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Best Gu10 Led Bulbs Review


led gu10 bulb reviews
Four different LED GU10s – displaying the variation in colours available

With hundreds of different led bulbs to choose from, it can be diffucult to know which one to pick. In this article we will reveal the Top 5 most bought and top rated led gu10 bulbs. This review will make it easier for you to pick the right product.

For you who just want to quickly pick the best led gu10 bulb and don`t have time to read the whole article I have put together a table below.

Led light benefits – Why is led gu10 light bulbs better?

  • Energy efficient
  • Long lifetime up to 25 yeas
  • Total cost very low because of life span
  • Lots of color choices
  • Ecologically friendly
Gu10 Led BulbTypeBest PriceRating
10 Pack Bioluz LED GU10 LED Bulbs 50W Halogen Equivalent Dimmable 6.5w 3000K 120v UL Listed (Pack of 10)
Dimmable $4.5
LE GU10 LED Bulbs, 50W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent, 3W, 350lm, 120° Beam Angle, 2700K Warm White, MR16, LED Light Bulbs, Pack of 6 Units
Non Dimmable $4.3
Torchstar #Dimmable# MR16 GU10 LED Light Bulb, 7.5W (75W Equivalent), ENERGY STAR, 5000K Daylight, 40° Beam Angle, 600Lm, Track Lighting, Recessed Light, 3 YEARS WARRANTY, Pack of 6
Dimmable $4.3
Triangle Bulbs T95031-6 (6 pack) - LED 6-Watt Dimmable GU10 MR16 38° High Power 50W Equivalent, Warm White Light Bulbs, UL Listed, Energy star certified, 6 pack
Dimmable $4.3
8 PACK - MR16 GU10 LED Bulb 5 WATT -ENERGY STAR RATED- (35W Halogen Equivalent), 3000K Warm White, DIMMABLE, 40° Beam Angle Indoor Lighting, 300 Lumens, Track Lighting, Spotlight, LED Light Bulb
Dimmable $4.6

Best price Gu10 led bulbs

If you want to slash those electric bills, there’s no doubt LED light bulbs are a bright idea.

They use a fraction of the power of conventional bulbs and can literally last for decades.
There’s only one dark spot for LED lamps but it’s a huge one and that’s cost.

gu10 led 50w

Incandescent bulb might cost 50 cents and led bulb more like twenty bucks, is it worth it? Well it depends. Since LED last so much longer and use so much less power they’re ultimately going to pay for themselves. But the keyword there is ultimately.

What you need to know is when you break even, here’s what I mean.
You keep a light on for five hours a day every day and pay
13 and a half cents per kilowatt for electricity, the cost of incandescent that’s bulbs and electricity gives me about $32 for two years and all of that cost is in electricity.

And led including both bulb and power will cost only $25, 20 of that is the cost of the bulb, almost no electricity.

So burn like five hours every day and you break even with led in less than two years. It’s a good idea but watch what happens when you don’t use the light that much.
If you keep the light on only 30 minutes a day instead of five hours the cost of incandescent is only about three dollars and fifty cents over two years. Cost for the LED – twenty dollars and fifty cents.
At this pace you’re not going to break even for 15 years.

Bottom line, while you’re always going to save money over the long run with an LED, unless you use the light a lot you may be dead before you break even, so the point of the story is, if you’re going to go with an LED replacement do it on the lights you use the absolute most.

How to choose the right GU10 LED lamps?

Have you decided to replace your old halogen bulbs by LEDs to save energy?

Then you have definitely made the right choice!

In this review we will help you pick the best GU10 LED bulbs – step by step!

The benefits of GU10 LED lamps are:

Led bulb energy consumption

Very energy efficient as they consume less energy than standard halogen lamps for the same light output.

Lifespan of led bulb

Led light lifespan is on average 10 to 20 times longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs.

Led bulb energy usage

By switching to LEDs, you can significantly reduce your energy bills by about 80% and quit the hassle of replacing your bulbs frequently!

What does the Gu10, lumens, reflector and other technical terms mean?


For this example: Let`s take a look at the Philips 454363 50W Equivalent – 3000K GU10 LED Reflector Light Bulb, made to replace 50W halogen bulbs.

Gu10 led bulbs 50w equivalent: this should be your choice if you have been using a 50w halogen or incandescent bulb.


Wattage: To choose the correct wattage of your GU10 LED lamp

You need to divide the wattage of your current halogen lamp by about 8 to find the equivalent LED wattage. For almost all  LEDs, the halogen and LED wattage is usually shown in the name of the product (see below).

What does led bulb gu10 400 lumen mean?

The lumen in simple terms means, Lumens (lm) are a size of the entire amount of light from a  bulb. The bigger the lumen number, the brighter the lamp will be.

led bulb gu10 400 lumen



You can also choose the color temperature of your GU10 LED lamp:

led bulb kelvin scale info

Led light can have different color temperatures, shown in units called Kelvin (K). Bulbs with a low Kelvin value produce a warm, more cozy light, while those with a higher Kelvin value makes a cool, more energizing light.


Beam angle: GU10 LED lamps are available with different beam angles depending on which type of lighting you need.


led gu10 bulbs beam angle

  • 25 degrees for a very narrow beam, used for specific lighting to enhance objects
  • 36 or 40 degrees for a medium beam
  • 60 degrees for a very wide beam, used for general lighting

The most commonly used GU10 LEDs have a beam angle of 40 degrees.

What does Gu10 mean?

gu10 bulb base pins

Gu10 is the name of the bulbs base and the number 10 indicates the space between the two pins in millimeters.

Best Dimmable gu10 led – Dimming led gu10 bulbs

Not every LED lamp is dimmable, so you need to be a little careful if you would like to dim the light. Dimmable LEDs should only be used with led dimmers to avoid problems.  Here is a quality LED dimmer for GU led bulbs: Leviton 6674-P0W SureSlide Universal 150-Watt LED and CFL/600-Watt Incandescent Dimmer


gu10 led installation

GU10 LEDs have a voltage of 230V and can be used in your regular fixtures with a GU10 socket (example of the socket: Spirit LED GU10 Socket). You don’t need to change your installation to use LEDs, simply replace your current halogen bulb by the LED to benefit from instant savings!

Want to learn the basic concepts of LEDs?

Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are small, point light sources that can be used individually or in a cluster of more than one chip.

what is led
Optical materials can be used around the LED chip or cluster
to direct and screen the light.

led bulbs
If the LED chip or cluster, with its driver, is encapsulated in a bulb with a conventional lamp foot,we have a direct replacement for an incandescent lamp, which is called LED retrofit lamps.

led lamp
Spectral power distribution characterizes light by giving the power
of light at each wavelength in the visible spectrum.
The materials available today make it possible to produce LEDs in all colors.

led colors

The spectral power distribution is always narrow.
Since the spectrum of a single LED is always narrow, white LED chips cannot yet be produced.
But white LED light can nevertheless be obtained by combining red, green and blue LED chips into a single module or system to give white light.
A single LED producing red, green and and blue light would therefore result in white light.

white led
This type of LED is called RGB LED. It has four pins, one for each color and a common cathode.

led gu10 bulbs
Good-quality white light can be obtained by using a combination
of blue LED chip and yellow fluorescent material called phosphor. This is called a “white phosphor LED”.
This graph shows the spectral power distribution of such a white phosphor LED, from which it can be seen that now light is emitted over almost the whole of the visible spectrum.

white led bulbs
Using an LED has a multitude of amazing benefits.
LEDs have long life. The useful lifetime of professional luminaires is 75.000 and for consumer retrofit about 20.000 hours.

led life time

LEDs are energy efficient. A LED lamp is as efficient as a CFL lamp and about 6 times as efficient as an incandescent lamp. Light emitted from LEDs do not contain any infrared or ultraviolet radiation. This makes the use of LEDs around heat sensitive or UV sensitive materials safe.

led environment friendly
Because of these benefits, more LEDs are being used as integral part of luminaires.

Top Rated Gu10 Led Bulbs

Gu10 Led BulbTypeBest PriceRating
10 Pack Bioluz LED GU10 LED Bulbs 50W Halogen Equivalent Dimmable 6.5w 3000K 120v UL Listed (Pack of 10)
Dimmable $4.5
LE GU10 LED Bulbs, 50W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent, 3W, 350lm, 120° Beam Angle, 2700K Warm White, MR16, LED Light Bulbs, Pack of 6 Units
Non Dimmable $4.3
Torchstar #Dimmable# MR16 GU10 LED Light Bulb, 7.5W (75W Equivalent), ENERGY STAR, 5000K Daylight, 40° Beam Angle, 600Lm, Track Lighting, Recessed Light, 3 YEARS WARRANTY, Pack of 6
Dimmable $4.3
Triangle Bulbs T95031-6 (6 pack) - LED 6-Watt Dimmable GU10 MR16 38° High Power 50W Equivalent, Warm White Light Bulbs, UL Listed, Energy star certified, 6 pack
Dimmable $4.3
8 PACK - MR16 GU10 LED Bulb 5 WATT -ENERGY STAR RATED- (35W Halogen Equivalent), 3000K Warm White, DIMMABLE, 40° Beam Angle Indoor Lighting, 300 Lumens, Track Lighting, Spotlight, LED Light Bulb
Dimmable $4.6

I hope this article helped you to understand a little more about LEDs and assisted you to pick the best gu10 led bulb. Protection Status

Best Dimmer switch for lamp review – Lutron Credenza

If you are searching for a good dimmer switch for lamps you should for sure think about the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light, TT-300NLH-WHWe will be showing you exactly what you get  with this dimmer switch for lamps and we will also be looking at compatibility with different bulbs, how good the dimming feature is on this dimmer and of course we will also tell you where to buy this to cut costs.


NOTE: If you just landed on this website and you are just looking for to buy the lamp dimmer then click here and go straight to We recommend buying from Amazon as it will give you the best deal, the fastest and reliable delivery and you know that you will get the real lamp dimmer.

If you are sticking with us, please read on as we will learn about every feature of the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light . We will be checking into the quality and evaluating if this is a great pick for a dimmer switch for lamps. We will also take a look at what people who already bought this product are saying about it and what are the good and bad features of this dimmer.

Dimmer switch for lamp review LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light TT-300NL

In this review we will starting with covering the basic features.  With this approach you can see if the lamp dimmer switch is suitable for your needs.

So, let`s get going by taking a peek at the main features of this dimmer, again if you are in a rush, jump to and check out the product page for the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer.

Features of the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In dimmer switch for lamps:

  • This tabletop dimmer has a handy  Slide-to-off switch

dimmer switch for lamps

  • You can use it for dimming table and floor lamps
  • No installing – just plug it into standard outlet
  • You can easily adjust the light level with the slider
  • Compitable with 300 Watt halogen or incandescent bulbs only
  • It also got a sof glowing LED locator light so you can easily find it in the dark
  • Extends bulb life and saves energy
  • Super easy installation just plug-in
  •  Makes it simple to turn lamps off and on without reaching under the lamp shade.
  • Cord is 6ft (1.8m) long

Nursery lamp with dimmer

From my personal experience a smart thing to do if you got a nursery is to install a dimmer switch on the bedroom lamp in your nursery. That way, when the baby wakes up at night, you don’t have to switch on the lights to full, just turn it on enough to change a diaper and feed and put the baby back to bed.  Keeps them in that nighttime sleepy mode. Just an another idea where you can use this smart product.

As you can see from above and from the pictures on this page, this lamp dimmer switch has a pretty nice design and you can choose from these different colors.

Use Dimmer Switch for Salt Lamp

Now that salt lamps are getting popular, many are using dimmers to lower the intensity of the salt lamp. But make sure again which type of dimmer you should get: The the halogen, incandescent or the  LED/CFL dimmer switch.

Available colors

Dimmer switch for lamp reviews by customers

Customers who bought this product are overall satisfied with the features. It has been used for:

  • Dim christmas lights(If you got LED christmas lights don`t use this for it, go instead for the The Lutron TTCL-100H-WH Credenza Dimmable CFL/LED Dimmer read more about it below)
  • Aquarium heater controllers
  • Desk lamp
  • Floor lamp
  • Bright light for reading but want to dim it to watch TV
  • Makes it easy to turn lamps on and off without reaching under the lamp shade

dimmer switch for lamp


If you choose to buy the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light from, the great thing is that the customer reviews are from real customers, they tell you the negative and the positive about this table lamp dimmer. There is not much negative about this switch, mostly positive. In fact, out of 725 reviews at the time of writing this review the average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars which is good.

Now let`s look at the negative feedback it got:

A customer received a faulty dimmer, the customer called Lutron, explained the problem and got a new dimmer – Did not have to return the problem switch.

Somebody said that it`s noisy – Don`t use it with LED lights ( There`s also a version for LED lights.

Looking for a dimmer switch for LED/CFL Lamps?

The Lutron TTCL-100H-WH Credenza Dimmable CFL/LED Dimmer is what you should be using. 


  • Gives the best dimming for your LED bulbs
  • This works also with ALL incandescent and halogen bulbs (250 Watts)
  • Compatible up to 100 Watts of dimmable LED/CFL 
  • Just plug it in
dimmer switch for floor lamps
Installation is easy

It`s pretty much the same product as the TT-300NLH above but this is a dimmer switch for lamp that uses LED/CFL bulbs. If you don`t have any LED bulbs yet, but planning on getting it, maybe you should get this instead of the incandescent and halogen version, because this can be used with those bulbs too.

Dimmer switch for floor lamp

These switches can also be used for floor lamps.  Just pick the model based on if you got LED/CFL or incandescent/halogen bulbs.


This dimmer is highly recommended but remember to choose the right type based on your bulbs.

Lowest price for the LED/CFL dimmer switch for lamp
Lowest price for the halogen or incandescent dimmer switch for lamp

Best Double Dimmer Switch Review Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH

What is a Double dimmer or Dual dimmer?

It`s a switch that have two buttons in one control unit and because of that compact design it saves space. It is a good replacement for stacked switches that are usually found in bathrooms and kitchens.

You can use a dual dimmer for:

  • switch on and off lights
  • control your ceiling fan
  • dim lights


In this review we`ll take a look at the double dimmer switch Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH.

The Lutron Maestro double dimmer is an excellent dimmer switch. In fact, you will see on that this dimmer is actually voted on to the best seller list. We will be checking out why this is such a good dimmer switch, the type of light fixtures that this will work with and also the good and bad facts so you can get a better feel for what to expect.

We will also be looking at the other customer opinions from people that actually bought the dimmer and who better to hear from if you are looking to buy it? So you`ll get my personal experiences and opinions plus the other customers too. If you have landed on this review and you are JUST looking to buy this dimmer switch you can check out the Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH at Amazon.

Double dimmer switch Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH Review

So let`s go over the full review of this dimmer switch and tell you what to expect.

Is this The Best Double Dimmer Switch To Purchase?

Let us take a look at the different parts of this dimmer and we will zoom in on the parts that we think make a great switch.

Duo Dimmer Switch Review

This dimmer got two switches and the Maestro Dual Dimmer is a perfect substitute for stacked switches usually found in bathrooms and kitchens. It integrates the task of two dimmers in one control, but is still filled up with all of Maestro’s smart features. This Maestro dimmer can be used with 300 Watts of halogen/ incandescent bulbs, if you have LED or CFL bulbs, please don`t use this dimmer because it could cause your lights to flicker and hum.

Easy to operate switch

This dimmer has a easy-to-control switch that you tap once on when you want to turn the lights on and off to your prefered light level and when you tap it twice the lights will go full on.

If you want a delay when the light goes off, just press, hold and release the switch. This gives 10-60 seconds depending on how long you press/hold, before the lights goes off. A smart feature so you can leave the room or to get into bed safely.

You can use the rocker to adjust the light level from dark to brightest. The dimmer comes with Led`s that glows in the dark so you don`t have to guess where the control is when it`s dark.

Customer feedback of the Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH

Let`s take a look at the customer feedback of the Maestro Double Dimmer. This is going to give you detailed picture from people who eventually bought this dimmer and what they are thinking about it. You will get the good and the bad that people are saying.

Here is an summary of the good and bad of this dimmer based on the customer opinion:

Overall Rating:

This dimmer has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars so it is definitely above average and it makes it one of the best rated dimmers on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a double dimmer switch that will give you good dimming capabilities and you don’t mind the fact that it`s mid range priced then it`s well worth a try!

I will also tell you about the overall good and bad below, so you get a better picture.


The main positive things of this dimmer, based on the customer reviews,  are: the cool feature that when the lights are on and you press in one or both switches, the lights are set to turn off on a timer. The longer you press the switch the longer the timer is set it can bet set up to 60 seconds. It can be a really good feature that you can use when you`re leaving the house or a room.

Another good feature is the fact that the switch is very easy to wire up. If you’re looking for something that is very easy to set up and something that you can easily operate, then this is definitely well worth a look.

The one tap on the switch that will remember your last lightning level also receives a lot of positive feedback.

This dimmer also has a small rectangular button on the left at the very bottom, but you have to take off the wall plate for this feature. If you pull out the button, it kills the power to the switch and fixtures that the switch controls. You can use this feature when you`re changing bulbs in the fixture and when you`re done you just simply push the button in again and your light fixture is powered up again.

Double dimmer switch Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH Review


Someone received a used product. Well that`s not good, you should always send it back and get it replaced by a new dimmer.

One customer bought it for dimming led lights and complained about not working correctly. This dimmer should only be used for  halogen/ incandescent bulbs.


The main thing to remember with the Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH double dimmer switch is that you will get a quality dimmer for the price and you will not find one as cheap that has this quality feel to it.

  • Does NOT work with LED or CFL bulbs
  • For use with 300 Watts of incandescent/halogen bulbs only on both the top load and bottom load

The Lutron Maestro Double Dimmer Switch is equipped with enough features for most people and will give you everything that you need.

Overall this is a very good dimmer switch.

Click here to check out the Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH double dimmer switch at and see what customers have been saying about this very well liked dimmer switch!

Best Dimmer Switch Reviews – Complete Guide 2017

Welcome to the Top 5 Best Dimmer Switch Reviews.

In this analysis, I`m going to review the best dimmers that I have installed. With the best I mean, easiest to install, control, usability and of course quality. You don`t want to buy and install something that you`re not happy with. I have included the most used dimmer types and picked the best one from every group. So if you need an universal, low voltage, wireless, dual or maybe a plug-in dimmer, you will find the review in this post.

Don`t have time to read the whole review?

While some of you who visit my review page, want to know what I have to say about the reviewed dimmer switches, I fully understand that some of you are just simply looking for a high quality dimmer switch. Maybe you even have an clear idea of what type of dimmer switch you need because you’re replacing one? It could even be that you’ve done loads of research by now, but you haven’t found the best dimmer yet.

In which case, I’ve added a table below, that will tell you everything you need to know.

Best Dimmer Switch – Top 5 Favorites

Dimmer SwitchesTypeBest PriceRating
Lutron DVELV-300P-WH 300-Watt Diva Electronic Low Voltage Single Pole Dimmer, White
Low Voltage Dimmer $4.4
Lutron MA-L3S25-WH Maestro 300 Watt Single-Pole Dual Dimmer and Switch, White
Dual Dimmer Switch $4.1
Leviton 6674-P0W SureSlide Universal 150-Watt LED and CFL/600-Watt Incandescent Dimmer
Universal Dimmer Switch $4.2
GE Smart Dimmer, Z-Wave, In-Wall, 12724, Works with Amazon Alexa, 12724
Smart Wireless Control Dimmer Switch $4.2
Lutron TT-300H-WH Electronics Plug-In Lamp Dimmer, White
Plug-In Dimmer Switch $4.4

Top Dimmer Switch Picks 2017

Lutron DVELV 300P Review – 300 – Watt Diva Electronic Low Voltage Single Pole Dimmer

In this first review we`re going to take a look at the Lutron DVELV-300P  which is a very popular high quality dimmer switch. It`s designed to control Electronic Low Voltage transformers that are driving 12 volt or 24 volt Halogen lamps.

Have you ever wanted a trouble free dimmer switch, you could trust to do the job?

Well, now you have it.

The Lutron Dvelv 300P dimmer brings together all the functions you want from a dimmer. It`s durable, high quality, easy to install and buzz free.

Non buzzing dimmer switch

Some of the older dimmers makes a buzzing or humming sound, that can be annoying. The sound is created by cutting up the AC current traveling between the dimmer and the light bulb. Rather than dimming  the light bulb, the dimmer switch actually cause the current to flicker super fast, so that to our eyes, it seems that there is a smaller amount of light. The blocked current can make a vibration in the electromagnetic field inside the light bulb or inside the switch, which can produce a buzzing noise.

The Lutron Dvelv 300 P takes care of the buzzing, that can occure with some of the older dimmers.  So if you experiencing buzzing – This should be your choice, if you want a silent dimmer.

lutron dvelv 300 p review

Check out what others are saying about the Lutron Dvelv 300P dimmer on amazon.


  • Smart big paddle switch and small smooth linear slide
  • Available in Single pole or 3-way model if the lights are controlled from more than one spot
  • For use with incandescent or halogen 120-Volt light bulbs. For electronic low-voltage applications.
  • Paddle switch turns light off and on to a preset level
  • This is a ELV (Electronic Low Voltage) dimmer used with low voltage lighting fixtures
  • Discreet slider dims and brightens lights to desired level
  • For use in single-pole Electronic Low-Voltage applications (available in 3 way switch)
  • Color options Diva model: almond, black, brown, gray, ivory, light almond and white
  • Soft locator light in off-position for easy finding in the dark
  • Dimensions 4.6 x 2.3 x 2.2 inches

Best low voltage dimmer switch?

Really is no other choice than the Lutron Dvelv 300P dimmer if you have low voltage lighting that you want to dim.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!



Lutron MA L3S25 Review – WH Maestro 300 Watt Single-Pole Dual Dimmer and Switch


In this review we will take a look at the Lutron Maestro 300 Watt Dual Dimmer and Switch.

What is a dual dimmer switch?

This a dimmer that integrates both a single-pole switch at the bottom as well as a dimmer on top. This dual dimmer switch allows you to turn one light fixture on and off with the bottom switch and adjusting the lighting level of another source with the top dimmer. This dual Dimmer Switch is a perfect replacement for piled switches commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Two dimmers for the price of one?

With this dimmer you get two controls in one, plus it`s filled with all of Maestro’s brilliant features. The super easy to use tap switch turns lights on/off to your preferred light level or tap twice for full lights. Press the switch, hold it between 1 – 6 seconds and release the switch for delayed fade to off. The delayed fade to off gives you 10-60 seconds to get out of the room or get into bed before the lights go out, a very useful feature and a real “toesaver”. By using the rocker you can adjust the light level for any activity. LEDs display the level of light and glows softly in the dark, so you can easily locate the switch.

Dual Digital Fade Dimmer / Digital Switch

The dimmer works with incandescent and halogen bulbs, while the switch can be used to control incandescent, magnetic or electronic low voltage, or non-dimmable fluorescent lighting loads or exhaust or ceiling fan loads.

At the touch of a button, this dimmer can go immediately to a favorite preset light level, fade-to-off, or adjust manually. Dual controls also consolidate light switches and save space.

Lutron MA L3S25 review Maestro 300 Watt Single-Pole Dual Dimmer and Switch review

If you want to see more reviews about the Lutron MA-L3S25, take a look here at the amazon reviews.



  • One switch gives dimming control for one load and on/off control for a second load
  • Memory – if there`s a power failure – this dimmer remembers your own settings after a power failure
  • Built in LEDs indicate light level – glows softly, so you can easily find the dimmer when it`s dark
  • Use this dimmer only with incandescent and halogen bulbs
  • Delayed fade to off – very useful
  • No neutral wire required
  • Perfect for light and fan
  • Coordinating Claro wall plates purchased separately
  • For you DIYers the switch comes with instructions and diagrams on how to install it. The installation is a simple project, if you have changed an outlet, you can handle this too.

The ultimate dual dimmer?

If you`re looking for a realible dual dimmer, the Lutron MA-L3S25 is a top pick.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!



 Leviton 6674 P0W Review

Sureslide saves energy without sacrificing performance

Let`s take a look at the Leviton Decora SureSlide review.

These dimmers provide smooth, slide-action, full-range dimming for incandescent and dimmable LED and CFL lamps.

As many of you know and easy and cost-effective way to make your home more energy efficient, is to replace standard light switches with dimmers.

Can`t find a universal high quality dimmer?

The challenge today is to find a dimmer, that works effectively with all the current varieties of bulbs on the market, leviton has met that challenge and is pleased to introduce the new Leviton decore sureslide universal dimmer.

Incandescent, Cfl and led dimmer

This cutting-edge device expertly controls the dimming of incandescent, cfl and LED bulbs, now that’s a pretty smart dimmer.

Let’s take a quick review of the types of bulbs you may choose for your fixtures. The standard incandescent bulb is most familiar because most everyone’s been using them for years. Newer to the market are compact fluorescent lamps, generally referred to as CFLs and light-emitting diode bulbs generally referred to as leds. Added to the mix are dimmable CFLs and LEDs, which is what I’d like to focus on today, since dimmable bulbs are compatible with the Universal dimmer.

Smooth design and easy operating dimmer

Feature are easy slide design and offers superior performance over
standard dimmers. For example this new device provides seamless startup, so there’s no momentary delay. A better dimming range, they create the perfect ambience for any occasion and are essentially future-proof, because they work beautifully with most of the latest cfl and LED bulb technologies on the market today. Plus the energy savings add up over time, making them friendly to both your wallet and the environment.

Read what other customers has to say about the Leviton sureslide 6674-P0 on amazon.



  • Leviton sureslide 1-pole and 3-way universal slide dimmer, LED, CFL, and incandescent, 120 volts
  • CFL mode for dimmable CFLs. This feature gives a higher starting voltage that is required for many Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • LED/Incandescent mode gives perfect dimming for LED lamps and for incandescent lamps
  • Is equipped with a separate ON/OFF switch that maintains the selected brightness level
  • Built-in TV and radio interference filter
  • Gives you bigger dimming range for dimmable LED and CFL bulbs than normal older incandescent dimmers
  • 5-year product warranty

Best pick for led dimmer switch?

If you`re looking for a dimmer packed with the best features, the Leviton sureslide 6674-P0 is a high quality choice.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!


GE Smart Dimmer Switch Review Z-Wave In-Wall 12724

GE Smart Dimmer Z-Wave In-Wall 12724 review

The best Z-Wave in-wall dimmer switch 2017

In this review we will take a look at the GE In-wall smart switch dimmer, that allows you to control lightning and other devices wirelessly with an app. Now that everyone got mobile devices, this little switch is very useful.

Why should you get this GE Smart Dimmer Switch?

The benefit of smart lighting are pretty easy to understand. We have all left the lights on when we have not intend to, or forgotten to do the same when we had wanted to, leaving us coming home at the end of the day to a totally dark apartment or house. Smart lighting gives you the opportunity to schedule it all automatically or control everything remotely.

Make your home a smart home with GE Smart Dimmer Switch Z-Wave In-Wall

Connect and control lights and other household devices wirelessly from anywhere with your phone or tablet and give yourself a piece of mind that comes with knowing your home is secure, regardless of where you are.

Z-Wave is a fully customizable home automation system, that works by allowing you to connect through your Z-Wave compatible Gateway. Giving you full control over your lights, entertainment consoles, coffee makers and other small appliances,  when you want and from where you want.

Works with all CFL, LED, halogen and incandescent bulbs up to 600 watts and other devices. Schedule and control ceiling and wall lights.

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  • Control wirelessly with an application on/off and dimming functions of lightning fixtures
  • Gives Z-Wave wireless and manual control of your lights
  • The blue LED indicator light allows safe location of switch in dark room
  • Provides good workability – use by itself or with up to four GE Add-on switches
  • Needs in-wall installation with hard-wired connections
  • Use existing wires to easily connect
  • Schedule time events perfect your home safety
  • You can change paddles the package includes white and light almond paddles

Replace easily any normal in-wall switch with the GE Z-Wave Smart Dimmer switch to control lighting or small appliances with your computer or mobile device using any Z-Wave certified gateway.

Best Wi-Fi smart dimmer?

After installing all sorts of wireless smart switches, I have come to the conclusion that the GE Smart Dimmer Switch In-Wall Z-Wave 12724 is your best choice. It’s reliable in quality and offers extra features not found on any other Z-Wave smart in-wall dimmer switches. It has the very handy option for multiswitch control at a fair price.

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Lutron TT 300H Electronics Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Review

Want to dim table lamps?

Well then this plug-in dimmer is a great pick.

Dimming incandescent table lamps add comfort, usability and workability. You can adjust the lights to every situation.

The installation of this Lutron TT 300 H is very simple, just plugin the dimmer, then plug your lamp plug into the dimmer and that`s it.

You can pick from three different colors: white, brown and black.

It`s available with or without night light – The night light LED glows in the dark for easy acces and as a soft night light.

Read more user experiences about the Lutron 300 TT H on amazon.



  • Slide-to-off tabletop dimmer
  • Dimmer for floor lamps, table lamps and other portable lamps
  • Simply plugs into standard outlet
  • Adjust light to desired level with easy slider
  • Incandescent or halogen bulbs only – 300 watt
  • Put dimmer on tabletop for easy operation
  • 120 volt halogen/incandescent bulb
  •  6-foot dimmer cord
  • Rubber feet on the bottom to keep it in place

The Lutron TT 300 H is a good choice for a plug in dimmer.

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After installing the new or your first dimmer switch, it would be a good idea to save your electric bill for the next few months, so you can compare it to your old bill and see what has changed. Hopefully will your electric bill have a nice big change for the positive and you may be motivated to try this project with the rest of your house and with even more positive results.

And most crucial of all, don’t be shy to ask for a professional installer, meanwhile they are not only worth the money, but sometimes extremely important in making sure, that everything goes perfectly.

Thank you for reading my “Best Dimmer Switch Reviews – Complete Guide 2017”, Dave.