – 1Watt

Globe G40/E12 – .5Watt

Globe G40/E12 – 1Watt

Globe G40/E17 – 1Watt

Globe G50/E12 – .7Watt


•Sold separately



•Just 2 color options



  1. JandCase 1-watt LED
  2. Newhouse Lighting 1-Watt
  3. Landlite LED 1W
  4. Satco S9161 LED Bulb
  5. Fantado 1W

How bright is a 1 watt LED bulb?


1 watt LED bulb is 90 Lumens. 1 watt LED bulb is the same as 9 watts in an incandescent light bulb.