What is the brightest G9 GU9 LED Light bulb you can get?


What is the brightest G9 LED bulb
What is the brightest G9 LED bulb? This 11W is super bright

The G9 GU9 LED by Enuotek is the brightest 11W led light bulb. The lighting brightness is1000Lm.

Brightest G9 GU9 LED Light bulb

Enuotek G9 GU9 Miniature LED Light Bulb

10005, 7 and 11 $4.8

Where to use this super bright GU9 LED bulb?

The G9 LED bulbs are the perfect choice to make when it comes to lighting up any of your living spaces. Whether it is your office or your home, these are suitable to be placed in any of the areas. 

The bulb is perfect for chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, and desk lamps with G9/GU9 plug-in lamp socket.


The brightness and the color tone of the bulb are extremely convenient for most users.

It comes in a pack of six in order to offer better quality as well as quantity for the customers.

It consumes less power as compared to the other products that claim to offer similar features.

Fits perfectly in different living spaces in your home.

It offers the greatest amounts of lumens for a G9 LED bulb.



Just two colors warm and cool white


One important thing is that these can take a lot of your budget. That is why it is extremely important for you to choose the right product out of all the ones that are available. What`s more annoying than installing your LED and it flickers

Check out this review to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money so you don`t end up with the low-quality LEDs that are available in the masses.

About the ENUOTEK GU9 Small Corn Capsule LED Light bulb

There surely are a huge number of aspects that are kept in mind while comparing different products. This is to make sure that the product you are choosing happens to offer you the best qualities in order to make its purchase totally worth it. One such product that you can try out is the brightest, and excellent GU9 LED Small corn capsule light bulb by Enuotek. I`ve been using these LEDs in a 6-branch chandelier for almost 2 years now and they still shine like brand new.

These bulbs are extremely different from old light bulbs and use modern techniques and technology to work efficiently.

They are a very convenient source to get super extra bright light without the use of excessive energy of course. The LED is available in 5W, 7W, and 11W. 

Best gu9 g9 led light bulb
Best gu9 g9 led light bulb

There surely are a huge number of different kinds of usages that you can easily get with the help of these LED bulbs.

Let`s focus on the 11W that I`ve been using for a while now.

The bulbs use innovative modern lighting technology in order to help the user offering them a great bright light in all surroundings all the time.

Things to consider about the G9/GU9 LED Small Corn Capsule Light Bulbs

In this part of the article, we have mentioned some of the things that the G9 GU9 LED Small Corn Capsule Light Bulbs has in store for you so let`s go over the details.

  • The size of the device is suitable for most users.
  • It consumes less power in order to offer you better results.
  • The features provided by the device are known to be durable and long-lasting.
  • The number of lumens used in the device is balanced in order to offer the best results to the customers.
  • It has a very natural color temperature.
  • The style of the device is quite unique and according to the needs of the users.

Features of the GU9 LED Small Corn Capsule Light Bulbs

Features surely play an extremely important role in deciding the worth of a particular product.

It helps us to understand various advantages of the product as well as to get an idea about what we are investing in.

This will help you to get an idea about the features offered by the product and if or not it is worth spending your money on.

  • The device comes along with a ceramic lamp body as well as excellent heat-resisting qualities.
  • The product has the standard G9 base for the lamp.
  • The size of LED bulb is approximately 6.3 cm in length and approx 1.77 cm in diameter.
  • The LED bulb is compatible with the US voltage and requires at least AC 110-120V for working properly.
  • It uses the 74X SMD2835 LED lighting source to offer the best quality.
  • The brightness of the LED bulb is 1000Lm and has the cool color white that is 6000k. It consumes 11W of power for proper working.
  • The device is of the non-dimmable kind and comes in a pack of six G9 LED bulbs.
  • It has a beam angle of 360 degrees in order to offer complete brightness and light in the whole room without any kind of problem.
  • It has a color rendering index of CRI>80 for good natural colors.

Final Verdict

A little pricey but you get what you pay for, a really well-built bright LED. Also, if you decide to buy it make sure to purchase the LED bulbs only from an authorized dealer to avoid bad copies.