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Dimmer Knob Stem Types Replacement Guide

Some new dimmer knob stem types are not interchangeable with older-style knobs. When you`re replacing a dimmer knob, remember to look at the back to see which type of stem is compatible.

Dimmer Knob Stem Type Ultimate Guide

1. Lutron Electronics RK-DK Rotary Dimmer Replacement Knob, White/Ivory, 2-Pack

This is important, when replacing a round dimmer knob, you must look at the back to see which type of stem is compatible.

You can mix some knob brands but, Lutron dimmers have stems with ridges that align with ridges in Lutron brand replacement knobs.

lutron dimmer replacement knob
Lutron dimmer replacement knob

The knob comes in a two-pack one white and one ivory. It would be nice to have both the same color but it`s not an option at this moment.


The knobs are well made

Reasonable price as it included shipping


Color option

One white and one ivory knob for a convenient color change

Remove them, and you should be able to pull the cover right off. If the dimmer switch uses a knob, it is possible that the knob will block the removal of the cover plate. In this case, a firm pull on the knob—straight out, away from the wall—should remove the knob and allow you to easily remove the cover plate.

2. Leviton Replacement Knob For Trimatron Rotary Devices

Leviton dimmers have a stem that is”D” shaped and you can fit it smoothly into round replacement knobs.

dimmer knob leviton stem type
dimmer knob leviton stem type

This is Leviton replacement knob is for rotary dimmers and you can use it with rotary fan speed controls too. Installation is super easy, you just slide it on to the dimmer shaft.

The knob has no markings of any type and it has a shiny finish.


The knobs are well made


Color option

Fits only D style shaft controllers

3.Pass & Seymour RRKWV Rotary Replacement Dimmer Knob, White

The great thing with Pass & Seymour knobs is that it fits both P&S devices, as well as GE dimmers.

It has a D style opening on the backside of the knob. The knob material is highly durable and has a nice soft feeling.

The color of the button is normal white. Unlike some other cheaper knobs I have used previously this knob stays on much better, so you should not accidentally pull it off.




Color option

4. Brainerd Dimmer Knob, Satin Nickel

These are very well-made, have luxury design and look much  better than most plastic knobs.

This classy looking satin nickel colored switchable dimmer knob comes with 3 inserts that fit the back of the knob for a variety of dimmer switches.

The knob is solid, and one of the three supplied inserts should fit your dimmer. The knob feels tight and you should not have any problems rotating the dimmer stem through the whole adjustment range.

I strongly recommend these for a more polished look in your home.


2 colors Satin nickel and White

Fits almost every dimmer


Can`t say anything negative

5. Amertac-Westek 947BR Solid Brass Dimmer Knob

This classy looking solid brass dimmer switch knob comes with adapters to fit the dimmer.

The knob is very shiny and looks really good if you compare it to some of the cheaper plastic knobs. The knob seems to stay tarnish-free which is a positive feature.


Fits almost every dimmer

Heavy and sturdy



6. Lutron, White SK-WH Electronics Skylark Replacement Knob

Need a new knob for your slider dimmer?

This Lutron knob is perfect for a decorator ceiling fan control or light dimmer. Installation is super easy, you just attach it to your vertical slider switch control.

The button has the Lutron logo in raised white letters but it`s in the same color as the button so you have to really look for it to see it.

You can get the one pack in these colors: Almond, ivory, light almond, and white.
The two-pack is available in a white/almond combination.




High Watt Led Dimmer Switch

A high watt dimmer switch is perfect if you got many bulbs in one circuit and by using a high wattage dimmer you can eliminate the overheating problems that sometimes occur when using a standard low-wattage dimmer.

Best High Watt Led Dimmer Switches

BrandTypeCheck PriceRating 1-5
Leviton DSM10-1LZ Decora Universal Dimmer
450-watt LED and CFL/1000-watt Incandescent $3.7
Lutron DVCL-253P-WH Diva
250-watt Single Pole/3-Way CFL/LED Dimmer $4.1
Leviton DH1KD-1BZ
1000W Decora Smart Dimmer, Works with Apple HomeKit $3.1
Insteon 2477DH
Smart High Wattage Dimmer Wall Switch, Dual-Band, 1000 Watt - Works with Alexa & Google Assistant $3.9
Lutron Toggler
1000-Watt Dimmer Switch for Halogen and Incandescent Bulbs, Single-Pole $4.0

1.Leviton DSM10-1LZ Decora Universal Dimmer, 450-watt LED and CFL/1000-watt Incandescent

This dimmer is ideal for dimmable LED and CFL bulbs it`s also compatible with incandescent, halogen and magnetic low voltage loads.

It`s built for LED and CFL and because of this, it got a wider dimming range for LED and CFL lamps than conventional incandescent dimmers.

High Watt Bulb Selector Switch

The dimmer has a bulb selector switch that is pre-set to Mode A for use with LED/Incandescent bulbs.

If you`re going to use it with dimmable CFL bulb applications, the switch should be moved to Mode B (CFL) where the dimmer provides a pre-set kick-start to aid the bulb in starting.

The bulb selector switch also allows the user to adjust the minimum light level when dimming.

Color change kits in Ivory and Light Almond is included

The LED Locator Light on the switch will automatically light up when the load is Off and if you want to disable the locator light, you just move the locator light switch to the off position.

High watt dimmer
Green locator light for easy access



Little bit plastic feeling

2. Lutron DVCL-253P-WH Diva 250-watt Single Pole/3-Way CFL/LED Dimmer

This is Lutrons high watt dimmer switch. 

You can load up it with 250W of LEDs, for example, if every bulb on your circuit is a 10 watt LED bulb, then you can have up to 25 on the circuit since the max LED wattage load is 250 watts.

You get to choose from 25 color options, so you should easily find a color that is a match for your room.

Installation is easy, it installs in as little as 15 minutes if you`re a little bit handy and no neutral required.

Lutron has a great toll-free number if you got some problems with your dimmer. They have professionals who can walk you through and help you with your dimmer installation.

One specific thing i like about this dimmer is that it will dim LED, CFL, Halogen and the old standard incandescents at the same time if you happen to got those on the same circuit.


Clear Instructions


25 color options

24/7 free phone support

Easy to use


Can`t really say anything negative about this dimmer



3. Leviton DH1KD-1BZ 1000W Decora Smart Dimmer, Works with Apple HomeKit

This switch works with apple homekit( iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) and no hub is required.

With this dimmer, your only limit is the range of your Wi-Fi network.

The one thing I like about the Leviton is that you don’t need to have a hub, and you don’t have any extra hardware to hide. These HomeKit switches and dimmers need nothing but Wi-Fi and an iOS device, reducing the barrier of entry to creating a smart home quickly and easily.

The dimming range is really good and when turning the light off from the switch or Siri it first fades out, then off.

Color change kits are available in black, ivory, red,  gray, brown, white, and light almond.

The installation requires a neutral and ground wire. So make sure that your switch box has both of these in order to install it.



Comes  with White & Light Almond faces

Create schedules


Big size

4. Insteon 2477DH Smart High Wattage Dimmer Wall Switch, Dual-Band, 1000 Watt (White) – Works with Alexa & Google Assistant via Insteon Hub

This high watt dimmer switch works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant for voice control via required Insteon Hub (2245-222).

The Insteon 2477 is a little bit more expensive if you compare to other brands but the value is in the ability to use it as a remote or remotely controlled device.

Reliable signal

Insteon uses a patented dual-mesh technology where signals travel for longer way without interruption. And because of the powerline and wireless communication, obstructions rarely hinder signals, resulting in 100x more reliability than Wi-Fi or other wireless-only systems.


Smart Switch


1000 Watt


Requires Insteon Hub


5. Lutron Toggler 1000-Watt Dimmer Switch for Halogen and Incandescent Bulbs, Single-Pole

Halogen high watt dimmer switch

You can use up to 1000-Watts of Halogen and Incandescent bulbs with this Lutron Toggle dimmer.

It`s very minimalistic dimmer it features a toggle switch to turn lights on and off or to a preset level and a little slide control to brighten and dim lights to wanted level.

You can choose from six colors, the wall plate is sold separately.

These dimmer are easy to install and my dimmer has been in heavy use for a couple of years now.

What I like about this dimmer is the 1000 watt load. If you got a dimmer that heats up too much or the switchplate cover feels to warm, then usually it`s an overload problem and the best solution is to try a dimmer with bigger load capacity. If you got a chandelier with many halogen or incandescent bulbs and you want to dim it then this dimmer is a solid choice.

The design is also basic so they blend in with other non-dimmer switches and it`s reasonably priced.



Simple and reliable


Just for halogen and incandescent

Dimmer Switch for Philips Led

The best dimmer switch for a Philips Led bulb is a dimmer switch especially made just for LED`s or in some cases a universal dimmer.
There`s also one dimmer type you should stay away from when you got Philips LEDs, read on to find out more.

Let`s go over the best options available for you.

Dimmer Switches for Philips Led`s

BrandTypeCheck PriceRating 1-5
C.L. Dimmer 150W $4.4

Universal 150W $4.1

Slide 150W $3.1
Slide-Rocker 150W $4.0
Slide Dimmer Rocker Wall Switch 150W $3.1

Led Dimmer Switch for Philips LEDs. 0-10V for ballasts/drivers. $No Rating
Smart High Wattage(1000W) Dimmer Wall Switch, Dual-Band $3.9
Slide Dimmer For Dimmable Led Philips Bulbs 150W $3.0
3-Way 300-Watt Dimmable Switch For Philips LEDs $3.9
Dimmer Light Switch, Universal Lighting Control 10-Pack150W $3.9


1. Lutron Diva C.L Dimmer Switch for Dimmable Philips LEDs

This also works with halogen and incandescent bulbs,
It come with a wallplate and is available Single-Pole or 3-Way, version.

You can load it with up to 150 Watts of dimmable Philips LEDs.

Available colors are white, almond, ivory and light almond.



Color options


Only 1 year warranty

2. Leviton 6674-P0W SureSlide

This is a universal dimmer for Philips LEDs. You can load it up with 150-Watt of LED Philips bulbs and because it`s a universal dimmer switch it can be used for 150W of compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps or 600W incandescent and halogen bulbs.


There have been some reports about flickering with this dimmer.
I have seen some flickering when I tried to turn the lights on from cold with the dimmer at the lowest dimming setting of the slide. If you experience flickering with this dimmer all you need to do is slide up the dimmer briefly and then you can immediately turn it back down to the minimum and the bulbs should stay on steady without any issues.



Color options

5-year product warranty



3. ENERLITES Decorator Slide Dimmer Switch

  • On/Off Rocker
  • Single-Pole or 3 Way
  • Neutral Wire Not Required
  • For 150W LED or CFL and 700W Incandescent Halogen

This dimmer switch will turn your Philips LEDs off and turn back on to wherever the slide dimmer is placed. If you turn the switch off at 50%, the switch will turn on at 50%.



Does not require a neutral wire


No wall plate included

4. Maxxima 3-Way/Single Pole Decorative LED Slide Dimmer Rocker Switch

This is a single pole/3-way 150-W Philips LED-compatible dimmer switch.
It features a trim dial beneath the cover plate, you can’t really see it in the pictures, but it`s on the right-hand side, which allows for sensitivity adjustment during installation to achieve best dimming level with LED lamps.
You must adjust the trim dial before you put the faceplate on, just turn it on and adjust the dimmer all the way down. After that, you turn that little dial until it is a dim as you want the lowest setting to be.
You can easily turn your lights on and off using the rocker switch and automatically return to your previously selected light level of brightness.


Wall Plate and Mounting Screws Included

Black color available


1 Year Warranty

5. GE Slide Dimmer Rocker Wall Switch

You can easily dim your Philips LED bulbs with this switch. The slider goes trough a full range of dimming from extremely low light to full brightness.

The switch makes a tiny click sound when you push it on but it`s not too loud in my opinion. There are some that are totally silent like the Leviton and Lutron switches on this page.




Narrow dimming range

Shifty quality

6. Legrant Radiant Collection Led Dimmer Switch for Philips LEDs Tricolor

This is the new Legrand Tricolor, tricolor meaning that it comes with two additional covers in addition to the white and they are ivory and light almond.

This dimmer is a 0-10V dimmer and it is designed for 0-10V ballasts/drivers. If you do not have a 0-10V ballast this is not the dimmer you want.

This has a smart feature that the constant memory returns lights to the previous level after a power failure.


Location LED glowing when off



7. Insteon 2477DH Smart High Wattage(1000 Watt) Dimmer Wall Switch, Dual-Band

This is a High-Wattage Dimmer, you can load it up with 1000 Watts of Philips led bulbs and it installs like the traditional dimmer wall switch with the exception of requiring a connection to a neutral. Once installed, setup is quick and easy using simple programming.

If you add an Insteon Hub and Amazon Alexa you can use your voice to switch on the lights before getting out of bed or dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie—all without lifting a finger.




Big size

8. Baomain Slide Dimmer For Dimmable Led Philips Bulbs

The Baomain is a wallet friendly alternative to the more known brands.


If you follow the instructions for single-pole in the package, you’ll end up with a dimmer where Down is on and Up is off. But you can easily fix that, do this instead: switch the 2 red wires,  the red wire next to the black on the switch and connect it to the black wire in the wall and that`s it.

  • Installation is very simple,  just like any other switch.
  • Just set the brightness and then use the on-off switch, which is large, when coming into or out of a room.



Easy to install


Click on/off is pretty loud

9. Eaton 9573AW 3-Way 300-Watt Dimmable Switch For Philips LEDs

  • Eaton LED and CFL dimmer
  • No neutral required
  • 120 Vac
  • Alpine white
  • 300W

If you have many LEDs to dim then these dimmers can operate loads of up to 300W for LED/CFL.

This dimmer has a large slide tab that lets you easily adjust the light level and provides a visual indicator of the setting.

You can adjust the dimmer with or without the lights on.



Many color options



10. BESTTEN Dimmer Light Switch, Universal Lighting Control [10 Pack]


  • Single-Pole or 3-Way
  • Compatible with Dimmable Philips  LED Bulbs
  • CFL, Incandescent
  • Halogen Bulb
  • Decorative Wall Plate Included
  • UL Listed
  • White
philips led bulb dimmer switch
Slider for perfect dimming range

Price per dimmer



Wireless Remote Controlled Receptacle – Ultimate Guide

Control every outlet easily with a switch and learn what is the biggest mistake people make when buying outlets controlled by a switch.

Top 5 Wireless Outlets Controlled by a Switch

BrandTypeCheck PriceRating 1-5
Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch

100 ft. Range

2 remotes

5 outlets
Remote Control Outlet Kit

100 ft. Range

3 outlets

1 remote
Remote Control Outlet Wireless Light Switch

330 ft. Range

3 x Remote Control Outlet

1 x Remote
Wireless Remote Control Socket Outlet Switch Set

110 ft. Range

Compact size

Black color

4 outlets 2 remotes
Wireless wall mounted switch

100 ft. range

No wiring needed

1. BN-LINK Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch Review

These little outlets are perfect for household appliances. It does not get easier than with BN-LINK outlets controlled by a switch. They are ready to go straight out of the package. Even the batteries for the remotes are included. The outlets are programmed so you just plug it in and switch on your appliance from the remote. Remember to switch on your appliance for the outlet to operate accurately.

The biggest mistake when buying remote outlets is weak signal quality

What`s more annoying than trying to turn the appliance on or off but you`re out of the signal’s range.

These RF receivers and transmitters work through walls and doors without disturbing other electronics. The signal can function as far as 100 ft in line of sight.

  • 2x Remote Control Transmitter
  • 5x Programmable Outlet Receivers
  • 2x Battery 12V
  • Ratings 125V, 60Mz, 10A, 1250W

Easy to install

Company’s customer service is fast

 Ultra Long Range


Just available in one color(white)


2. Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Kit Review

With a single Etekcity remote you can connect the remote to multiple outlets. TV, fan, lights, audio sound systems, Christmas lights and so on, so basically you can keep your whole home in control with only one remote. The package comes with two remotes for extra comfort.

The remote has five button combinations one to turn on and one to turn off.

The range of these remote outlets is impressive.
You can switch an outlet across three stories, they work through walls. You can operate these from one side of the house to the other side. There`s no delay, the response is nearly instantaneous.


Easy to install

2-year warranty and lifetime support

 Strong Range

The signal works through walls and doors

2 12V batteries included


Big in size


3. X-Sense Remote Control Outlet Wireless Light Switch up to 330ft (100m) Ultra-Long Range

These X-Sense remote control outlets features a wireless control range of up to a impressive 330 ft, surpassing most of its competitors in the market.

The remote is user-friendly, the surface is dirtproof and the buttons are wear-resistant.

Super comfortable remote control

The signal quality between outlet and remote

This device does not need to be in direct line of sight. It works on a transmitted RF signal, not an infrared signal. Infrared signals can usually be blocked by being behind something, but this outlet will still work if it is behind something and like many other devices this does not have to be in a direct line with the outlet when using the remote.


3-year warranty and lifetime support

The best range on the market


Just available in black color

4. BESTTEN Wireless Remote Control Socket Outlet Switch Set Review

With the Bestten set you get 4 Electrical Outlets, 2 Remotes with 110 Foot Range, Learning Code, Home Automation Set and ETL Certified.

The best thing with these outlets is the size, they are so small that they will not block the other outlet on the duplex receptacle.

best Outlet Controlled by Switch
Small size Outlet Controlled by Switch

Small size

Two remote controls


Batteries not included

5. DEWENWILS Remote Control Outlet Wireless Review

  • Wall Mounted Light Switch
  • Electrical Plug in On Off Power Switch for Lamp
  • No Wiring, Expandable
  • 100 Feet RF Range
  • ETL Listed and FCC approved

Where to use the wireless wall-mounted light switch?

The wall-mounted light switch could be perfect for if you got lamps on your nightstand. If you aren’t thrilled about reaching for the cord switch at night and maybe they are too far away to reach easily then this wall-mounted switch is perfect. You can put the wall-mounted switches where ever you want so that you can reach over with no problems and turn the lights on or off.




Just one remote control

Best Light Bulbs for Dimmers – Complete Guide

Yes, you need a dimmable bulb. But there are some exceptions.
If you don`t use a dimmable bulb, you`ll get problems like, buzzing noise, the bulb doesn`t dim down enough, flickering which is very annoying and the bulb can burn out.

Led bulbs:

It must be dimmable. Don`t get the non-dimmable or you will get flickering and buzzing problems.
You should get commercial-grade bulbs because of the increased lifespan compared to the regular grade. You should spend the extra money on the commercial grade if you tend to leave the lights on all day.

This dimmable A19 led bulb is a top choice.

These LED A19 bulbs are designed as a direct replacement for your old incandescent light bulbs while consuming less power. These LED light bulbs use up to 90 percent less energy than their incandescent equivalents while producing the same lumen output.

The A19 size means that they fit in standard light bulb sockets. And the profile is a little bit smaller than in the old incandescent bulbs, which means they fit into most standard light fixtures. They come wrapped so that you can install it without touching the actual bulb.

Amazon Basics Commercial Grade LED Light Bulb | 40, 60, 75 and 100-Watt Equivalent, A19 or A21, Soft White and Day White


These are also available in PAR38:

AmazonBasics Commercial Grade LED Light Bulb | 90 or 120-Watt Equivalent, PAR38, Cool White or Soft White, Dimmable, 6-Pack


You get way less power consumption than a traditional floodlight and just as bright. The light is a soft white, they give a spotlight effect in a ceiling or a flood light effect if used to an angled outdoors light. I`ve used them in motion detector floodlights.
Super easy to screw in, lightweight, sturdy, nothing to complain about.


But what about other bulb types which are the best dimmable?

Best Dimmable Incandescents Bulbs:

Will work with any dimmer switch. This is because incandescent light bulbs will only burn out if you go over their maximum voltage, not if you stay under it.
In fact, running an incandescent light bulb at a lower voltage can even increase its lifespan.

Best Dimmable Fluorescents Bulbs:

Are way more complicated. If you run a lower voltage current through a fluorescent bulb that isn’t manufactured for dimming, your bulb will start to hum and then turn off, without ever dimming.
This bulb is good for ceiling fixtures. It can, of course, be used in other places too. I`ve used this bulb in ceiling fixtures and this bulb really lights up the whole room. The light is not greenish or bluish like some other fluorescents. The dimming feature works, but not as smoothly like in LEDs or incandescents but it does the job.

To dim fluorescent lights, you need two things:

First, you need a bulb with what is called a “dimmable ballast”.
It is going to say on the package if it has one.
And second, you need a dimmer that is compatible with your bulb. The main problem is that standard dimmers are not perfectly compatible with all dimmable fluorescents, even if the fluorescent says so on the package.
Instead, you are way better off getting a dimmer specially made for fluorescent lights or CFLs. These dimmer switches will say they are specially designed for fluorescent lights.

Leviton CFL Dimmer

If you’d like your LED to be dimmable, you need to do one of two things: find LED bulbs compatible with traditional dimmers, or replace your current dimming switch with a leading-edge(LED-compatible) dimmer.

Best Double Dimmer Switch (ULTIMATE GUIDE WITH CHART)

Double dimmer switch or a Dual dimmer switch LED compatible is a switch that have two buttons in one control unit (stacked LED dimmer switch) and because of that compact design it saves space. It is a good replacement for stacked switches that are usually found in bathrooms and kitchens.

You can use a dual dimmer for:

  • switch on and off lights
  • control your ceiling fan
  • dim lights


Don`t want to change the switches by yourself? COST TO REPLACE SWITCHES AND OUTLETS (CHECK YOUR PRICE HERE)

Double Dimmer Switch Review – Top List 

Double Dimmer SwitchTypePriceRating 1-5
Lutron MA-L3L3-WH Maestro
Lutron MA-L3L3 Dual Switch Dimmer
Lutron MA-L3L3 Dual Switch Dimmer
300 Watt (top)/300 Watt (bottom) Single Pole Dual Dimmer $4.1
Legrand - Pass & Seymour
Single Pole or 3 Way LED Dimmer and Fan Speed Control Switch
Single Pole or 3 Way LED Dimmer and Fan Speed Control Switch
Single or 3 Way LED Dimmer and Fan Speed Control Switch $4.8
Lutron Maestro Fan Control and Light Dimmer
Lutron Maestro Fan Control and Light Dimmer for dimmable LEDs
Lutron Maestro Fan Control and Light Dimmer for dimmable LEDs
For dimmable LEDs, Incandescent and Halogen $4.5
Leviton 6630-T SureSlide 1.5 Amp Dual Quiet Fan Speed Control and Dimmer, Single Pole, Light Almond
Leviton 6630-T SureSlide 1.5 Amp Dual Quiet Fan Speed Control and Dimmer
Leviton 6630-T SureSlide 1.5 Amp Dual Quiet Fan Speed Control and Dimmer
1.5 Amp Dual Quiet Fan Speed Control and Dimmer $4.2
Leviton RTD01-10W
Leviton RTD01-10W IllumaTech 1.5A 300W Rotary Combo Fan Speed Dimmer Control
Leviton RTD01-10W IllumaTech 1.5A 300W Rotary Combo Fan Speed Dimmer Control
IllumaTech 1.5A 300W Rotary Combo Fan Speed Dimmer Control $3.8
Lutron S2-L-WH 300-Watt Skylark

Dual Led Dimmer Switch $4.2

1. Lutron MA-L3L3-WH Maestro 300 Watt (top)/300 Watt (bottom)


In this review we`ll take a look at the Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH.

The Lutron Maestro is an excellent switch. In fact, you will see on that this dimmer is actually voted on to the best seller list. We will be checking out why this is such a good switch, the type of light fixtures that this will work with and also the good and bad facts so you can get a better feel for what to expect.

We will also be looking at the other customer opinions from people that actually bought the Maestro and who better to hear from if you are looking to buy it? So you`ll get my personal experience and opinion –  plus the other customers too. If you have landed on this review and you are JUST looking to buy this device you can check out the Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH at Amazon.

Double switch dimmer Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH Review

So let`s go over the full review of switch and tell you what to expect.

Is this The Best Dual Dimmer Switch To Purchase?

Let us take a look at the different parts and we will zoom in on the parts that we think make a great switch.

Duo Dimmer Switch Review

This Maestro got two switches and the Maestro Dual dimmer is a perfect substitute for stacked switches usually found in bathrooms and kitchens. It integrates the task of two dimmers in one control, but is still filled up with all of Maestro’s smart features. This Maestro switch can be used with 300 Watts of halogen/ incandescent bulbs, if you have LED or CFL bulbs, please don`t use this dimmer because it could cause your lights to flicker and hum.

Easy to operate light switch

It has a easy-to-control switch that you tap once on when you want to turn the lights on and off to your prefered light level and when you tap it twice the lights will go full on.

If you want a delay when the light goes off, just press, hold and release the switch. This gives 10-60 seconds depending on how long you press/hold, before the lights goes off. A smart feature so you can leave the room or to get into bed safely.

You can use the rocker to adjust the light level from dark to brightest. It also comes with Led`s that glows in the dark so you don`t have to guess where the control is when it`s dark.

Customer feedback of the Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH

Let`s take a look at the customer feedback of the Maestro. This is going to give you detailed picture from people who eventually bought this device and what they are thinking about it. You will get the good and the bad that people are saying.

Here is an summary of the good and bad of this Lutron Maestro based on the customer opinions:

Overall Rating:

This device has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars so it is definitely above average and it makes it one of the best rated dimmers on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a switch that will give you good dimming capabilities and you don’t mind the fact that it`s mid range priced then it`s well worth a try!

I will also tell you about the overall good and bad below, so you get a better picture.


The main positive things of this switch, based on the customer reviews are: the cool feature that when the lights are on and you press in one or both switches, the lights are set to turn off on a timer. The longer you press the switch the longer the timer is set, it can be set up to 60 seconds. It can be a really good feature that you can use when you`re leaving the house or a room.

Duo Switch is easy to install

Another good feature is the fact that the switch is very easy to wire up. If you’re looking for something that is very easy to set up and something that you can easily operate, then this is definitely well worth a look.

Switch memory

The one tap on the switch that will remember your last lightning level also receives a lot of positive feedback.

This switch also has a small rectangular button on the left at the very bottom, but you have to take off the wall plate for this feature. If you pull out the button, it kills the power to the switch and fixtures that the switch controls. You can use this feature when you`re changing bulbs in the fixture and when you`re done you just simply push the button in again and your light fixture is powered up again.

Double dimmer switch Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH Review


Someone received a used product. Well that`s not good, you should always send it back and get it replaced by a new.

One customer bought it for dimming led lights and complained about not working correctly. This dimmer should only be used for  halogen/ incandescent bulbs.


The main thing to remember with the Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH is that you will get a quality device for the price and you will not find one as cheap that has this quality feel to it.

  • Does NOT work with LED or CFL bulbs
  • For use with 300 Watts of incandescent/halogen bulbs only on both the top load and bottom load

The Lutron Maestro is equipped with enough features for most people and will give you everything that you need.

Overall this is a very good product.

Click here to check out the Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH at and see what customers have been saying about it!

•Smart features





•Just for halogen/ incandescent


2. Dimmer Switch Double Legrand – Pass & Seymour Single Pole or 3 Way LED Dimmer and Fan Speed Control Switch


•Comes equipped with wired leads

•Smart power out memory

•The fan controller has three settings: hi, med, low and off


•Just for one light unit and fan

This is a great device for minimum Led light loads and by fine-tuning the small adjustment wheel slightly you will get your lights to dim perfectly without any flickering and humming.

Big dimming problems if you connect…

You should only use it for one light fixture and one fan, don`t try to connect two light fixtures because the fan controller does not dim lights.

If you are looking for a cheap dimmer switch double check out the Legrand – Pass & Seymour.

3. Lutron Maestro Fan Control and Light Dimmer for dimmable LEDs, Incandescent and Halogen, Single-Pole, MACL-LFQ


•Fan control delivers 4 silent fan speeds

•Gradually fading /full on light that is programmable

•No neutral wire required


•Not Zwave compatible

This MACL-LFQ-WH is a standalone light/fan control which does not have any wifi or bluetooth communication abilities.

dimmer fan control
dimmer fan control
If you have a fan that has a pull cord you can leave the fan on highest setting and easily control the fan with the switch.

4. Leviton 6630-T SureSlide 1.5 Amp Dual Quiet Fan Speed Control and Dimmer, Single Pole, Light Almond


Are you having trouble finding a good dual control switch for a fan/light? Then you should take a look at the  Leviton 6630-T SureSlide.

This switch works great even with a LED fan light. I have installed couple of different brands, that would flicker more often than not but this switch does not seem to have that problem the light has not flickered not even once. If you want a high quality product then I think this switch is one of the best fan light combo units you can find.

The SureSlide feels very solid made like they are actually going to last and not break in a couple months.

Wiring is super easy too.


•Easy setup

• Comes with a built-in TV/radio interference filter


•Sliders have 3 positions, Low, Medium, High

5. Leviton RTD01-10W IllumaTech 1.5A 300W Rotary Combo Fan Speed Dimmer Control, Single-Pole, White

This dual fan speed control is perfect for ceiling fans with built-in light fixtures.


  • Rotary dial
  • Quiet 1.5 amp fan speed control
  • This device is compatible with Decora Plus screwless wallplates and Decora wallplates
  • 4 smooth fan speeds – Low, Medium, High and Max
dimming led lights save energy
dimming led lights save energy
One important thing about fan controls you should know that a fan speed control should never stop a ceiling fan at the low-end setting because if it does it can result in burnout of the motor. The low end of the control should be adjusted to make sure that the fan will spin even at the slowest setting. Some of the fan speed controls come pre-adjusted at the factory while other models must be manually adjusted during installation. So check the instructions to see if it requires adjusting.

•Fits in a standard size wallbox – Easy to install





Dual Led Dimmer Switch Lutron S2-L-WH 300-Watt Skylark

With this dual led dimmer switch you can easily control two LEDs.

This dimmer allows you to dim two lighting circuits and it fits into a single gang wall box, thus no need for a second wall box.

It`s available in seven different colors, each dimmer controls up to 300W and it fits large designer wall plate openings.

Perfect for if you have two dimmable led lights in your room.


Easy to install




Best Multi Location Dimmer Switches Top 5 List – Complete Guide

Are you a fan of comfortable living? Well then a multi location dimmer is a device you should definitely have.

Multi-location dimmer switch is a switch that can be used with companion switches to control light fixtures from multiple locations.

Best Multi Location Dimmer Switch
Multi Location Dimmer Switch

Top Multi Location Dimmer Switches

DimmerTypePriceRating 1-5
Leviton DDL06-BLZ
Decora Digital 300W LED/CFL, 600W Incandescent Dimmer & Timer with Bluetooth Technology $3.2
Lutron MSCELV-600M
Maestro 600-watt Electronic Low Voltage Multi-Location Digital Dimmer $4.3
Lutron MACL-153M

Maestro 150-Watt Multi-Location CFL/LED Digital Dimmer $4.1
Lutron Maestro Companion Dimmer

Multi-Location, MA-R-WH, White $4.2
Lutron MA-600, Maestro 600-watt Multi-Location/Single Pole Digital Dimmer

Maestro 600-watt Multi-Location/Single Pole Digital Dimmer, for incandescent and halogen $4.1

1. Leviton DDL06-BLZ Review Decora Digital 300W LED/CFL, 600W Incandescent Dimmer & Timer with Bluetooth Technology


The Leviton multi location Decora Digital In-Wall Dimmer is a reliable smart switch that provides remote on-off, dimming, and scheduling, similar to its competition.

Just tap on your smartphone or tablet and the Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer app to control, adjust and time lighting for daily activities or to ensure a “lived-in” look in your home while away.

leviton decora bluetooth settings
Leviton decora app bluetooth connection

Some of the useful features on this device:

  • You can name each device for easy identification
  • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment
  • Dimmer brightness display can be turned off via app
  • Built-in radio/TV interference filter
  • Slide bar preserves desired lighting level


How difficult is the dimmer installation?

It comes with easy readable instructions.
In short it goes like this:
It is just slightly different than a normal light switch, as it needs constant power to run the Bluetooth and it does require a ground connection.

Dimmer Settings

Remember to check the settings on your phone or pad.
On your phone go to >Settings > Applications (Or Application manager) > Decora Digital > Permissions > Location (Turn to ENABLE or TURN ON). If you don`t do this the device will not operate like promised.
Leviton DDL06-BLZ review
It does not come with a wall plate but has 2 different colors of face plates – white and light almond.
smart dimmer switch colors

Do you want to use multi-location dimming?

multi location dimming
A Decora Digital remote must be used with the Decora Digital Dimmer or Switch in a 3-way or multi-location application.

No internet connection? No problem!

Your internet connection is down and you can`t adjust the lights, it can be a little annoying…but with this device you don`t have that problem, because it uses bluetooth to control the dimmer.

No hub, gateway or internet connection hassle



•Built in astronomical clock automatically adjusts to local sunrise/sunset times

•No personal information is needed for downloading the app

•30 foot range


•Timer setup can be difficult if you don`t follow instructions


2. Lutron MSCELV-600M Review Maestro 600-watt Electronic Low Voltage Multi-Location Digital Dimmer

If you want lots of good and easy usable features then take a look at this Lutron digital dimmer:

•The Maestro Digital Dimmer from Lutron allows you to dim a light fixture from multiple locations – up to ten locations.

•Tap once for on/off selected light level

•If you tap twice you get full brightness

•Do you want a delayed off feature? Just press and hold for a 10 second fade to off

• Buzz free

dimmer with delay

Available dimmer colors

You get to pick from 7 gloss colors and 20 satin colors:

dimmer switch colors

How to dim from multiple locations?

If you want to dim a light from one switch location, you just simply install your dimmer, but if you want to dim your light from more than one switch location, you just pair the dimmer switch with a accessory dimmer or a companion dimmer (manufactures uses different names for these “extra” dimmers). If you are using Maestro Dimmers and Accessory Dimmers, you can control a single light from up to 10 locations – it`s very comfortable for say controlling the lights at either end of the staircase or maybe at both entrances to a room.

List of companion and accessory dimmer switches:

Lutron Maestro Companion Dimmer, Multi-location, MA-R-WH

Lutron Maestro C.L Dimmer Kit for dimmable LED, Halogen and Incandescent Bulbs, Single-Pole/3-Way/Multi-Location


•Buzz Free

•Customizable turn off delay





3. Lutron MACL-153M Review Maestro 150-Watt Multi-Location CFL/LED Digital Dimmer

Features of the MACL-153M Multi location led dimmer switch


  • You can use over 800 different LED bulb types with this dimmer
  • If you prefer incandescent or halogen bulbs this device works with all of them
  • Do you have a mixed load of light sources on one circuit? (i.e, halogen and dimmable LED, incandescent and dimmable LED, etc.) this dimmer takes care of that too
  • You can load up to 150 Watts of dimmable LED/CFL bulbs or 600 Watts of Incandescent/Halogen bulbs
  • Can be used for multi-location dimming applications (10 locations)
  • It has got the easy tap switch that turns lights on/off to favorite light level

customizable dimmer

If you are a fan of customizable settings and like to play around with those, then this dimmer has some interesting features. Let`s go over some of them.

Fade on speed and fade off speed:

The fade on can be used in a room where you like the lights to come on slowly allowing your eyes to adjust to the change in light. For example maybe you want the bathroom lights to come on slowly, but fade off fast.

But then for the dining room or kitchen, you like the lights to snap on fast maybe in 2 to 3 seconds, but fade off slowly, about 5-10 seconds.

High end trim and low end trim:

The digital adjustment lever allows you to adjust the low-end of the dimming range based on the capability of your bulbs. Some of your LEDs and CFL bulbs will require a higher Low-End Trim than others. This trim will take care of the flickering and strobing when the dimmer is turned on to its lowest possible setting. You can use this feature as a personal preference for halogen or incandescent bulbs.

The high end trim allows you to change the highest achievable light levels.

Macl-153mh Lutron cl dimmer

Night indicator on-off

Disabling “nightlight mode” is an energy saving practice and also allows the dimmer to be compatible with a broader range of CFLs and LEDs. Enabling “nightlight mode” provides a soft glow for easy location of the dimmer in a dark room.

Macl-153m-wh dimmer programming guide

Lutron has not included the advanced programming guide in the blister pack, but you can find it easily on the lutron website by googling it. It`s in a pdf file and I would suggest you print it for future reference.

notion dimmer switch set up

Be aware that if you install this with an existing 3-way switch, you have to re-program the dimmer to get it to work properly.

It is pointed out in the fine print at the end of the installation instructions.

This device is also available in a cl digital dimmer multi location kit.


•Dims so low can be used as a nightlight

•Top dimming features for LEDs


•Does not come with a wallplate(sold seperately)

4. Lutron Maestro Companion Dimmer Review, Multi-Location, MA-R-WH, White

Can this lutron companion switch be used without a master?

No, you must have a master switch/dimmer like Lutron MACL above.

This Maestro companion dimmer switch is designed to compliment a Maestro multi-location dimmer like the Lutron MACL above this. You can link up to 9 companion switches to a Maestro or Maestro wireless switch, for a total of 10 spaces of control.


This dimmer has a tap switch that turns your lights on-off and a rocker that dims and brightens lights to suit any activity.

This switch works the same way as the lutron macl dimmer – you tap once to brighten lights to preset level and if you tap it once more you get full brightness.

Lights fade down and up smoothly, gives your eyes time to adjust.

 The coordinating wallplate is sold separately.

Will this work with LED bulbs? Yes, as long as the master switch is compatible with dimmable led bulbs.




•Easy and fast to install

•Many color choices


• Do you have old switches? Pay attention when removing wires from your old switches so that you get it right on the first try

• The instructions can be a bit confusing because they show multiple ways to wire a switch


5. Lutron MA-600 Review, Maestro 600-watt Multi-Location/Single Pole Digital Dimmer

You can use this Lutron MA-600 dimmer switch with incandescent and halogen bulbs. If you are looking for a dimmer to use with LEDs take a look at the dimmers above.

You can have full range dimming of your light from up to 10 locations if you use companion dimmers with this dimmer.


  • You can gradually fade lights on or off
  • It has also the very useful delayed fade-to-off, that allows you to
    leave the room without running before the lights turn off
multi location dimmer features
Dimmer color: Hot





•Easy install

•Multiple color choices

• Energy saver


• No “special” features


DimmerTypePriceRating 1-5
Leviton DDL06-BLZ
Decora Digital 300W LED/CFL, 600W Incandescent Dimmer & Timer with Bluetooth Technology $3.2
Lutron MSCELV-600M
Maestro 600-watt Electronic Low Voltage Multi-Location Digital Dimmer $4.3
Lutron MACL-153M

Maestro 150-Watt Multi-Location CFL/LED Digital Dimmer $4.1
Lutron Maestro Companion Dimmer

Multi-Location, MA-R-WH, White $4.2
Lutron MA-600, Maestro 600-watt Multi-Location/Single Pole Digital Dimmer

Maestro 600-watt Multi-Location/Single Pole Digital Dimmer, for incandescent and halogen $4.1


Best Under Cabinet Lighting (16 SUPER IMPORTANT BUYING TIPS)

Now before you go and invest in LED under cabinet lighting, there are some important things you should know about while you’re planning:

  1. What do you want to do with your room?
  2. What kind of lighting do you want?
  3. Do you want ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, or a custom lighting?

Let`s go over the available light options and some important things you should know before you start buying:


Under Cabinet LightingTypePriceRating 1-5
LED Puck Light 6 Pack with Remote by Brilliant Evolution
Wireless Remote
Dimmable Plug-In LED Tape Flexible Light by LEDJUMP
Adhesive Tape
300 LEDs
LED Rope Lights, 16.4ft, Color Changing, Waterproof, 8 colors and Multiple Modes by Areful

Color Changing
8 colors
Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit, Plug in,6 pcs 12 Inches Cabinet Light Strips, 31W by Litever

Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit
Easy DIY Design
Warm White 3000k

How much does under cabinet lighting cost?

It`s going to depend on how many light fixtures you`re going to install, your location and are you going to you get a professional electrician or are going to do the work yourself.

If you are employing a professional electrician to wire in a single light fixture, including material and labor, it`s going to cost about $150 to $330 depending on your location. But if you pick the battery or plug-in powered lights, you can save money by installing it by yourself as a DIY project. If you choose the hardwired option it’s usually a better idea to leave the work to an electrician.

Cost factors:

  • Hiring an electrician:  Licensed electricians can charge from $50-$100 an hour depending on experience level. But you can save money by doing the work yourself, but it is not a good idea if you are not used to working with electrical wiring.
  • How many light fixtures: Installing a large quantity of lights increases material costs. Although the cost per fixture perhaps is cheaper, as it is possible to take advantage of bulk purchase discounts and to arrange better price with an electrician.
  • Designer lights: If you pick high quality or designer lights it is going to increase your costs.
  • Type of Lights: Using simple lights that you screw in and then plug into an outlet or battery operated fixtures helps to keep costs down as you don’t need to get a professional electrician.
  • Rewiring: Changing the arrangement of your home’s electrical wiring requires a qualified electrician, and notably increases costs.


The Perfect Color Temperature For You

Under cabing lighting temperature
Under cabing lighting temperature

This is the most important thing about lighting. The color temperature of a light bulb will make it or break for the overall feel of a room. It should be selected very carefully based on what you use that space for.

Let`s go into detail – Take a kitchen for example, where you will be working with food and maybe cooking books, the best under cabinet lighting works as chore light. A good choice for kitchen is a cooler temperature and because it is brighter it make`s it easier for your eyes to see what you’re doing. For that reason you should get 4200K or higher for your kitchen.

But if you are thinking about adding under cabinet lighting to the cabinets in your restroom or bathroom, you should go with a warmer and more softer light. A good choice is something close to the color temperature produced by normal incandescent bulbs, maybe 2800k or below.

What is the CRI spec on LED strips?

CRI or color rendering index is a scale of how precisely a light illuminates objects true colors.

CRI is a vital measure for LED strips when the appearance of items is important such as, retail, photography, under cabinet lighting, and architectural lighting.

Take a look at the pictures below with different CRI value led lights, that should make things easier to understand.

98 cri led kitchen light
98 CRI value led kitchen light
CRI value 72 kitchen led light
CRI value 72 kitchen led light

The led with higher CRI value produces a much more accurate light and items appear exactly as they would with natural lighting.


The style and material of your countertop will influence the performance of your under cabinet lighting and can assist you to choose which type of lighting to pick:

  • If you have countertops with matte finish it`s going to reflect light more softly, and because of that it`s going to produce less glare, making it possible for you to choose a much wider range of under cabinet lighting options.
  • But if you have glossy countertops, such as granite, marble, slate or other type of stone material, it can make a lot of glare if the light is too bright. Your best choice is going to be lights with a much lower lumen value or a lens to help diffuse the light and decrease the amount of annoying reflection.
  • Light colored countertops reflect light and decrease the lumen value necessary to pull off a good lit under cabinet space.
  • Dark countertops are going to absorb much more of the light created by your under cabinet lighting. So you must pick a lighting source with a higher lumen value to make sure you are getting the right lighting volume.

Assembling and Installing Under Cupboard Lighting

The the best under cabinet lighting options and most common are surface and recessed-mount lights. Choosing between them is really a matter of personal taste and you really can`t go wrong with your choice.

Most available non-recessed surface mount lights are very thin and can be easily hidden, so you can be sure it will look great if you choose the non-recessed ones.

Anyhow, whether you pick the recessed or surface-mount light bulbs, there are just couple ways to install under cabinet lights and they are all pretty easy.

Important under cabinet lighting tip when installing

To avoid glare you should attach the light fixture to the front of the cabinet, just behind the frame and by doing this it helps angle the light toward the backsplash rather than out into the kitchen.


  1. Battery
  2. Plug-in
  3. Hardwire

If you choose the plug-in or the battery-operated lights, the install is going to be a fast and easy do it yourself install.

  • Just consider that the if you choose the plug-in lights you must have access to an outlet.
  • And if you pick the battery-operated lights they must be easily reachable for you to once in a while switch out the batteries.
  • But if you choose the hardwired lights they will need to be installed by a professional electrician for your own safety.

Under cabinet lighting battery powered with remote control alternatives:

1. USB rechargeable under cabinet lighting

  • If you don`t want to use normal batteries, then there is the usb rechargeable under cabinet lighting optionThey can usually be used with a standard micro USB cable plug-in to your laptop or pc and some models comes with a handy remote control.
usb rechargeable under cabinet lighting
usb rechargeable under cabinet lighting

2. Under cabinet lighting with motion sensor

under cabinet lighting with motion sensor
under cabinet lighting with motion sensor


Under cabinet lighting bulb and replacement

You can choose from fluorescent, xenon, halogen and LED bulbs. Energy saving LED bulbs are often used and are a natural choice for under cabinet lighting especially in kitchens because they emit almost no heat at all, this in turn helps to keep you cool and comfortable while you are for example cooking. LEDs are also very good choice for bathrooms because they are super durable and can operate well in very high humidity that you often find in bathrooms.

The design of lamp you choose is as important as the type of light. It is going to influence the overall look of your room, it is going to dictate how much light you get, and how good the fixture will be hidden by the cabinets.



LED Puck 6 Pack with Remote by Brilliant Evolution


Puck lights is versatile round lighting solution. Puck lights is often used to light up the inside of cabinets or as under cabinet chore lighting, and they create nice pools of light on a kitchen countertop. And they can be used for illuminating inside display cabinets or even special home decorations. If you have a small space where you want light then because of their compact shape they are a good choice.

They can mounted on a surface or recess mounted into your chosen spot. Most of them are battery operated and because of that they are handy to install, you just stick them to the underside of your cabinet and they can be mounted easily with tape. But there are also other power source options available (hardwire, plug-in) both line and low voltage puck lights.

You can choose from LED, xenon, halogen and fluorescent light sources.

  • Xenon puck lights is going to give you the most accurate color rendering and the softest and warmest light.

If you are looking for perfect colors, or you favour warm light to go with warmer colored rooms like orange or red, xenon puck lights is the way to go. They are much cooler than halogen and because of that they are safer to be used inside of a cabinet or a display stand.

  • Halogen puck lights produce light that is little more cooler than xenon. You should also take into account that halogen lights actually run a lot hotter. Halogen puck lights color rendering is totally as precise as xenon lights.


  • LED puck lights is going to save you energy and they last the longest.

You are gonna have to pay more for them, but the energy you save by using them will ensure that the LED puck lighting pays for itself over time.

One more good thing about the LEDs are that they also come in a collection of color temperatures, so you can fit them perfectly to whatever paint colors or other light fixtures you previously have.

They are also super easy to install if you don`t have any power source in your install space and because of that the battery operated LEDs could be a smart choice. They also have a good battery life because the LEDs are very energy-efficient.

Low Voltage Puck Lights

Puck lights are also available in either 12 or 24 volts. Usually you can find both xenon and LED puck lights that are low voltage. The incoming voltage from an electrical outlet is normally 120 volts, so low voltage lights must have a transformer to supply the correct voltage to the lights.

Puck lights are perfect for:

  • Rental spaces
  • Small spaces
  • Spaces without access to a plug
  • Where hard wiring is out of the question, too expensive or difficult
  • Task lighting

Installation Tips Puck Lights

How far apart should you space your puck lights?

It depends on your particular puck lighting project.

If you want your puck lights to serve as under cabinet lighting, you must first measure the cavity underneath every cabinet – it is the area that forms a hollowed out space.

It`s recommended that you install one puck light every 5-10 inches by this you overlap beam angles and create an even light without pooling.But if you want your lights illuminating collectibles or maybe some other type of exhibition stand, you should go for one light per shelf or per decorative item to make it look nice.


Dimmable Plug-In LED Tape Flexible Light by LEDJump


Tape lights are a perfect pick if you have a very shallow or flat under cabinet recess. They are a super fast and easy to install because of the peel and pick type adhesive and standard power plug. One more good thing about led strip lights is that they also stay cool, so you don`t get any unnecessary heat in your room.

under cabinet lighting
Under cabinet lighting with cool color temperature under the cabinet and warm above the cabinet

Dimmable Led Strip Lights and non dimmable

If you want a flexible solution to your lighting needs, you should check out flexible and low profile LED tape lights, a.k.a. as LED ribbon or LED strip lights. 

These exceptionally low profile LED lights can be taped anywhere with ease, and as if that weren’t helpful enough, they can even be cut into sections to suit your exact dimensions!

Tape lights are exceptionally thin, almost flat, and flexible, making them easy to hide.

Tape lights can be taped almost anywhere with no trouble and fit into unusual spots or tight locations like under your countertops.

If you want they can be cut into sections to suit your needs.

There is one drawback: each 16 ft / 5 metre section requires its own plug, making them more complicated to use for long projects.

Tape lights are ideal for:

  • Unusually shaped or tight spaces
  • Shallow recesses, under countertops
  • Accent lighting
  • Smaller sections (16 ft / 5m or less)
  • Decorative accent lighting over kitchen cabinets
  • Halo lighting around a mirror

You should also consider these things to make sure you pick precisely the right LED tape light and the required components that will enable it to operate as you had planned.

  • What is the location for your tape light and how much will you need?
  • Power source?
  • Which color do you want?
  • Do you want it to be dimmable?
  • How are you going to mount it?
  • Want to control it remotely?

1. Where Will You Use Your Tape Light?

If you choose to install indoors in a dry spot, outdoors in a more wet location or in a damp location like bathroom? If so, you should check the manufacturers guidance to make sure the tape light is damp or wet location approved.

2. How Much Tape Light Do You Need?

It`s going to depend on the size of your project, you may just need one long length of strip light or several different lengths of tape that you connect together, depending on if you have obstacles between two sections or not. First thing you should do is measure and record the length of each part.

3. What kind of power source will you use for the tape light installation?

A low voltage tape light is going to need an LED driver to give power. An LED driver is going to convert AC line power 120V or 277V to the suitable DC voltage usually 12V DC or 24V DC or regulates the current most regularly 350 or 700 milliamps or for your strip light. You might also want a driver that is dimmable.

  • Hardwired – is wired directly to the electrical power circuit in your home or building and is controlled by a switch or a dimmer.
  • Plug-In – is connected to an LED driver which you plug into an electrical outlet. If your tape light requires you to buy a separate LED Driver, check to make sure you get the right voltage 12 or 24V  and that you have correctly estimated how much wattage you require.
  • Select an LED driver whose wattage is equal to or higher than the total wattage of the strip light being powered.



LED Rope Lights, 16.4ft, Color Changing, Waterproof, 8 colors and Multiple Modes by Areful

If you`re looking for something that is easy and fast to install then rope lights is something you should consider. Rope lights can also be easily removed if you want to change up things.

Led rope light kitchen
Led rope light kitchen

Installing led rope lights

Rope lights are easy to install, requiring a transformer and simple mounting clips.

They are not as thin as tape lights but they are however thin enough to stay concealed.

They are a little bit larger than strip lights and therefore cannot be bent at a 90 degree angle without damaging them. But they work good in rounded corners.

Rope lights are excellent for:

  • Accent lighting
  • Longer sections
  • Rental units
  • If you want to dim lights
  • Change light colors
color changing led lights kitchen
Color changing led lights kitchen


Are rope lights safe?

LED rope lights do produce a little bit of heat, but they will be “cool to contact” when installed correctly, incandescent rope lights can get very hot and you should not use them where they can be rubbed against, which may accidentally cause burns.


Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit, Plug in,6 pcs 12 Inches Cabinet Light Strips, 31W by Litever

These lamps are perfect for if you plan to use your under cabinet light for task lighting.

They are larger than puck lights and brighter than tape and rope lights and you can pick from several different lengths.

Strip lamps are available in:

  • Incandescents
  • Fluorescents
  • LED

Buying Tips for Strip Lamps

Make sure to get connectable fixtures if you are planning to install lighting along the full length of your cabinetry. This way they can all power off a single outlet.

Striplamps are perfect for:

  • Rooms with bad lighting
  • Spaces that only have ambient lighting
  • Task lighting
Strip lamp kitchen
Strip lamp kitchen

Under cabinet lighting can uplift your home’s lighting scheme from average to superb and it can add personality and character to your room.

And extra lighting makes working in your kitchen easier and safer, and it is normally possible to install the lights in a short timeframe without significant remodeling.




Leviton smart switch review – Ultimate guide 2019

Choosing a single product is a tough job when you have a lot of options to choose from.

Today we’re going to review great brand new products from Leviton.

It is a part of the Leviton smart family, this is specifically the Decora smart Wi-Fi devices and Leviton is the latest company to loosen its dependence on the hub, and it’s about time.

Why should you get Decora Smart Wi-Fi products?

Most of us can benefit from smart lighting. Everybody of us have left lights on, or walked into a totally dark house. Smart lighting allows you to switch those lights on and off from nearly anywhere using a smartphone, as well as use an app to set schedules so the lights will for example, power on and off automatically based on fixed times of day.

Leviton Smart Switch Review

  1. Leviton Decora Smart Plug-in Outlet DZPA1-2BW
  2. Leviton Decora Smart Plug, Lamp Dimming, 300-Watt Incandescent, 100W  LED/CFL Compatible
  3. Leviton DW1KD-1BZ Decora Smart,1000W Incandescent/450W LED Dimmer
  4. Leviton DW6HD-1BZ Decora Smart, 600W Incandescent / 300W LED Dimmer


So we’re going to take a look at the devices individually today, as well as what the app looks like and the performance that we can expect out of these great new products from Leviton.
Leviton Smart Switch
Leviton Smart Switch


Leviton Smart SwitchTypePriceRating 1-5
Leviton Decora Smart Plug-in Outlet DZPA1-2BW

Plug-in outlet
Appliance model
Leviton Decora Smart Plug, Lamp Dimming, 300-Watt Incandescent, 100W  LED/CFL Compatible

Lamp dimmer $4.1
Leviton DW1KD-1BZ Decora Smart,1000W Incandescent/450W LED Dimmer

1000W Incandescent

Leviton DW6HD-1BZ Decora Smart, 600W Incandescent / 300W LED Dimmer

600W incandescent

300W CFL,

Please don`t buy used smart switch devices:

 “The problem is that the if previous buyer returned the item and did not De-register the device from their My Leviton account, the device fails to set-up”

Leviton highly values their customer’s security and privacy and for those reasons they cannot reset a device.


The first device that we are going to have a look at is the:

1. Leviton DZPA1-2BW Decora Smart Review, Plug-in Outlet with Z-Wave Plus Technology, Works with Amazon Alexa

Leviton smart switch Decora DZPA1-2BW

This is a appliance model.

Smart outlet wifi

This is great for let’s say your coffee maker to turn that on and off and it also works perfect say for example a standing fan. Installation is easy into existing residential applications and remember to read the instructions to avoid any unnecessary problems with the installation. One thing that can cause problems are if you don`t keep the apps updated, but just keep it updated and you should be fine.

Let`s look at the features:

  • White and Light Almond color faces included
  • Rated for dimmable CFL and LED loads up to 300W
  • Rated for incandescent loads up to 600W
  • Soft fade on/off
  • On/off LED (bottom) and Brightness Level LED
  • Multi-location (3-way) dimming is achieved using up to 4 remote units, DD00R-DLZ.
  • Hot, neutral, load and ground required for installation and traveler for muilti-switch applications optional.

One of the best smart outlets

300 watts of LED/CFL, 600W incandescent as well as 1800 watts of inductive or resistive loads and 9.8 amps of a motor load. So it’s a great on and off device – appliance model.


•Z-Wave Plus certified

•Compatible with popular hubs including SmartThings and Wink

•Universally supported by most security systems



•Can take some time to link up with Smarthings


2. Leviton Decora Smart Plug Review, Z-Wave, Lamp Dimming, 300-Watt Incandescent, 100W  LED/CFL Compatible, Works with Amazon Alexa

This next device from Leviton is a 300 watt incandescent dimmer as well as 100 watt CFL and LED lamp dimmer.

So it’s great for a free-standing lamp and maybe in the let’s say the
corner of the the living room or on the other side of the bedroom, great device for that.

This decora smart plug is great solution say for example if you have a free standing floor lamp that only have an on/off switch on the cord that is hard to reach.

Using a Smarthings app with decora smart plug?

Simply plug the Levitron unit into an outlet, then plug the light into the unit. And you are now able to turn on and off and set the dimming level up and down from the SmartThings app.

Z-Wave and Decora smart set up

Set up is super easy, get your Z-Wave controller in inclusion mode, and then press the button on the front of the decora device and it pairs.


•Smooth design



• You must use dimmable bulbs

3. Leviton DW1KD-1BZ Decora Smart Review, Wi-Fi 1000W Incandescent/450W LED Dimmer, No Hub Required, Neutral Wire Required, Works with Amazon Alexa

Decora dimmer switches

This one is a 1000 watt incandescent dimmer that’s also rated for 450 watts of CFL and LED.

This one is also rated at thousand volt amps for mark 10 ballasts as well as thousand volt amps for magnetic low voltage.

This is a great device for some of those high inrush current type loads that we would sometimes expect with LEDs and
CFLs .


•Use it with Alexa without purchasing an expensive hub

•Instructions are well written

•Programmable dim delay


•Requires Neutral Wire

Usually, you can tell if you have a Neutral in your wall box if there are 2 or more white wires connected together with a wire connector in the wall box.

leviton decora smart installation 1000W
Neutral wire required

4. Leviton DW6HD-1BZ Decora Smart Review Wi-Fi 600W Incandescent/300W LED Dimmer, No Hub Required, Neutral Wire Required, Works with Amazon Alexa

Then we have a 600 watt incandescent or 300 watt CFL,
LED dimmer. It saves you a couple dollars compared to the thousand watt if you are dimming a whole bunch of rooms in your home.

This will be great for let’s say our shop lights where we have a garage we can go ahead and turn those lights on and off.

Don`t like the glowing status led?

You can set the “My Leviton” app to control the action of the status LED. You can use three different led modes: LED Off (always off), Status Mode (LED on only when the lights are on), Locator Mode (LED always on).


•Works with Google Assistant for voice control


•Don`t buy used devices “The problem is that the if previous buyer returned the item and did not De-register the device from their My Leviton account, the device fails to set-up”

No hub required – No hardware to hide

Now as we look at the specific devices that I review today, what you’ll kind of notice is that you don’t need to have a controller – there’s no HUB and that’s what makes these products unique and absolutely special within the industry today.

It’s a hubless solution it simply uses Wi-Fi or your wireless access
point in the home to control these devices.

leviton decora smart switch review

So when you go ahead and control your dimmer, turn it on or turn it off, you`re simply talking to your Wi-Fi access point that’s above you right to the device itself.

How to install leviton decora smart switch

When we look at the actual physical setup on a Decora smart family of devices, specifically the Wi-Fi, we’ll also see this in the decora smart z-wave devices as well and in the home kit. What you’ll notice is a few special things:

The first thing I want to point out is the indicator LEDs, oh wait, you
don’t see them because they’re actually hidden.

smart decora led
Hidden indicator led

But when you go ahead and press anything on the dimmer itself, if you press it off for example, now you actually see the indicator LEDs, if you go ahead and lower that down you’ll actually see where your dim level is at.

leviton decora led dimmer
Indicator LEDs on + level switch

Press it off it goes away, so no more bright LEDs that
are maybe in a bedroom that we want to keep super dark.

dimmer level preset
Preset dimmer level

Preset dim levels

Another great feature that you’ll see has been built in Leviton dimmers for many years which is a great feature is, you can actually set the level that you want the light to turn on before you actually turn the lighting load on.

This is great if you’re walking into the bedroom, maybe somebody is asleep and you don`t want to turn on super-bright – maybe the baby is sleeping.

So we can actually adjust the lighting level to maybe a lower lighting level before we turn on the light and now we’re not going to wake up somebody.

Don`t pay for leakage

What makes Leviton really smart with not only their lamp dimmer, but the in-wall devices as well specifically the dimmers, is what
Leviton is calling “off is off technology” what that means is when you shut the device off like right now, there is no current leakage whatsoever that’s happening.

current leakage dimmer
No current leakage

You will see zero volt if you put a meter between the load terminal and neutral.
This is super important, I can’t stress how enough how important this is with regards to LEDs and CFLs.

Glowing leds

I’m sure you’ve seen an LED or CFL maybe on one device or two devices on that load that flickers or stays on or glows for example.

Well let’s check out leviton’s no glow technology.

So right now I have just a lamp that’s hooked up to my lamp dimmer for example. That lamp module I can turn on or turn it off very easily.

leviton no glow

I want to show you what this actually can do, so if I unplug my lamp and I’m going to use Levitons night light bulb, we’re going to plug that in to my lamp module right now and I can go ahead and turn on my 1 watt incandescent light.

leviton no glow dimmer
1 watt night light Leviton

I can go ahead and actually dim that device down, to a very low level or off.

leviton night light dimmer
dimmed down

This shows you the performance factor from Leviton.

Off means off, there’s no current leakage whatsoever that’s happening here so you’re not going to see that glow or
that flickering on a small LED load.

leviton dimmer turned off
Leviton dimmer turned off

What I mean by that is, let’s say I have somebody else`s dimmer for example.

Now this device is actually set to OFF, you see how that’s glowing right now, that might be an LED or CFL that’s actually flickering or is glowing up in the ceiling and won’t ever shut off.

glowing led dimmer turned off
glowing bulb when dimmer is turned off

So leviton’s off means off technology is absolutely fantastic when it comes to performance that you would expect out of a great product.

Leviton app features you can use

What we’re going to do next is actually take a look at the app and some of the great features that are a part of that.

Leviton and iPad

Let’s take a look at the app, as I mentioned this is a hubless solution, you don’t need any special software or any special computer to set this up, all we going to need is either a smartphone for example or an iPad.

I’ll show you on the iPad because it’s a little bit easier to see.

So the app that we’re going to utilize that you can download from the App Store or Google Play is called “My Leviton” you’ll need a login, if you haven’t logged in before it’s going to ask you to sign up.

So sign up and once you see it first when you first log in is the actual connected devices.

leviton devices on ipad
Connected devices on My leviton app

So this is my lamp module for example, I can toggle these devices on and off just by tapping the bulb image and it`s super fast and again this is all Wi-Fi based. My 600 watt dimmer I can go ahead and toggle on and off as well.

leviton login

And maybe I want to go to a different dim level, so I’ll drop that down.

decora dimmer brightness
Adjusting brightness on decora dimmer app

We can actually go ahead and adjust the brightness level very easily
and it’s super quick.

Now what else is really cool is you can go into the device details.

lamp module decora smart

At the bottom here is my actual lamp dimmer. Press the device details, select settings and when I select settings what you can see is a whole new feature set of really performance enhancing options.

device settings decora smart
Device settings decora smart

That allows us to really dial in for maybe the specific LED that we’re using.

settings decora smart switch
Status LED

Things like the status LED. That’s my actual indicator LED for
what that LED is going to do. Maybe I want my status indicator or my status LED to show me when my device is on and off or maybe I want it on all the time, so we can adjust that.

We can adjust the turn-on level, so when I turn my device
on what level does that go to.

I can also adjust my fade rates, I can adjust my fade rates to maybe 2, 3, 5, 25 seconds or whatever I want my fade rate to be.

fade rate decora smart
Fade rate

Maybe you want to adjust the fade rate to ten seconds so it takes a little while longer to turn on, so you don`t get that harsh effect when you first turn that light on.

Get the best performance – select bulb type

What else is really good with these leviton smart switch products  is that you can select the bulb type, maybe you
have a CFL or an LED that will help out with the performance dimming.

Adjust the lights to perfection

You can also adjust your minimum and maximum lighting levels and you`re maybe asking why is that important? The reason that’s important is specifically for LEDs and CFLs, where I want to trim that – Now I can trim maybe a lower end LED that doesn’t perform so great, now I can go ahead and actually trim that bottom end, so it feels like I get a full dimming range out of that LED. These are really handy features that you can use and adjust your lights to perfection.

Leviton app activity tab set up

leviton app
On the main page there is an activity option and there you can see your connected devices and if you don`t have any listed you can simply click and add your devices. It’s real simple, first you name it, maybe this is an “all off activity” and so what I want to do is add some devices for “all off mode”.
Just select your devices:  600 watt dimmer, lamp module and
what levels you want those to actually go to. Select your lamp module to off, appliance module to off as well or any a actual devices on your list what levels you do want them to go to when you actually activate that option.

A great feature is also that you can actually try what your activity is. So you can try it before you actually save it.

Scheduling your dimmer switch by location

Absolutely fantastic feature, again as mentioned scheduling is built right into the devices. What the app is asking for is, it wants to know your location. Why is that important? It’s important because that your location is going to dictate when sunrise and when sunset is. You simply just allow the app to find your location and now you can setup a specific schedule.

leviton programmable light switch
Leviton app schedule time

Now you can set up the specific time when you want it to start, whether it’s at sunrise, at sunset, before sunrise, before sunset or a specific time.
You can also select the days of the week for that schedule to run. Very easy to set up, thanks to decora smart Wi-Fi devices from Leviton.

Leviton Smart SwitchTypePriceRating 1-5
Leviton Decora Smart Plug-in Outlet DZPA1-2BW

Plug-in outlet
Appliance model
Leviton Decora Smart Plug, Lamp Dimming, 300-Watt Incandescent, 100W  LED/CFL Compatible

Lamp dimmer $4.1
Leviton DW1KD-1BZ Decora Smart,1000W Incandescent/450W LED Dimmer

1000W Incandescent

Leviton DW6HD-1BZ Decora Smart, 600W Incandescent / 300W LED Dimmer

600W incandescent

300W CFL,

Best Outdoor Led Bulbs Review 2019 (ULTIMATE GUIDE)

Making a list of best outdoor smart led bulbs 2019 is a difficult job for sure. The cost versus quality argument is the first thing you deal with. All the same, the specs should be your top priority, ideally.

In this review, we will go into every aspect of these outdoor smart led lights and find out whether it’s worth your money.

We`ll take a closer look at these product categories:

Remote controlled outdoor dimmable smart led bulbs and non-dimmable smart led bulbs.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look:

The best outdoor led light bulbs 2019

Outdoor Led BulbTypePriceRating
TP-Link Smart LED Light Bulb, Wi-Fi, A19, Dimmable White, 60W Equivalent, Works with Amazon Alexa, 1-Pack (LB110)

Ilumi Outdoor Bluetooth Smart LED BR30 Flood Light Bulb Review, 2nd Generation - Smartphone Controlled Dimmable Multicolored Color Changing Light - Works with iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablet

Color changing
MINGER Sensor Lights Bulb Review, 12W Smart Automatic Dusk to Dawn LED Bulbs with Auto on/off, Indoor / Outdoor Lighting Lamp for Porch, Hallway, Patio, Garage (E26/E27, 1200lumen, Warm White)
Automatic dusk to dawn sensor
Luxon Motion Sensor 5W Smart Led Bulb Review - Radar Dusk to Dawn Motion Sensor E26 Base Soft White 2700K
Motion Radar Sensor

GE Link Smart LED Light Bulb, PAR38 Floodlight (3000K), 90-Watt Equivalent, 1-Pack, Zigbee, Works with Amazon Alexa
22 year lifespan

Let`s go over the basics:

You can use your smartphone, amazon alexa, ipad or any other smart device to control the outdoor smart led bulb.

The smart led bulb installs as effortlessly as a standard light bulb and connects very fast to your home Wi-Fi or any other smart device you choose to control it with.

I`ve played around with more than 20 smart light bulb systems over the years and after all that, I determined that the 5 I listed here is the best all around smart LED bulbs.

If I must pick one bulb that is my favourite, I got to go with the Ilumi Outdoor Bluetooth Smart LED.



With Ilumi you can change your lighting color super easily and it also does everything the other smart light bulbs do, and it is also part of a wider product and app-system, that gives you more room for flexibility and creativity than any other smart bulb I have used. It is not the cheapest bulb I used, but its reliable performance and wide usability does make it a good choice for any smart home.

1.TP-Link Exterior LED Bulb Review

Wi-Fi, A19, Dimmable White, 60W Equivalent, Works with Amazon Alexa, 1-Pack (LB110)

Not everyone wants to drop $50 or more on a led bulb smart light.

The TP-Link bulbs will shed light for a fraction of the price.

The TP-Link Smart LED Light Bulb is a versatile clever little light source.

This is the 60 Watt Equivalent, 2700K Soft White type bulb review. 

There`s also these types available:

50W equivalent 2700K Soft White

60W equivalent 2700k – 6500K Soft White to Daylight (this is a good choice if you want to adjust the light a little more)

60W equivalent 2500k – 9000K Soft White to Daylight (Multicolor version)

Outdoor smart led bulb features?

What`s so smart with these outdoor smart led bulbs then? Let`s have a look what they can do.

You can control your lighting from anywhere.  You can manage your lights with your tablet or smartphone in no time with the free (Kasa app) or another app depending of the manufacturer, TP – Link uses the Kasa app.

What other tricks does the smart outdoor led light bulb got up its sleeve?

Some of the smart led bulb features you can use are:

•Adjusting brightness and color

•Setting schedules and scenes

•Track energy used

If you don`t feel like using your phone or pad for controlling the outdoor dimmer, then you can try the voice control, you can use your voice to control the bulb when paired with Amazon Alexa.

Installation of the led smart bulb

Well there´s really no complex installation procedure, just screw in  the new led smart bulb and wait for it to blink 3 times, and finish the set up by using the TP-Link Kasa app.


•Lifetime 22.8 Years

•Easy to install



•Price (over normal bulb)

Although it’s not inexpensive, this outdoor smart led bulb offers a few impressive features for the price!


2.Ilumi Outdoor Bluetooth Smart LED Review

BR30 Flood Light Bulb – Smartphone Controlled Dimmable Multicolored Color Changing Light – Works with iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablet

ilumi outdoor smart led

halloween scary lights led bulb
Halloween theme with Ilumi Led

The Ilumi Smart led has also some cool built in effects. Check out this brief overview below that gives a bit more detail about the unique effects that ilumi can offer:

ilumi outdoor smart led review

Want to sync your ilumi smart led light bulb to music?

Bring the music and party to new heights – Yes this bulb can be synced with your music, so you can shake it til the break of dawn.

Best color changing led bulb?

Just use the free ilumi app to sync your led lights to your music from your phone or pad to get synchronized color effects to every beat for amazing outdoor parties. You can choose from 16 million different colors and if that`s not enough, there`s also 2000K to 8000K in white color range. Plus you can add more smart lights for even bigger effects.

Does this smart led bulb work with a tradional light switch?

Yes it does and because each light has a built in clock and battery – it remembers its colors and schedule even when used with a traditional light switch.

outdoor led bulb

Want a weatherproof smart led color bulb?

The ilumi outdoor flood light carries an IP64 rating specifically for use outdoors so you can keep lights on – Rain or shine.

It`s built to withstand snow, thunderstorms, sprinklers and because of that you can place it nearly anywhere outside. And if that was not enough –  It also has UV Coating to protect it from the sun. The manufacturer has really thought about everything with this led.

This smart led helps you with your home security

Automation, of set dates and times, to fit a schedule

Are you going away and are you worried about the safety of your house? Just switch on the vacation mode and your ilumi led outdoor smart light will turn on and off at random while you are away.

outdoor dimmer switch


•Many features

•Music sync





A high quality remote controlled dimmable smart led bulb

Ilumi outdoor led light is not just a smart bulb; it is a complete smart system. The color-adjustable E26 / E27 base bulbs can remake the look of your home`s exterior in seconds. Multiple app options and device compatibility makes it one of the best overall choices.

3.MINGER Sensor Lights Bulb Review

12W Smart Automatic Dusk to Dawn LED Bulbs with Auto on/off, Indoor / Outdoor Lighting Lamp for Porch, Hallway, Patio, Garage (E26/E27, 1200lumen, Warm White)

The MINGER Sensor Light Bulb has been my choice for led light on installation jobs where the customer wanted something cheap but reliable.

With this led, you get the automatic switch on at dusk and off at dawn. It does not really get any easier than with this led bulb. The led turns on when it gets less than 15Lux and it turns off when there is more than 40Lux. The built in sensor works great and it`s a hazzle free product. You’ll install it fast and easy – just simply screw into any standard E26/27 light fixture or socket. No worries with wires or additional motion detection fixtures.

The sensor is not rotable, as in almost all smart bulbs, but that is not a problem. From experience I can tell that the bulb works fine even in outdoor fixtures with bubbly glass, so the sensor is really high quality. 

Bright led light for outdoor

This 12W led bulb is equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent bulb and it`s mercury free too. If you want a bright light this should be your choice. There is also a 7W version available.


•Very bright

•Mercury free

•Automatic dusk to dawn

•365 day warranty


•No multicolor


Be sure to watch out for knock-off imitations that are popping up as of late.

4.Luxon Motion Sensor 5W Smart Led Bulb Review

Radar Dusk to Dawn Motion Sensor E26 Base Soft White 2700K

Led security lights motion sensor

This is the Luxon smart outdoor led with the handy radar.  Before we begin looking at just how good the Luxon smart bulb is, there are some obvious things you should know about this led:

led security lights motion sensor

The Luxon 5w  is unique in that sense that it is equipped with LED RADAR SENSOR.

security led bulb

The motion sensor bulb is a radar sensor light bulb, it’s much more responsive, sensitive, more penetrating than infrared sensor led. And because of that, the Luxon led light bulb can penetrate: glass, veneer and walls to detect the motion within 19-26ft.

You can install the led in any angle you want- upward, downward, it will still operate perfect because of the built in smart radar.

The led radar bulb can also detect the pets, therefore the radar sensor bulb will turn on when it is detecting any small object that is moving. Plus it has the dusk to dawn sensor. 

The packaging is sturdy with the bulb protected well in a plastic mold, so you don`t need to worry for a defective product on arrival.



•Install in any angle


•No multicolor



5.GE Link Smart LED Light Bulb Review

PAR38 Floodlight (3000K), 90-Watt Equivalent, Zigbee, Works with Amazon Alexa

One of the best led light bulbs for outdoor fixtures

The entry-level GE Link smart bulb (which can often be found for $20 to $25) gives you the most brightness for your money , it puts out 900 lux and the color is quite warm (3000K Bright White).


The dimmable GE outdoor led bulbs is good option, if you want to dim outdoor lights but don`t want to use a dimmer switch to dim with.

Do you need programmable led lights?

How to program led lights?

It`s easier than it sounds.

One smart thing with these LEDs are the shortcuts you can create.

You can make scenes, shortcuts for example: “Watch a movie” or “Reading in bed” with your phone. You just click on your prefered shortcut  and you can make lights dim, brighten, turn on and turn off.

GE 3000K Bright White led

If you don’t need a color led and the millions of colors to choose from, then this GE led is a perfect choice.

Do led lights work in cold weather?

Absolutely! And this GE bulb performs well in cold climate.

The best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather you can choose are LEDs

Do you get below freezing temperatures on numerous nights during winter?

best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather

Then you want a led bulb that has a longer life and not a incandescent bulb and another great thing about this GE link smart bulb is that it lasts 22 years with an estimated energy cost of only $1.57 per year.

The advantage of LED is the extra long lifespan and plus they have no problem to light up in very cold temperatures. In fact, LEDs get more efficient as the ambient temperature gets lower.

How to install the GE link led bulb?

With all that specification information out of the way, what do you need to get up and running with these bad boys?

You just need one of these:

  • A smartphone
  • A Wink Hub
  • or Amazon Alexa if you want voice control
  • and a GE Link bulb

It is also compatible with amazon Echo, smartthings hub or any other zigbee rated device.

That’s it. Once you have got that all purchased, the setup process is simple:
Setup your Wink Hub. You can do it easily through the Wink app. Just enter your Wi-Fi information, then automatically send that to your brand new hub and then it will be good to go.
ge link smart bulb review
One more important thing to check is that after connecting your Wink Hub, be sure to check for updates. People often forget checking for updates and that can cause problems when trying to pair the bulbs (I learned it the hard way).
Once you got that out of the way, you just add your bulb. Wink has comfortably added a GE Link option to the list of supported lighting options. Just select that and it will walk your through the setup and then you basically screw the bulb in and turn the light on. It will blink 3 times and then you can name it.

•Control from anywhere

•Suitable for out-and indoors use


•Big size




What is the brightest G9 GU9 LED Light bulb you can get?


What is the brightest G9 LED bulb
What is the brightest G9 LED bulb? This 11W is super bright

The G9 GU9 LED by Enuotek is the brightest 11W led light bulb. The lighting brightness is1000Lm.

Brightest G9 GU9 LED Light bulb

Enuotek G9 GU9 Miniature LED Light Bulb

10005, 7 and 11 $4.8

Where to use this super bright GU9 LED bulb?

The G9 LED bulbs are the perfect choice to make when it comes to lightning up any of your living spaces. Whether it is your office or your home, these are suitable to be placed in any of the areas. 

The bulb is perfect for chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, desk lamps with G9/GU9 plug-in lamp socket.


The brightness and the color tone of the bulb is extremely convenient for most users.

It comes in a pack of six in order to offer better quality as well as quantity for the customers.

It consumes less power as compared to the other products that claim to offer similar features.

Fits perfectly in different living spaces in your home.

It offers the greatest amounts of lumens for a G9 LED bulb.



Just two colors warm and cool white


One important thing is that these can take a lot of your budget. That is why it is extremely important for you to choose the right product out of all the ones that are available. What`s more annoying than installing your LED and it flickers? 

Check out this review to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money so you don`t end up with the low quality LEDs that are available in masses.

About the ENUOTEK GU9 Small Corn Capsule LED Light bulb

There surely are a huge number of aspects that are kept in mind while comparing different products. This is to make sure that the product you are choosing happens to offer you the best qualities in order to make its purchase totally worth it. One such product that you can try out is the brightest, and excellent GU9 LED Small corn capsule light bulb by Enuotek. I`ve been using these LEDs in a 6-branch chandelier for almost 2 years now and they still shine like brand new.

These bulbs are extremely different from the old light bulbs and use the modern technique and technology to work efficiently.

They are a very convenient source to get the super extra bright light and without the use of excessive energy of course. The LED is available in 5W, 7W and 11W. 

Best gu9 g9 led light bulb
Best gu9 g9 led light bulb

There surely are a huge number of different kind of usages that you can easily get with the help of these LED bulbs.

Let`s focus on the 11W that I`ve been using for a while now.

The bulbs use innovative modern lighting technology in order to help the user offering them a great bright light in all surroundings all the time.

Things to consider about the G9/GU9 LED Small Corn Capsule Light Bulbs

In this part of the article, we have mentioned some of the things that the G9 GU9 LED Small Corn Capsule Light Bulbs has in store for you so let`s go over the details.

  • The size of the device is suitable for most users.
  • It consumes less power in order to offer you better results.
  • The features provided by the device are known to be durable and long-lasting.
  • The numbers of lumens used in the device are balanced in order to offer the best results to the customers.
  • It has a very natural color temperature.
  • The style of the device is quite unique and according to the needs of the users.

Features of the GU9 LED Small Corn Capsule Light Bulbs

Features surely play an extremely important role in deciding the worth of a particular product.

It helps us to understand various advantages of the product as well as to get an idea about what we are investing in.

This will help you to get an idea about the features offered by the product and if or not it is worth spending your money in.

  • The device comes along with a ceramic lamp body as well as excellent heat resisting qualities.
  • The product has the standard G9 base for the lamp.
  • The size of the LED bulb is approximately 6.3 cm in the length and approx 1.77 cm in the diameter.
  • The LED bulb is compatible with the US voltage and requires at least AC 110-120V for working properly.
  • It uses the 74X SMD2835 LED lighting source to offer the best quality.
  • The brightness of the LED bulb is 1000Lm and has the cool color white that is 6000k. It consumes 11W of power for proper working.
  • The device is of the non-dimmable kind and comes in the pack of six G9 LED bulbs.
  • It has a beam angle of 360 degrees in order to offer complete brightness and light in the whole room without any kind of problem.
  • It has the color rendering index of CRI>80 for good natural colors.

Final Verdict

A little pricey but you get what you pay for, a really well-built bright LED. Also, if you decide to buy it make sure to purchase the LED bulbs only from an authorized dealer to avoid bad copies.

Best Dimmer Switch Review – Complete Guide 2019

Welcome to the Top 5 Best Dimmer Switch Reviews.

In this analysis, I`m going to review the best dimmers that I have installed. With the best I mean, easiest to install, control, usability and of course quality. You don`t want to buy and install something that you`re not happy with. I have included the most used dimmer types and picked the best one from every group. So if you need an universal, low voltage, wireless, dual or maybe a plug-in dimmer, you will find the review in this post.

Best dimmer switches

Don`t have time to read the whole review?

While some of you who visit my review page, want to know what I have to say about the reviewed dimmer switches, I fully understand that some of you are just simply looking for a high quality dimmer switch. Maybe you even have an clear idea of what type of dimmer switch you need because you’re replacing one? It could even be that you’ve done loads of research by now, but you haven’t found the best dimmer yet.

In which case, I’ve added a table below, that will tell you everything you need to know.

Best Dimmer Switch – Top 5 Favorites

Dimmer SwitchesTypeBest PriceRating
Lutron DVELV-300P-WH 300-Watt Diva Electronic Low Voltage Single Pole Dimmer, White
Low Voltage Dimmer $4.4
Lutron MA-L3S25-WH Maestro 300 Watt Single-Pole Dual Dimmer and Switch, White
Dual Dimmer Switch $4.1
Leviton 6674-P0W SureSlide Universal 150-Watt LED and CFL/600-Watt Incandescent Dimmer
Universal Dimmer Switch $4.2
GE Smart Dimmer, Z-Wave, In-Wall, 12724, Works with Amazon Alexa, 12724
Smart Wireless Control Dimmer Switch $4.2
Lutron TT-300H-WH Electronics Plug-In Lamp Dimmer, White
Plug-In Dimmer Switch $4.4

Top Dimmer Switch Picks 2019

Lutron DVELV 300P Review – 300 – Watt Diva Electronic Low Voltage Single Pole Dimmer

In this first review we`re going to take a look at the Lutron DVELV-300P  which is a very popular high quality dimmer switch. It`s designed to control Electronic Low Voltage transformers that are driving 12 volt or 24 volt Halogen lamps.

Have you ever wanted a trouble free dimmer switch, you could trust to do the job?

Well, now you have it.

The Lutron Dvelv 300P dimmer brings together all the functions you want from a dimmer. It`s durable, high quality, easy to install and buzz free.

Non buzzing dimmer switch

Some of the older dimmers makes a buzzing or humming sound, that can be annoying. The sound is created by cutting up the AC current traveling between the dimmer and the light bulb. Rather than dimming  the light bulb, the dimmer switch actually cause the current to flicker super fast, so that to our eyes, it seems that there is a smaller amount of light. The blocked current can make a vibration in the electromagnetic field inside the light bulb or inside the switch, which can produce a buzzing noise.

The Lutron Dvelv 300 P takes care of the buzzing, that can occure with some of the older dimmers.  So if you experiencing buzzing – This should be your choice, if you want a silent dimmer.

lutron dvelv 300 p review

Check out what others are saying about the Lutron Dvelv 300P dimmer on amazon.


  • Smart big paddle switch and small smooth linear slide
  • Available in Single pole or 3-way model if the lights are controlled from more than one spot
  • For use with incandescent or halogen 120-Volt light bulbs. For electronic low-voltage applications.
  • Paddle switch turns light off and on to a preset level
  • This is a ELV (Electronic Low Voltage) dimmer used with low voltage lighting fixtures
  • Discreet slider dims and brightens lights to desired level
  • For use in single-pole Electronic Low-Voltage applications (available in 3 way switch)
  • Color options Diva model: almond, black, brown, gray, ivory, light almond and white
  • Soft locator light in off-position for easy finding in the dark
  • Dimensions 4.6 x 2.3 x 2.2 inches

Best low voltage dimmer switch?

Really is no other choice than the Lutron Dvelv 300P dimmer if you have low voltage lighting that you want to dim.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!



Lutron MA L3S25 Review – WH Maestro 300 Watt Single-Pole Dual Dimmer and Switch

In this review we will take a look at the Lutron Maestro 300 Watt Dual Dimmer and Switch.

What is a dual dimmer switch?

This a dimmer that integrates both a single-pole switch at the bottom as well as a dimmer on top. This dual dimmer switch allows you to turn one light fixture on and off with the bottom switch and adjusting the lighting level of another source with the top dimmer. This dual Dimmer Switch is a perfect replacement for piled switches commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Two dimmers for the price of one?

With this dimmer you get two controls in one, plus it`s filled with all of Maestro’s brilliant features. The super easy to use tap switch turns lights on/off to your preferred light level or tap twice for full lights. Press the switch, hold it between 1 – 6 seconds and release the switch for delayed fade to off. The delayed fade to off gives you 10-60 seconds to get out of the room or get into bed before the lights go out, a very useful feature and a real “toesaver”. By using the rocker you can adjust the light level for any activity. LEDs display the level of light and glows softly in the dark, so you can easily locate the switch.

Dual Digital Fade Dimmer / Digital Switch

The dimmer works with incandescent and halogen bulbs, while the switch can be used to control incandescent, magnetic or electronic low voltage, or non-dimmable fluorescent lighting loads or exhaust or ceiling fan loads.

At the touch of a button, this dimmer can go immediately to a favorite preset light level, fade-to-off, or adjust manually. Dual controls also consolidate light switches and save space.

Lutron MA L3S25 review Maestro 300 Watt Single-Pole Dual Dimmer and Switch review

If you want to see more reviews about the Lutron MA-L3S25, take a look here at the amazon reviews.



  • One switch gives dimming control for one load and on/off control for a second load
  • Memory – if there`s a power failure – this dimmer remembers your own settings after a power failure
  • Built in LEDs indicate light level – glows softly, so you can easily find the dimmer when it`s dark
  • Use this dimmer only with incandescent and halogen bulbs
  • Delayed fade to off – very useful
  • No neutral wire required
  • Perfect for light and fan
  • Coordinating Claro wall plates purchased separately
  • For you DIYers the switch comes with instructions and diagrams on how to install it. The installation is a simple project, if you have changed an outlet, you can handle this too.

The ultimate dual dimmer?

If you`re looking for a realible dual dimmer, the Lutron MA-L3S25 is a top pick.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!



 Leviton 6674 P0W Review

Sureslide saves energy without sacrificing performance

Let`s take a look at the Leviton Decora SureSlide review.

These dimmers provide smooth, slide-action, full-range dimming for incandescent and dimmable LED and CFL lamps.

As many of you know and easy and cost-effective way to make your home more energy efficient, is to replace standard light switches with dimmers.

Can`t find a universal high quality dimmer?

The challenge today is to find a dimmer, that works effectively with all the current varieties of bulbs on the market, leviton has met that challenge and is pleased to introduce the new Leviton decore sureslide universal dimmer.

Incandescent, Cfl and led dimmer

This cutting-edge device expertly controls the dimming of incandescent, cfl and LED bulbs, now that’s a pretty smart dimmer.

Let’s take a quick review of the types of bulbs you may choose for your fixtures. The standard incandescent bulb is most familiar because most everyone’s been using them for years. Newer to the market are compact fluorescent lamps, generally referred to as CFLs and light-emitting diode bulbs generally referred to as leds. Added to the mix are dimmable CFLs and LEDs, which is what I’d like to focus on today, since dimmable bulbs are compatible with the Universal dimmer.

Is Leviton sureslide 6674-P0 the best led dimmer switch?

The leviton sureslide was first available in 2012 and after installing it numerous times and getting just positive feedback from customers about it, I think it`s a good choice for anyone who wants a good dimmer.

Smooth design and easy operating dimmer

Feature are easy slide design and offers superior performance over
standard dimmers. For example this new device provides seamless startup, so there’s no momentary delay. A better dimming range, they create the perfect ambience for any occasion and are essentially future-proof, because they work beautifully with most of the latest cfl and LED bulb technologies on the market today. Plus the energy savings add up over time, making them friendly to both your wallet and the environment.

Read what other customers has to say about the Leviton sureslide 6674-P0 on amazon.



  • Leviton sureslide 1-pole and 3-way universal slide dimmer, LED, CFL, and incandescent, 120 volts
  • CFL mode for dimmable CFLs. This feature gives a higher starting voltage that is required for many Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • LED/Incandescent mode gives perfect dimming for LED lamps and for incandescent lamps
  • Is equipped with a separate ON/OFF switch that maintains the selected brightness level
  • Built-in TV and radio interference filter
  • Gives you bigger dimming range for dimmable LED and CFL bulbs than normal older incandescent dimmers
  • 5-year product warranty

 Best pick for led dimmer switch?

If you`re looking for a dimmer packed with the best features, the Leviton sureslide 6674-P0 is a high quality choice.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!


GE Smart Dimmer Switch Review Z-Wave In-Wall 12724

GE Smart Dimmer Z-Wave In-Wall 12724 review

The best Z-Wave in-wall dimmer switch 2019

In this review we will take a look at the GE In-wall smart switch dimmer, that allows you to control lightning and other devices wirelessly with an app. Now that everyone got mobile devices, this little switch is very useful.

Why should you get this GE Smart Dimmer Switch?

The benefit of smart lighting are pretty easy to understand. We have all left the lights on when we have not intend to, or forgotten to do the same when we had wanted to, leaving us coming home at the end of the day to a totally dark apartment or house. Smart lighting gives you the opportunity to schedule it all automatically or control everything remotely.

Make your home a smart home with GE Smart Dimmer Switch Z-Wave In-Wall

Connect and control lights and other household devices wirelessly from anywhere with your phone or tablet and give yourself a piece of mind that comes with knowing your home is secure, regardless of where you are.

Z-Wave is a fully customizable home automation system, that works by allowing you to connect through your Z-Wave compatible Gateway. Giving you full control over your lights, entertainment consoles, coffee makers and other small appliances,  when you want and from where you want.

Works with all CFL, LED, halogen and incandescent bulbs up to 600 watts and other devices. Schedule and control ceiling and wall lights.

Maybe you want to read more reviews before you decide? Check out these comments from other customers on amazon.



  • Control wirelessly with an application on/off and dimming functions of lightning fixtures
  • Gives Z-Wave wireless and manual control of your lights
  • The blue LED indicator light allows safe location of switch in dark room
  • Provides good workability – use by itself or with up to four GE Add-on switches
  • Needs in-wall installation with hard-wired connections
  • Use existing wires to easily connect
  • Schedule time events perfect your home safety
  • You can change paddles the package includes white and light almond paddles

Replace easily any normal in-wall switch with the GE Z-Wave Smart Dimmer switch to control lighting or small appliances with your computer or mobile device using any Z-Wave certified gateway.

Best Wi-Fi smart dimmer?

After installing all sorts of wireless smart switches, I have come to the conclusion that the GE Smart Dimmer Switch In-Wall Z-Wave 12724 is your best choice. It’s reliable in quality and offers extra features not found on any other Z-Wave smart in-wall dimmer switches. It has the very handy option for multiswitch control at a fair price.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!


Lutron TT 300H Electronics Plug-In Dimmer Switch Review

Want to dim table lamps?

Well then this plug-in dimmer is a great pick.

Dimming incandescent table lamps add comfort, usability and workability. You can adjust the lights to every situation.

The installation of this Lutron TT 300 H is very simple, just plugin the dimmer, then plug your lamp plug into the dimmer and that`s it.

You can pick from three different colors: white, brown and black.

It`s available with or without night light – The night light LED glows in the dark for easy acces and as a soft night light.

Read more user experiences about the Lutron 300 TT H on amazon.



  • Slide-to-off tabletop dimmer
  • Dimmer for floor lamps, table lamps and other portable lamps
  • Simply plugs into standard outlet
  • Adjust light to desired level with easy slider
  • Incandescent or halogen bulbs only – 300 watt
  • Put dimmer on tabletop for easy operation
  • 120 volt halogen/incandescent bulb
  •  6-foot dimmer cord
  • Rubber feet on the bottom to keep it in place

The Lutron TT 300 H is a good choice for a plug in dimmer.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!


After installing the new or your first dimmer switch, it would be a good idea to save your electric bill for the next few months, so you can compare it to your old bill and see what has changed. Hopefully will your electric bill have a nice big change for the positive and you may be motivated to try this project with the rest of your house and with even more positive results.

And most crucial of all, don’t be shy to ask for a professional installer, meanwhile they are not only worth the money, but sometimes extremely important in making sure, that everything goes perfectly.

Thank you for reading my “Best Dimmer Switch Reviews – Complete Guide 2019”, Dave.


Outdoor Dimmer Switch Reviews – Ultimate Guide 2019

I hope you will agree with me when I say:

That life is much easier when using a remote controlled outdoor dimmer switch for your outdoor dimming purposes.

Do NOT Buy a Outdoor dimmer switch before You READ THIS REVIEW. I`ve spent a lot of money on useless products that did not deliver…but let`s get back to the review.

Ok, there is only a tiny little problem. Finding an outdoor dimmer is not an easy job, because there are not many outdoor dimmers made if you are looking for something similar to an indoor dimmer. But if you want to dim something outside, there are a couple of solutions for you. Let`s take a closer look at these products.

If you just want to turn off your lights remotely or have them turn off by a preset schedule then your choice should be an outdoor dimmer or remote controlled outlet.

To make things easier for you, I have created a list of Best outdoor dimmer switches 2019. After doing some research, installing and using some of these dimmers, I have listed the top outdoor dimmer switches and remote controlled outlets you can get right now.

These outdoor dimmer switches are for everyone because the price-tag is pretty low on most of them.

Nevertheless, one thing can be said for certain, these outdoor dimmer switches are high quality enough to make it to our list of the best outdoor dimmers 2019.

Don`t want to change the switches by yourself? COST TO REPLACE SWITCHES AND OUTLETS (CHECK YOUR PRICE HERE)

Best Outdoor Dimmers 2019


Outdoor DimmerTypeRatingPrice
Insteon Outdoor Smart Plug, On/Off, Works with Amazon Alexa
Outdoor Dimmer4.2 Check Price
Remote Dimmer, DLDIMMER
Outdoor Dimmer5.0 Check Price
Woods 32555WD Weatherproof Outdoor Outlet Remote Control Converter Kit
Outdoor Dimmer4.4 Check Price
TOSSOW Outdoor Wireless Remote and Plug In Receiver Kit Weatherproof Smart Socket 2 Outlet Switch for Outdoor Electric Appliance with 100 Feet Range
Outdoor Dimmer3.8 Check Price
GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Outdoor Module, On/Off, Plug-In, Black, Works with Amazon Alexa, 12720
Outdoor Dimmer4.4 Check Price
GE Bluetooth Outdoor Smart Switch (Plug-In), 13868

Outdoor Dimmer3.5 Check Price


1. GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Outdoor Review

Most of the consumers know GE because of their top of the line home and kitchen appliances. However, for those who don’t know, GE is also at the top for making several high ends, top of the line lightning appliances.

Outdoor Led Dimmer

The product we are going to zoom in on today is known as the GE Bluetooth Outdoor Smart Switch, the General Electric smart switch is priced under $40 and it happens to be one of the best outdoor led dimmer switches you can buy right now.

The outdoor dimmer switch offers a modern fresh look, something that people will find familiar, especially if they have used a GE product in the past. The switch is elegant pleasing with its complete black construction.

 However, most of you are not here for the design and are more interested in the capability, so without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at how the switch works. 


The GE Z-Wave Wireless is a Smart Lighting Outdoor Control which enables you to wirelessly control your home’s outdoor appliances and lighting, including landscape and seasonal lighting, fountains and pumps, it also gives you the opportunity to turn lights on and off or schedule a timed event from anywhere and at any given time.

You can easily control outdoor lighting with your computer or mobile device using any Z-Wave certified gateway from anywhere in the world, or control the lighting on location with the manual push-button control or a Z-Wave certified remote control. It can be a little tricky to set up for non-technical people, but if you follow the easy instructions it should go smoothly.

Compitable gateways

GE Z Wave dimmer switch compatible

With that said, the manufacturer has paid a notable amount of attention to detail even when designing the device as it happens to be super easy to use and understand.

The switch is also of course weather and impact resistant and it withstands wet and damp conditions. The outlet has a solid rubber cover that keeps dirt out when the smart switch is not in use.

Outdoor dimmer switch for led lights

You can use this GE device in outdoor locations to control and program patio string led lights or to maybe turn on/off a heating element in a pond, perfect for automatic watering systems and for example, outdoor kitchen lights and you can set it up easily through Smart Things home set-up and schedule your lights.
If you`re looking for an Outdoor dimmer switch for led lights that is reliable then you should take a look at this GE Z-wave product.

It`s compatible with:

  • CFL
  • LED
  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • Xenon
  • Halogen lighting
  • Wink
  • SmartThings

Pros                                    Cons

• Price                                                 • Tricky set up?

• Range

• Control with your voice

2. Trex Remote Outdoor Dimmer Review

Outdoor dimmer for deck lighting and landscape lighting

This little handy Trex Remote Dimmer for outdoor use is an enhanced-control dimmer and is used to adjust the brightness of any  12v lighting system. You can install it in any new or old DC LED system. It can be located and used to control the whole light system or any piece of the system.

Landscape lighting dimmer switch

The dimmer should be installed after the transformer 12v output line. If you choose to install multiple units, you can control multiple lighting areas/zones according to your particular requirements with just one remote.

Pros                                       Cons

•Programmable remote             •Little bit pricey?

•Remote range 30 foot

• 3-year warranty

• Easy to install even without instructions


3.Woods 32555WD Weatherproof Outdoor Outlet Remote Control Converter Kit Review

The Woods 32555 Outdoor Wireless Remote switches devices on and off from 60-feet away.

You can handle your outdoor lights, patio, security lights or holiday lights from inside your home or even your car if you want to do that with the wireless remote and receiver.

The signal is pretty strong in this device, it can travel through walls, doors, windows and that`s a good feature and because of that, you don`t have to always have eye contact with the device your controlling.

Both the outlet box and remote operate on the same ‘paired’ frequency channel, so they don’t cause trouble with other electronics.

If you are getting more than one unit, the frequencies you are getting will be non-specific with a possibility of matching frequencies.

How do you install and configure the outdoor dimmer switch?

Let`s take a look at the setup.

This remote device is fast to install, you don`t need tools to set-up and it`s super easy to control just by a simple tap of a button.

Weatherproof outdoor switch


  • Durable weatherproof construction
  • 6-inch cord
  • compatible with 3-wire plugs
  • CFL ready and LED compatible

Pros                                    Cons

•great range                               •no timer




4.GE Bluetooth Outdoor Smart Switch Plug-In Review

This is a another smart device from General Electrics.

You can transform your home into a smart house/apartment using this compact Outdoor Smart Switch. This is almost the same product as the one reviewed first on this page, the GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control. This switch does not require any gateway, hub or a router to control or program your lighting.

With this smart device, you can control and schedule your outdoor lighting. It allows you to schedule and controls your home’s outdoor lighting and devices, like landscaping and seasonal light fixtures.

The GE Bluetooth outdoor switch is or course equipped with weather-resistant housing and outlet cover.

Plus it comes with multiple scheduling options, such as the seven-day sunrise and sunset setting. It has also a useful vacation/random settings and custom countdowns.

GE outdoor smart switch installation

The installation is as easy as it can be. You don`t have to do any wiring, which makes it incredibly easy to install and use.

Pros                                    Cons

•easy installation                          •no intervals <15 min

• versatile


5.Insteon Outdoor Smart Plug Review, On/Off, Works with Amazon Alexa

The Insteon smart on off plug is easy as Plugging in a Lamp

With this Insteon device you can control devices such as fountain pumps and landscape or holiday lighting.

Installation is super easy. Just unplug your fountain, string light or landscape light and connect its power cord to the bottom of Outdoor On/Off Module. Then you plug the Outdoor On/Off Module into the power outlet and then you`re ready to go, that`s it – No hardwiring or tricky installation, just plug it in, plug in the device you want to use/control and link it to an Insteon controller – then just relax and enjoy the automated lighting.

insteon outdoor on off module dimmer

You can also schedule your outdoor lights or appliances

By using the Insteon Hub on your computer, or any other Insteon-compatible device, to turn on or off at any given time or even at sunset and sunrise.

insteon outdoor dimmer switch controlRemote control your dimmer

With Insteon Hub, just launch the Insteon app and use the remote control from your smartphone or use the Insteon app to configure control from other Insteon devices at your place.

Voice control your dimmer

The Insteon Hub will also give you voice control using Amazon Alexa. Want to know more about Amazon Alexa? If you are planning on using the voice control, you must have the Insteon Central Controller Hub.

A cheap Outdoor light dimmer switch

The more of these dual-band devices you got in your network, the better it will work. I have been using these to switch landscape lighting on/off and other outdoor lights. You can use it with a lot of different devices, it`s very versatile, just remember not to go over 1800W and you`ll be good.
If you want a reliable outdoor light dimmer switch you should take a look at this Insteon plug-in module.



Pros                                    Cons

•Amazon Alexa compatible     • A bit noisy?



6.TOSSOW Outdoor Wireless Remote and Plug In Receiver Kit Review

Weatherproof Smart Socket 2 Outlet Switch for Outdoor Electric Appliance with 100 Feet Range

Outdoor waterproof dimmer switch

I’m not much of web graphic guy, but I do know a quite of a lot about dimmers.  This year I’ve spent over 300 days on jobs installing and wiring electrical devices and tested over 15 different outdoor dimmers. Many of them sucked but some of them really fit the bill …like this Tossows outdoor waterproof dimmer switch.

What can you do with the Tossow Outdoor remote then?

  • You can turn on the Holiday Lights in a cold night (or warm)
  • Control Lights
  • Good helper for a person who is not convenient for action (elder, pregnant woman or limited mobility person) at your home
  • You can control the garden watering system from inside
  • Pretty much everything electrical can be controlled with this
  • 100ft range

Two remote-controlled outdoor outlets

As you can see from the picture above, it has two outlets, but you can`t control them separately – The remote controls 2 outlets on/off at the same time, because it only has two buttons. There is a new version being developed, in which you can remote control 2 outlets individually and that feature will be available in the next version of this Tossow device. The Tossow is a well made outdoor waterproof dimmer switch.

Pros                                    Cons

  • Price                                             •Nothing as yet
  • Quality
  • Range
  • Dual outlet
  • Battery included

So, there you have it, folks! We tested some of the best outdoor dimmers and outlets available in the market at the moment. I hope these reviews helped you a little bit.

Best Gu10 Led Bulbs Review


led gu10 bulb reviews
Four different LED GU10s – displaying the variation in colours available

With hundreds of different led bulbs to choose from, it can be diffucult to know which one to pick. In this article we will reveal the Top 5 most bought and top rated led gu10 bulbs. This review will make it easier for you to pick the right product.

For you who just want to quickly pick the best led gu10 bulb and don`t have time to read the whole article I have put together a table below.

Led light benefits – Why is led gu10 light bulbs better?

  • Energy efficient
  • Long lifetime up to 25 yeas
  • Total cost very low because of life span
  • Lots of color choices 2700K – 6000K
  • Ecologically friendly

Best GU10 Led Bulb – Top 5 List

Gu10 Led BulbTypeBest PriceRating
10 Pack Bioluz LED GU10 LED Bulbs 50W Halogen Equivalent Dimmable 6.5w 3000K 120v UL Listed (Pack of 10)
Dimmable $4.5
LE GU10 LED Bulbs, 50W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent, 3W, 350lm, 120° Beam Angle, 2700K Warm White, MR16, LED Light Bulbs, Pack of 6 Units
Non Dimmable $4.3
Torchstar #Dimmable# MR16 GU10 LED Light Bulb, 7.5W (75W Equivalent), ENERGY STAR, 5000K Daylight, 40° Beam Angle, 600Lm, Track Lighting, Recessed Light, 3 YEARS WARRANTY, Pack of 6
Dimmable $4.3
Triangle Bulbs T95031-6 (6 pack) - LED 6-Watt Dimmable GU10 MR16 38° High Power 50W Equivalent, Warm White Light Bulbs, UL Listed, Energy star certified, 6 pack
Dimmable $4.3
8 PACK - MR16 GU10 LED Bulb 5 WATT -ENERGY STAR RATED- (35W Halogen Equivalent), 3000K Warm White, DIMMABLE, 40° Beam Angle Indoor Lighting, 300 Lumens, Track Lighting, Spotlight, LED Light Bulb
Dimmable $4.6

Best price Gu10 led bulbs

If you want to slash those electric bills, there’s no doubt LED light bulbs are a bright idea.

They use a fraction of the power of conventional bulbs and can literally last for decades.
There’s only one dark spot for LED lamps but it’s a huge one and that’s cost.

gu10 led 50w

Incandescent bulb might cost 50 cents and led bulb more like twenty bucks, is it worth it? Well it depends. Since LED last so much longer and use so much less power they’re ultimately going to pay for themselves. But the keyword there is ultimately.

What you need to know is when you break even, here’s what I mean.
You keep a light on for five hours a day every day and pay
13 and a half cents per kilowatt for electricity, the cost of incandescent that’s bulbs and electricity gives me about $32 for two years and all of that cost is in electricity.

And led including both bulb and power will cost only $25, 20 of that is the cost of the bulb, almost no electricity.

So burn like five hours every day and you break even with led in less than two years. It’s a good idea but watch what happens when you don’t use the light that much.
If you keep the light on only 30 minutes a day instead of five hours the cost of incandescent is only about three dollars and fifty cents over two years. Cost for the LED – twenty dollars and fifty cents.
At this pace you’re not going to break even for 15 years.

Bottom line, while you’re always going to save money over the long run with an LED, unless you use the light a lot you may be dead before you break even, so the point of the story is, if you’re going to go with an LED replacement do it on the lights you use the absolute most.

How to choose the right GU10 LED lamps?

Have you decided to replace your old halogen bulbs by LEDs to save energy?

Then you have definitely made the right choice!

In this review we will help you pick the best GU10 LED bulbs – step by step!

led light bulbs types
led light bulbs types

The benefits of GU10 LED lamps are:

•Led bulb energy consumption

Very energy efficient as they consume less energy than standard halogen lamps for the same light output.

•Lifespan of led bulb

Led light lifespan is on average 10 to 20 times longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs.

•Led bulb energy usage

By switching to LEDs, you can significantly reduce your energy bills by about 80% and quit the hassle of replacing your bulbs frequently!

What does the Gu10, lumens, reflector and other technical terms mean?


For this example: Let`s take a look at the Philips 454363 50W Equivalent – 3000K GU10 LED Reflector Light Bulb, made to replace 50W halogen bulbs.

Gu10 led bulbs 50w equivalent: this should be your choice if you have been using a 50w halogen or incandescent bulb.

After a long time, we finally have a genuine 50w halogen replacement 7w GU10 LED.

  • 50W Halogen Equivalent Dimmable 6.5w 3000K by Bioluz
  • 50W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent 3W,  2700K by LE
  • 75W GU10 LED Light Bulb, 7.5W by Torchstar
  •  6-Watt Dimmable GU10 MR16 38° High Power 50W Equivalent by Triangle
  •  GU10 LED Bulb 5 WATT – 35W Halogen Equivalent), 3000K Warm White by Sunco
Wattage: To choose the correct wattage of your GU10 LED lamp

You need to divide the wattage of your current halogen lamp by about 8 to find the equivalent LED wattage. For almost all  LEDs, the halogen and LED wattage is usually shown in the name of the product (see below).


What does led bulb gu10 400 lumen mean?

The lumen in simple terms means, Lumens (lm) are a size of the entire amount of light from a  bulb. The bigger the lumen number, the brighter the lamp will be.

led bulb gu10 400 lumen

The brightest LED bulb:

  • 300w equivalent
  • 4000 lumens
  • 38w power

Designed to replace a 300W light bulb, the Feit C4000/5K/LED The Brightest LED Bulb Overall: 38 Watt High Powered GU10 LED Spotlight, has a light output of 4000 lumens, using only 38W of power. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this spotlight can be used at the home or on a commercial property.

You can also choose the color temperature of your GU10 LED lamp:

led bulb kelvin scale info

Led light can have different color temperatures, shown in units called Kelvin (K). Bulbs with a low Kelvin value produce a warm, more cozy light, while those with a higher Kelvin value makes a cool, more energizing light.

Gu10 led cool white
Gu10 led cool white

Gu10 Led Cool White

Gu10 Led Cool WhiteTypePriceRating 1-5
Elinkume 5W LED (4 Pack)

Elinkume 5W LED Gu10 Cool White
Elinkume 5W LED Gu10 Cool White
110V Cool White 6500k ,120 Degree Beam Angle ,Undimmable LED Spotlight. $4.0
GOOLSUN 5-watt

GOOLSUN 5-watt GU10 Cool White Bulb
GOOLSUN 5-watt GU10 Cool White Bulb
Flood Bulb, 5000K Cool White, Dimmable, 90° Beam Spread, 50-watt Equivalent, 500 lumens. $4.4
Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance GU10 Dimmable LED Cool White
Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance GU10 Dimmable LED Cool White
GU10 Dimmable LED Smart Spot Light (Compatible with Amazon Alexa Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant) $3.6
Jpodream 7W

Cool White GU10 LED Bulbs Jpodream 7W Super Bright LED
Cool White GU10 LED Bulbs Jpodream 7W Super Bright LED
70W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent, 600lm, 120V, 140° Beam Angle, Cool White 6000K $4.4
BRTLX 7W GU10 LED  Cool White
BRTLX 7W GU10 LED Cool White
Non-Dimmable 6000K Cool White 120 Degree Beam Angle 600lm Frosted $3.8

Beam angle: GU10 LED lamps are available with different beam angles depending on which type of lighting you need.


led gu10 bulbs beam angle

  • 25 degrees for a very narrow beam, used for specific lighting to enhance objects
  • 36 or 40 degrees for a medium beam
  • 60 degrees for a very wide beam, used for general lighting

The most commonly used GU10 LEDs have a beam angle of 40 degrees.

What does Gu10 mean?

gu10 bulb base pins

Gu10 is the name of the bulbs base and the number 10 indicates the space between the two pins in millimeters.

Best gu10 led bulbs for kitchen?

best gu10 led bulbs for kitchen

What is the best light bulb for your kitchen and what to think about when choosing a new bulb.

The kitchen is a workspace for most of us. Many of us start our days in the kitchen, so those blue-light emitting led bulbs over the counters will help make us sharp and awake while making breakfast. The best choice for kitchen led bulbs are those with a color temperature between  5000k-6500K (Kelvin).  The high color temperature creates a energetic mood for you.

 Best Gu10 Led light for kitchen:

The Lighting Ever led bulb is fantastic bright led for your kitchen fixture:

Lighting Ever 6.5W Dimmable MR16 GU10 LED Bulbs, 50W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent LED Light Bulbs, 500lm, 5000K

Best led lights for kitchen ceiling

If you also have a table in your kitchen, a dimmable overhead light fixture with a warmer color temperature (2500k-3000k) can create a relaxing space to balance out the more intense led lights over the kitchen counters. The Hyperikon warm white below is fine pick if you want a warmer light in your kitchen.

Hyperikon GU10 LED Track Light Bulb 7W (50W equivalent), Dimmable MR16 400 lumen, 2700K (Warm White)

Best Dimmable Gu10 LEDs – Top Rated

Best Dimmable Gu10 led
Best Dimmable Gu10 led – Top Rated by users


Not every LED lamp is dimmable, so you need to be a little careful if you would like to dim the light. Dimmable LEDs should only be used with led dimmers to avoid problems.  Here is a quality LED dimmer for GU led bulbs: Leviton 6674-P0W SureSlide Universal 150-Watt LED and CFL/600-Watt Incandescent Dimmer


gu10 led installation

GU10 LEDs have a voltage of 230V and can be used in your regular fixtures with a GU10 socket (example of the socket: Spirit LED GU10 Socket). You don’t need to change your installation to use LEDs, simply replace your current halogen bulb by the LED to benefit from instant savings!

Want to learn the basic concepts of LEDs?

Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are small, point light sources that can be used individually or in a cluster of more than one chip.

what is led
Optical materials can be used around the LED chip or cluster
to direct and screen the light.

led bulbs
If the LED chip or cluster, with its driver, is encapsulated in a bulb with a conventional lamp foot,we have a direct replacement for an incandescent lamp, which is called LED retrofit lamps.

led lamp
Spectral power distribution characterizes light by giving the power
of light at each wavelength in the visible spectrum.
The materials available today make it possible to produce LEDs in all colors.

led colors

The spectral power distribution is always narrow.
Since the spectrum of a single LED is always narrow, white LED chips cannot yet be produced.
But white LED light can nevertheless be obtained by combining red, green and blue LED chips into a single module or system to give white light.
A single LED producing red, green and and blue light would therefore result in white light.

white led
This type of LED is called RGB LED. It has four pins, one for each color and a common cathode.

led gu10 bulbs
Good-quality white light can be obtained by using a combination
of blue LED chip and yellow fluorescent material called phosphor. This is called a “white phosphor LED”.
This graph shows the spectral power distribution of such a white phosphor LED, from which it can be seen that now light is emitted over almost the whole of the visible spectrum.

white led bulbs
Using an LED has a multitude of amazing benefits.
LEDs have long life. The useful lifetime of professional luminaires is 75.000 and for consumer retrofit about 20.000 hours.

led life time

LEDs are energy efficient. A LED lamp is as efficient as a CFL lamp and about 6 times as efficient as an incandescent lamp. Light emitted from LEDs do not contain any infrared or ultraviolet radiation. This makes the use of LEDs around heat sensitive or UV sensitive materials safe.

led environment friendly
Because of these benefits, more LEDs are being used as integral part of luminaires.

Top Rated Gu10 Led Bulbs

Gu10 Led BulbTypeBest PriceRating
10 Pack Bioluz LED GU10 LED Bulbs 50W Halogen Equivalent Dimmable 6.5w 3000K 120v UL Listed (Pack of 10)
Dimmable $4.5
LE GU10 LED Bulbs, 50W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent, 3W, 350lm, 120° Beam Angle, 2700K Warm White, MR16, LED Light Bulbs, Pack of 6 Units
Non Dimmable $4.3
Torchstar #Dimmable# MR16 GU10 LED Light Bulb, 7.5W (75W Equivalent), ENERGY STAR, 5000K Daylight, 40° Beam Angle, 600Lm, Track Lighting, Recessed Light, 3 YEARS WARRANTY, Pack of 6
Dimmable $4.3
Triangle Bulbs T95031-6 (6 pack) - LED 6-Watt Dimmable GU10 MR16 38° High Power 50W Equivalent, Warm White Light Bulbs, UL Listed, Energy star certified, 6 pack
Dimmable $4.3
8 PACK - MR16 GU10 LED Bulb 5 WATT -ENERGY STAR RATED- (35W Halogen Equivalent), 3000K Warm White, DIMMABLE, 40° Beam Angle Indoor Lighting, 300 Lumens, Track Lighting, Spotlight, LED Light Bulb
Dimmable $4.6

I hope this article helped you to understand a little more about LEDs and assisted you to pick the best gu10 led bulb. Protection Status

Best Gu4 Led Bulbs 2019 – (COMPLETE GUIDE)

Quick buying  guide for GU4 12v LED lights (mr11 and mr8) Top options for (LANDSCAPE LIGHTING LED LOW VOLTAGE.

Whether used for reading, or as a light in any space, LED bulbs do a wonderful job illuminating a space.

The GU4 LED has two sharp pins (4mm apart centre to centre) in the bottom of the bulb and is classed as a push fit bulb.

The GU4 Bulb are usually available in two different reflector housing sizes: MR8 and MR11 (MR multifaceted reflector).

MR lamps are designated by symbols such as MR11 where the diameter is represented by numerals indicating units of eighths of an inch.

Common sizes for general lighting:

  • MR11 (11/8 inches, 35mm).
  • MR8 size is 25mm in diameter and used for novelty lights and interior of low voltage vehicles ( bus, RV, boat, yachts).

Gu4 LED Bulb – Top 5 List

Gu4 Led BulbTypePriceRating 1-5
GU4 LED 12v SANSUN 2.4W Review
Malibu Landscape Led Light Bulb $4.6
MR11 LED Dimmable GU4.0 CBConcept Light Bulbs
Warm White 3000K, 36° Beam Angle $4.4
Philips LED GU4 LED
Flood Light Bulb $No reviews
GU4 Lamp Torchstar
Recessed, Track Lighting, Accent Lighting for Home and Commercial $4.0
Gu4 Led Bulbs by RYE
25-30W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent $3.7

GU4 LED 12v SANSUN 2.4W Review

Led replacement for mr11 halogen

I`ve been using these for landscape light fixtures but they can be used in various locations around your house and property.

I have them on about 9-10 hours at night on a timer and in pretty much all types of weather. In two years so far, I have yet to replace any bulb.

The bulbs put out more than enough of light to focus on your landscape trees and bushes.

Led replacement bulbs for Malibu landscape lights

If you have been using halogen bulbs before the low-wattage use of these bulbs is going to drop your energy bill big time. Plus these little bright bulbs are reasonable priced too.

Not only are you going to save electricity,  you can also add fixtures and still not go over the wattage your transformer allows if you`re upgrading from halogens.

The soft color is very natural and does not have that fake LED light color that some bulbs have.

These are also largely unaffected by vibration because they do not have filaments or glass enclosures.


  • 2.4W LED MR11 Light Bulb 12v
  • 20w Halogen Replacement
  • GU4 Bi-Pin Base
  • Soft White 3000K or Daylight White 4000K
  • 120° Beam Flood Spread considered the industry standard



•Plastic material

•Does not get hot


•Sold only in 4-pack and 12-pack


MR11 LED Dimmable GU4.0 CBConcept Light Bulbs

Colored GU4 bulbs for adding color to the landscape

You can save over 85% instantly with your electric bill by upgrading your halogen MR11 bulbs to these UL listed CB Concept LEDs.

The size of these bulbs are little larger than most sold LEDs, so make sure they fit in the fixture before buying. The height of these are 35mm or 1.37″ so they are a bit larger than the standard bulb, but they fit perfectly into all MR11 standard sockets.

cb concept gu4 led bulb size
cb concept gu4 led bulb size

Malibu outdoor lighting fixture led bulbs

The white bulbs are the only dimmable so don`t make the mistake and buy the colored bulbs and try to dim them. The non-dimmable bulbs are blue and red.

They are made of aluminum and PC and because of that they are shatter resistant in normal use. The bulb produces only a tiny amount of heat, that you only feel if you directly touch the lens.


  • 2 Watt
  • Dimmable (not the colored)
  •  36° Beam Angle
  • 12 Volt
  • 20W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent
  • Landscape/Accent/Recessed/Track Lighting
  • Designed In San Francisco


•Does not get hot


•Big size


Philips LED GU4 LED

Pricey but very bright and reliable LED

Philips GU4 LEDs are a little pricey than the unknown brands, but let`s take a look what you get for your money?

These Philips LEDs turn on instantly at maximum brightness so you don`t have to wait for it which can be annoying, the light is also very bright but it will not fade fabrics or colors.

One more good thing about these are that they don`t flicker at all and they are mercury free so they are nature-friendly.

You can use these for outdoor landscape fixtures and indoor track lights. They provide a bright, white light and are perfect for illuminating pathways or walkways.


  • Approved only for use in enclosed luminaries
  • Non-Dimmable
  • 220-Lumen
  • 3000-Kelvin (20-Watt Equivalent)
  • GU4 Bi-Pin Base
  • Bright White
  • 6 Pack


•Does not get hot





GU4 Lamp Torchstar

MR11 led landscape bulbs

If you want a really bright bulb you should check out the Torchstar 5000K Daylight Spotlight. It`s one of the Brightest MR11 LED bulbs. It delivers 240 Lumen, brightest in its class. It`s equivalent to 35 watt halogen light bulb with 80% less power consumption.

This bulb is available in: Warm white 2700K and Daylight 5000K.

The bulb is standard size, Φ35*39 mm and it`s a good replacement for traditional MR11 base halogen light bulbs. It`s also AC/DC compatible so you can use it with all types of power supplies.

I know how difficult it is to find a LED bulb that is really warm in color. Some bulbs have a really harsh color but these 2700k bulbs have a nice warm color. I`ve compared the light color side by side with a standard warm halogen bulb and the Torchstar is a perfect match.

It`s made of thermoplastic material, this LED light comes with an insulating body and a completely insulated power driver and the benefit of this design is that it protects users from electric shocks.

Thermoplastic material was not long ago introduced into the LED industry and has big advantages over traditional aluminum material. Its high radiation ratio enables it to dissipate heat quickly, which directly contributes to a longer and more stable service life.

If you going to use it with outdoor landscape light fixtures( these lights are compatible with Malibu style lights ), please make sure to protect this light bulb from water to ensure long lifespan.

Energy saving Gu4 led spot

Let`s take a look how much you save using LED vs. Halogen bulb.

Electric consumption of LED 3W LED bulb: 3W × 8Hrs × 365Days=8.76Kwh
Electric consumption of 35W halogen bulb: 35W× 8Hrs × 365Days=102.2Kwh

Gu4 halogen replacement

The energy that you save in a year per bulb is enormous when using LEDs vs Halogen.

Features Torchstar Daylight(5000K) :

  • 12V 3W MR11 Bulb LED Spotlight
  • 35W Halogen Equivalent
  • Bi Pin GU4 Base
  • 30° Beam Angle
  • 5000K Daylight 240lm for Recessed, Track Lighting, Accent Lighting for Home and Commercial

Features Torchstar Warm White(2700K) :

  • 12V 3W MR11 LED Spotlight
  • 35W Halogen Equivalent
  • Bi Pin GU4 Base
  • 30° Beam Angle
  • 2700K Warm White 200lm



•High Quality light color

•Does not get hot

•Super bright (5000K)



Gu4 Led Bulbs by RYE

One important thing you should be aware of is that you should not use two bulbs in the same unit with this bulb. Why?

It is because it uses sensitive sensor in the bulb and when the bulb detects light from another bulb,the bulb is going to turn off. You should keep two of these bulbs 3.5ft apart to be safe.

•High Quality light color

•Does not get hot




•The brightness can surprise you

•No cover glass



I know how hard it is to find an LED bulb that is perfect for your needs. Some are too bright, wrong color, too unnatural light or just cheap junk.

Picking GU4 LEDs out of the plethora available online can be tiresome, but I would give these bulbs green light. These bulbs work perfectly and are made of good quality materials.

Best 1-watt Led Bulb (GUIDE AND REVIEWS)

1-watt LED bulbs have a much longer life span than traditional incandescent light bulbs and require less energy. They come in a range of shapes, offer a variety of sheens, and come in different base widths to match nearly any light fixture.

1 watt led light bulb
1 watt led light bulb

The reason Leds last longer than other types of bulbs:

  • they have no filaments
  • the metal does not get fatigued
  • no oxidation
  • no evaporation
  • they are robust

LEDs don’t burn out like traditional bulbs.

Leds brightness decreases at a slow pace over their lifespans. LEDs might last for hundreds of years, but they will be functioning at approximately 70% brightness when they have reached the full term of their expected lifespan.

1-watt LED is equivalent to a 7.5W incandescent bulb.

1 watt Led Light Bulb – Top 5 List

1-watt Led BulbTypePriceRating 1-5
JandCase 1-watt LED
Globe Opaque G14 Medium Base $4.5
Newhouse Lighting 1-Watt
S14 LED Bulb, Curved Filament for Outdoor String Lights $4.3
Landlite LED 1W

LC7-1W, Bullet/Candle shape led bulb $3.9
Satco S9161 LED Bulb
S11 White 2700K Medium Base 1.2W $4.2
Fantado 1W
Dimmable Fantado LED Filament G40 Globe Shatterproof $4.5

JandCase LED Globe White Light 1 watt Bulb Review, Opaque G14 Medium Base


  • White LED chips
  • White colored cover
  • Opaque
  • Not dimmable
  • E26/E27 base
  • Rated 30,000hrs lifespan.

Small led light bulbs are real energy savers.

These are going to save you about 80% on the electricity bill compared to incandescent bulbs.

E27 Led bulb 1w

The bulbs are about 2 3/4 inches long including base and 1 3/4 inches diameter, so they are about the size of a ping pong ball.

JandCase 1 watt led bulbs outside

The bulbs are plastic , so they are perfect for outdoor usage and the bulbs are very durable.

JandCase 1W led bulb equivalent to 7.5W incandescent.

Color choices: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White

Led color choices

•Can be used for night light


•Plastic material

•Does not get hot


•Sold only in 6-pack


Newhouse Lighting 1-Watt S14 LED Bulb Review, Curved Filament for Outdoor String Lights, 18-Pack

Are you searching for a luminous, energy-saving, retro-style bulb?

Then look no further than the Newhouse Lighting S14 1-watt LED bulb.

These modern bulbs are available separately as replacements to popular outdoor string lights.

You can even upgrade your 11-watt incandescent bulbs to these energy-sipping leds, upgrading saves energy and the retro style bulbs lasts 5x longer.

These Newhouse led plastic bulbs are available in 3-pack, 6-pack and 18-pack.

These bulbs are shatter resistant. The bulbs also work great in any E26/medium/standard base light fixture. The light color temperature is at a warm 2400K,

Led low wattage glass bulbs?

If you want low wattage glass bulbs instead of plastic Newhouse has also the 2-watt glass bulbs.

2-watt dimmable glass bulb

As an extra benefit, these LED light bulbs shine with 200 lumens/bulb and are dimmable up to 50%(glass bulbs only).




•(Glass bulbs)1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

•(Plastic bulbs) 5 year warranty

•Plastic and glass bulbs



•3-pack is pricey


Landlite LED-C7-1W Review, Bullet/Candle shape led bulb


•Color temperature 2700K warm white

•Patented LED candelabra base Night light / Window candles replacement bulb, 4pack,

•For Night lights, Window candles, Applicances, Accent, Task and Genergal lighting

•Not Dimmable* but compatible with photo sensor

•Equivalent to 7W incandescent bulb


•1year warranty

•e12 base

These little 1-watt led bulbs by Landlite produces 35 lumens light output.

The bulb has a nice warm color temperature of 2700K. It is very close to standard tungsten lighting. The LED also has a good spectrum of light and creates proper color rendition. Many other brands of E12 night light bulbs use surface mount LED’s which don’t distribute the light very good. They tend to shine out the top which doesn’t work very good in certain applications. These are also compatible with most sensor night lights. The size of these small leds are: height 2.2inch and width 0.9 inch.


•Light distribution


•Does not get warm



•Just 1 year warranty

•*Are dimmable in some dimmers, but says not dimmable on the package


Satco S9161 LED Review S11 White 2700K Medium Base 1.2W

These Satco LED bulbs comes in many types of shapes and base models:

  • T6 / Candelabra Base
  • C7 / Candelabra Base
  • CA8 / Candelabra Base
  • BA9.5 / Candelabra Base
  • BA9.5 Crystal / Candelabra Base
  • S11 / Medium Base
  • B11 / Medium Base
  • S11 / Intermediate Base
  • S14 / Medium Base 
  • A15 / Medium Base
  • G16.5 / Medium Base

Gentle warm light and long life LED

Satco`s little bulbs are perfect for small lamps and they are very energy efficient. The light output for the frosted version is 40 lumens and the clear bulb is 50 lumens and they have the same low 1w power draw.


  • Solid State LED lighting
  • Specialty & Indicator lamp
  • Long life
  • Carded
  • Wet location
  • Non-Dimmable
  • Color warm white

•Many colors

•Lots of shapes and base types

•3 year warranty



•Big difference in light output between the 1w and 1.5w


Fantado LED Filament G40 Globe Shatterproof Light Bulb Review, Dimmable, 1W

You can forget the broken glass bulbs with these shatterproof 1W bulbs by Fantado.

These super bright great looking  globe shaped bulbs are made of industrial polycarbonate, you can feel secure they will withstand the wear and tear. The bulb is sold individually and not in packs so you don`t have to pay for bulbs you have no use for.

They use much less amps, five of these uses the same energy as one incandescent and they produce almost no heat at all. The bulb is bright with a beautiful warm glow. You get to choose from Cool white and Warm white color. The filament-style emitter is pretty stylish both lit and unlit, a nice a trade up from other LED styles.

The 1 watt led price of these bulbs are very affordable

The bulb came well packaged and of 20 bulbs ordered and installed so far every bulb is ok.

They are available in many different base types and wattages:

S14/E26 – .7Watt

S14/E26 – 1Watt

Globe G40/E12 – .5Watt

Globe G40/E12 – 1Watt

Globe G40/E17 – 1Watt

Globe G50/E12 – .7Watt


•Sold separately



•Just 2 color options



  1. JandCase 1-watt LED
  2. Newhouse Lighting 1-Watt
  3. Landlite LED 1W
  4. Satco S9161 LED Bulb
  5. Fantado 1W



Searching for a good lamp dimmer switch? Check out the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light for floor lamps and table lamps.READ MORE HERE.

If you are searching for a good dimmer switch for lamps you should for sure think about the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light, TT-300NLH-WHWe will be showing you exactly what you get  with this dimmer switch for lamps and we will also be looking at compatibility with different bulbs, how good the dimming feature is on this dimmer and of course we will also tell you where to buy this to cut costs.


NOTE: If you just landed on this website and you are just looking for to buy the lamp dimmer then click here and go straight to We recommend buying from Amazon as it will give you the best deal, the fastest and reliable delivery and you know that you will get the real lamp dimmer.

If you are sticking with us, please read on as we will learn about every feature of the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light . We will be checking into the quality and evaluating if this is a great pick for a dimmer switch for lamps. We will also take a look at what people who already bought this product are saying about it and what are the good and bad features of this dimmer.

Dimmer switch for lamp review LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light TT-300NL

In this review we will starting with covering the basic features.  With this approach you can see if the lamp dimmer switch is suitable for your needs.

So, let`s get going by taking a peek at the main features of this dimmer, again if you are in a rush, jump to and check out the product page for the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer.

Features of the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In dimmer switch for lamps:

  • This tabletop dimmer has a handy  Slide-to-off switch

dimmer switch for lamps

  • You can use it for dimming table and floor lamps
  • No installing – just plug it into standard outlet
  • You can easily adjust the light level with the slider
  • Compitable with 300 Watt halogen or incandescent bulbs only
  • It also got a sof glowing LED locator light so you can easily find it in the dark
  • Extends bulb life and saves energy
  • Super easy installation just plug-in
  •  Makes it simple to turn lamps off and on without reaching under the lamp shade.
  • Cord is 6ft (1.8m) long

Nursery lamp with dimmer

From my personal experience a smart thing to do if you got a nursery is to install a dimmer switch on the bedroom lamp in your nursery. That way, when the baby wakes up at night, you don’t have to switch on the lights to full, just turn it on enough to change a diaper and feed and put the baby back to bed.  Keeps them in that nighttime sleepy mode. Just an another idea where you can use this smart product.

As you can see from above and from the pictures on this page, this lamp dimmer switch has a pretty nice design and you can choose from these different colors.

Use Dimmer Switch for Salt Lamp

Now that salt lamps are getting popular, many are using dimmers to lower the intensity of the salt lamp. But make sure again which type of dimmer you should get: The the halogen, incandescent or the  LED/CFL dimmer switch.

Available colors

Dimmer switch for lamp reviews by customers

Customers who bought this product are overall satisfied with the features. It has been used for:

  • Dim christmas lights(If you got LED christmas lights don`t use this for it, go instead for the The Lutron TTCL-100H-WH Credenza Dimmable CFL/LED Dimmer read more about it below)
  • Aquarium heater controllers
  • Desk lamp
  • Floor lamp
  • Bright light for reading but want to dim it to watch TV
  • Makes it easy to turn lamps on and off without reaching under the lamp shade

dimmer switch for lamp


If you choose to buy the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light from, the great thing is that the customer reviews are from real customers, they tell you the negative and the positive about this table lamp dimmer. There is not much negative about this switch, mostly positive. In fact, out of 725 reviews at the time of writing this review the average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars which is good.

Now let`s look at the negative feedback it got:

A customer received a faulty dimmer, the customer called Lutron, explained the problem and got a new dimmer – Did not have to return the problem switch.

Somebody said that it`s noisy – Don`t use it with LED lights ( There`s also a version for LED lights.

Looking for a dimmer switch for LED/CFL Lamps?

The Lutron TTCL-100H-WH Credenza Dimmable CFL/LED Dimmer is what you should be using. 


  • Gives the best dimming for your LED bulbs
  • This works also with ALL incandescent and halogen bulbs (250 Watts)
  • Compatible up to 100 Watts of dimmable LED/CFL 
  • Just plug it in
dimmer switch for floor lamps
Installation is easy

It`s pretty much the same product as the TT-300NLH above but this is a dimmer switch for lamp that uses LED/CFL bulbs. If you don`t have any LED bulbs yet, but planning on getting it, maybe you should get this instead of the incandescent and halogen version, because this can be used with those bulbs too.

Dimmer switch for floor lamp

These switches can also be used for floor lamps.  Just pick the model based on if you got LED/CFL or incandescent/halogen bulbs.


This dimmer is highly recommended but remember to choose the right type based on your bulbs.

Lowest price for the LED/CFL dimmer switch for lamp
Lowest price for the halogen or incandescent dimmer switch for lamp

Best 3-Way Dimmer Switch – Top 5 List

What is a 3 way dimmer switch and what does a 3 way dimmer switch do?

With a three-way dimmer, you can control a light with two switches.Using a normal single-pole dimmer, a lone switch controls the light. But when using a threeway dimmer, you can now control a light with two switches. For this you will need a threeway dimmer and a threeway switch. This gives you the ability dim from one location and turn the lights off and on from another.
3 way dimmer switch rocker
3 way dimmer switch with rocker slide adjust

Best 3 Way Dimmer Switch – Top 5 List

Three Way DimmersTypePriceRating 1-5
Insteon Smart Dimmer 2477D
3-way Smart Dimmer $4.0
Enerlites 59302 Dimmer Switch

3-way Dimmer CFL, LED, Incandescent, Halogen Lights $3.7
Lutron Diva Dimmer Led DVWCL-153PH
3-way Dimmer for Dimmable LED, Halogen and Incandescent Bulbs, with Wallplate $4.3
Toggle Dimmer Switch Lutron 3-Way TGCL-153PH Review
3-way LED, Halogen and Incandescent Bulbs $4.1
Leviton 3 Way Dimmer Review DSL06-1LZ
3-way Universal Rocker Slide Dimmer, 300-Watt LED and CFL/600-Watt Incandescent $3.7

Insteon Smart Dimmer Review 2477D

Halogen,Incandescent,LED Dimmer


  • Wall Switch Model
  • Works also with Alexa via Insteon Bridge
  • Uses Superior Dual-Mesh Wireless Technology for Unbeatable Reliability

Insteon 2477D can cut down your energy bills

A simple way to reduce energy consumption is by setting your dimmer to only turn on at 80% whether turned on at the switch or through the app.

Delayed dimming

You can also set the speed at which the lights turn on and off. Can come in handy for peacefully waking you up in the morning or giving you time to see your way down an hall on your way to bed. You can select speeds from instant to 8 minutes.

Voice control you lights for comfort

If you get an Insteon Hub and Amazon Echo you can use your voice to switch on and off the lights. This feature can make life a little bit easier for example: turn on the lights before getting out of bed or dim the lights from the sofa to watch a movie.


Insteon utilizes a patented dual-band mesh technology that communicates over both existing power lines and a wireless radio for unparalleled reliability.

Another good thing about Insteon is that the more Insteon devices you got, the more fail-safe they all become because of the dual-band mesh network they use.

Super easy to add extra switch

With normal wall switches, to control from multiple locations, like in a long hallway, requires special dedicated wiring. It`s great if you’re building a brand new, but diffucult to retrofit. With this Insteon device, every wall switch can operate every other wall switch, no extra wires needed. You just tap a few times onthe set button and you’ve made a 3-way switch. If you want to add another? Make it a 4-way – or 5-way switch.


•Warranty 2 years

•Easy setup

•Consider the Insteon Hub for maximum features



•The manual that comes with the switch is not that great I suggest to download the full manual from Insteon

•Don`t buy a used device (used smart switches can cause problems for a new user)

•Some reports of problem with led light dimming( make sure the led is dimmable)


The indicator lights on the front are very bright too, some like it and others don`t.

Overall, the Insteon 2477D is a good basic dimmer. The features are good, easy to use and the design is very stylish. Another good thing with this smart dimmer is the low price.


Enerlites 59302 Dimmer Review

3-Way Dimmer for Dimmable CFL, LED, Incandescent, Halogen Lights.


  • The ON/OFF switch remembers your latest dimmer setting and turns on the light to that dimmed level again
  • 150-Watt Dimmable CFL and LED Bulbs
  • 700-Watt Incandescent/ Halogen Bulbs


The small size makes this dimmer easy to install

This dimmer is not very deep if compare to other dimmers and therefore you got plenty of room for the wires and wire nuts to fit behind the dimmer.

Also the simple instructions and easy layout of the switch allows even the most new DIY’er to install this 3-way dimmable switch.

The adjustable wheel on the side is a smart feature on this device. The micro-adjustment turning wheel allows you to use full range dimming control on any bulb type to avoid flickering lights.

Adjustment knob to avoid problems with dimming led lights




•Easy setup

•Micro-adjustment turning wheel


•Some reports of weird instructions

•Flickers if not used with the right type of bulbs


This is a high quality led 3 way dimmer switch for a low price.


Lutron Diva Dimmer Led DVWCL-153PH Review

Lutron 3 way dimmer

The Lutron story began in the late 1950s and the Lutron Diva is perfect example of the latest energy-saving technology used in a dimmer.


  • Works with almost all dimmable CFL/LED bulbs, as well as incandescent and halogen bulb
  • You can load it up with CFLs and LEDs up to 150 watts
  • If you prefer Incandescent or Halogen bulbs you can use up to 600-Watts
  • Includes coordinating wall plate

Do you have doubts about performance? This device is backed up with HED Technology. Let`s take a closer look what the Hed tech is.

What does Lutron’s HED technology do? This dimmer actually boosts the performance of dimmable CFLs and LEDs compared to normal dimmers by excluding flicker, making sure lights stay on when they are dimmed to a very low level, and making sure lights function properly at all levels. Lights will stay on even during voltage fluctuations, which can happen when a device like a hair dryer or an air conditioner is operated nearby.

Mixing cfl and led lights?

Do you have a cfl and led combo of bulbs? Well then this dimmer is the solution for you. This Lutron device is compatible with other light bulbs and mixed loads, so a combo of CFL, LED, halogen, and incandescent bulbs can be easily used on the same circuit. It can be used for single-pole and three-way applications.

Dimmer switch not dimming all the way?

For your convenience, this dimmer also gives you full range dimming for halogen and incandescent bulbs. There is an smart adjustment dial to set the low end of dimming range for your bulb choice for most efficient operation.

Brown 3 way dimmer switch or Black 3 way dimmer switch?

If you are looking for a brown 3 way dimmer switch or some other color, Leviton got you covered, you can choose from 27 different colors.

Is Lutron Diva the best 3 way dimmer switch for led lights?

Well if you appreciate the following features, then maybe it is.

•No flickering

•Noise free buzz free

•Dims down to extreme low light level

•Works great with mixed led bulbs

•Full range dimming

So if you been having problems when dimming down to a very low level and as the dimming got low the bulbs would go out. Or maybe you have flickering issues or occasionally the bulb would not even come on. Many also complain about buzzing dimmers. Put this in and it works flawlessly.


•HED Technology

•Flicker free

•No delay in dimming

• Wall plate included



•Warranty 1 year

•No locator lights


3 way Toggle Dimmer Switch Lutron TGCL-153PH Review

3 way toggle dimmer switch features:

  • You can  use it with up to 150-Watts of dimmable LED bulbs
  • If you prefer Incandescent or Halogen bulbs this can handle up to 600-Watts of those bulb types

Easy to install and use

This 3 way toggle dimmer is very easy to use, the toggle switch turns your lights on/off and returns light to preset level and with the small slider beside the toggle you can select your choice of brightness. It also has a dimming range adjustment dial because many dimmable CFLs and some dimmable LEDs does need adjustment for best function.

Installation tips: If you`re going to sand drywall you should not install the dimmer before because dimmers don`t like the dust.

You can use different watt light bulbs and mix different types of bulbs

This dimmer can dim a mixed load of light bulbs (i.e. LED and halogen or CFL and LED bulbs on the same power circuit).

Are you replacing and old switch? You can use a existing 3 switch plate to install this toggle dimmer, this switch will fit in a standard switch plate opening.

The instructions that come with the switch are methodical and will walk you through how to wire it for each type of electric circuit.

One important notice: This switch is marked to be installed with the dimmer slide to the right of the on/off toggle, so the off position is on top.


•Dimming range

•Easy setup



•Warranty 1 year

• Little pricey


Leviton 3 Way Dimmer Review DSL06-1LZ

Let`s take a closer look at the Leviton 3 way dimmer and what it can do.

3 way dimmer switch for led lights and CFLs

Decora Universal Rocker Slide Dimmer, 300-Watt LED and CFL/600-Watt Incandescent


  • Planned for high quality performance with dimmable LED and CFL bulbs
  • Works also with all incandescent and halogen bulbs
  • The rocker switch is newly designed for quieter and gentle-touch switching
  • It comes in White but you also get the Ivory and Light Almond color change kits


If you have an issue with your led’s remaining slightly on when the switch is in the off position you should do this: When you got the locator light in the ON position, a very small amount of current is passed through the LED bulb. And if you got very sensitive LED bulbs it may appear to glow from this current. Try to fix this – just turn the locator light to the OFF position.

One smart feature with this device is that you can program this dimmers minimum brightness. If you have issues with your lamp setting output, say for example that your bulb shuts off 3/4 of the way down, you can try to fix this with adjusting the minimum level to 0.

This Leviton device is very slim and the compact housing fits easily into a standard wallbox.



•Easy setup

•Locator Light

•Bulb selector switch

Fits in a standard wallbox


•Wallplate not included


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