Wireless Remote Controlled Outlet – Ultimate Guide

Control every outlet easily with a switch and learn what is the biggest mistake people make when buying outlets controlled by a switch.

Top 5 Wireless Outlets Controlled by an Electrical Switch

BrandTypeCheck PriceRating 1-5
Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch

100 ft. Range

2 remotes

5 outlets
Remote Control Outlet Kit

100 ft. Range

3 outlets

1 remote
Remote Control Outlet Wireless Light Switch

330 ft. Range

3 x Remote Control Outlet

1 x Remote
Wireless Remote Control Socket Outlet Switch Set

110 ft. Range

Compact size

Black color

4 outlets 2 remotes
Wireless wall mounted switch

100 ft. range

No wiring needed

1. BN-LINK Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch Review

These little outlets are perfect for household appliances. It does not get easier than with BN-LINK outlets controlled by a switch. They are ready to go straight out of the package. Even the batteries for the remotes are included. The outlets are programmed so you just plug it in and switch on your appliance from the remote. Remember to switch on your appliance for the outlet to operate accurately.

The biggest mistake when buying remote outlets is weak signal quality

What`s more annoying than trying to turn the appliance on or off but you`re out of the signal’s range.

These RF receivers and transmitters work through walls and doors without disturbing other electronics. The signal can function as far as 100 ft in line of sight.

  • 2x Remote Control Transmitter
  • 5x Programmable Outlet Receivers
  • 2x Battery 12V
  • Ratings 125V, 60Mz, 10A, 1250W

Easy to install

Company’s customer service is fast

 Ultra Long Range


Just available in one color(white)


2. Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Kit Review

With a single Etekcity remote you can connect the remote to multiple outlets. TV, fan, lights, audio sound systems, Christmas lights and so on, so basically you can keep your whole home in control with only one remote. The package comes with two remotes for extra comfort.

The remote has five button combinations one to turn on and one to turn off.

The range of these remote outlets is impressive.
You can switch an outlet across three stories, they work through walls. You can operate these from one side of the house to the other side. There`s no delay, the response is nearly instantaneous.


Easy to install

2-year warranty and lifetime support

 Strong Range

The signal works through walls and doors

2 12V batteries included


Big in size


3. X-Sense Remote Control Outlet Wireless Light Switch up to 330ft (100m) Ultra-Long Range

These X-Sense remote control outlets features a wireless control range of up to a impressive 330 ft, surpassing most of its competitors in the market.

The remote is user-friendly, the surface is dirtproof and the buttons are wear-resistant.

Super comfortable remote control

The signal quality between outlet and remote

This device does not need to be in direct line of sight. It works on a transmitted RF signal, not an infrared signal. Infrared signals can usually be blocked by being behind something, but this outlet will still work if it is behind something and like many other devices this does not have to be in a direct line with the outlet when using the remote.


3-year warranty and lifetime support

The best range on the market


Just available in black color

4. BESTTEN Wireless Remote Control Socket Outlet Switch Set Review

With the Bestten set you get 4 Electrical Outlets, 2 Remotes with 110 Foot Range, Learning Code, Home Automation Set and ETL Certified.

The best thing with these outlets is the size, they are so small that they will not block the other outlet on the duplex receptacle.

best Outlet Controlled by Switch
Small size Outlet Controlled by Switch

Small size

Two remote controls


Batteries not included


5. DEWENWILS Remote Control Outlet Wireless Review

  • Wall Mounted Light Switch
  • Electrical Plug in On Off Power Switch for Lamp
  • No Wiring, Expandable
  • 100 Feet RF Range
  • ETL Listed and FCC approved

Where to use the wireless wall-mounted light switch?

The wall-mounted light switch could be perfect for if you got lamps on your nightstand. If you aren’t thrilled about reaching for the cord switch at night and maybe they are too far away to reach easily then this wall-mounted switch is perfect. You can put the wall-mounted switches where ever you want so that you can reach over with no problems and turn the lights on or off.




Just one remote control

Are remote control sockets safe?


Yes, they are absolutely safe as long as you do not overload the rating of the remote socket.


Can you control smart plugs away from home?


You can control home appliances directly from your phone, or even through a voice assistant. That lets you switch them on/off remotely, using their companion apps.

Several smart plugs are also compatible with smart home devices and ecosystems like Amazon Echo and Google Home or Apple HomeKit, so you can command them with your voice or have them in an app beside other devices in your home.


Are smart plugs worth it?


The most effortless way to save energy is to unplug your devices, but that’s inconvenient.

And you need some things running often enough, that wandering around the house and plugging in everything would get boring.

But thankfully smart plugs don’t consume much energy, so they will save you some money.