Searching for a good lamp dimmer switch? Check out the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light for floor lamps and table lamps.READ MORE HERE.

If you are searching for a good dimmer switch for lamps you should for sure think about the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light, TT-300NLH-WHWe will be showing you exactly what you get  with this dimmer switch for lamps and we will also be looking at compatibility with different bulbs, how good the dimming feature is on this dimmer and of course we will also tell you where to buy this to cut costs.


NOTE: If you just landed on this website and you are just looking for to buy the lamp dimmer then click here and go straight to Amazon.com. We recommend buying from Amazon as it will give you the best deal, the fastest and reliable delivery and you know that you will get the real lamp dimmer.

If you are sticking with us, please read on as we will learn about every feature of the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light . We will be checking into the quality and evaluating if this is a great pick for a dimmer switch for lamps. We will also take a look at what people who already bought this product are saying about it and what are the good and bad features of this dimmer.

Dimmer switch for lamp review LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light TT-300NL

In this review we will starting with covering the basic features.  With this approach you can see if the lamp dimmer switch is suitable for your needs.

So, let`s get going by taking a peek at the main features of this dimmer, again if you are in a rush, jump to Amazon.com and check out the product page for the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer.

Features of the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In dimmer switch for lamps:

  • This tabletop dimmer has a handy  Slide-to-off switch

dimmer switch for lamps

  • You can use it for dimming table and floor lamps
  • No installing – just plug it into standard outlet
  • You can easily adjust the light level with the slider
  • Compitable with 300 Watt halogen or incandescent bulbs only
  • It also got a sof glowing LED locator light so you can easily find it in the dark
  • Extends bulb life and saves energy
  • Super easy installation just plug-in
  •  Makes it simple to turn lamps off and on without reaching under the lamp shade.
  • Cord is 6ft (1.8m) long

Nursery lamp with dimmer

From my personal experience a smart thing to do if you got a nursery is to install a dimmer switch on the bedroom lamp in your nursery. That way, when the baby wakes up at night, you don’t have to switch on the lights to full, just turn it on enough to change a diaper and feed and put the baby back to bed.  Keeps them in that nighttime sleepy mode. Just an another idea where you can use this smart product.

As you can see from above and from the pictures on this page, this lamp dimmer switch has a pretty nice design and you can choose from these different colors.

Use Dimmer Switch for Salt Lamp

Now that salt lamps are getting popular, many are using dimmers to lower the intensity of the salt lamp. But make sure again which type of dimmer you should get: The the halogen, incandescent or the  LED/CFL dimmer switch.

Available colors

Dimmer switch for lamp reviews by customers

Customers who bought this product are overall satisfied with the features. It has been used for:

  • Dim christmas lights(If you got LED christmas lights don`t use this for it, go instead for the The Lutron TTCL-100H-WH Credenza Dimmable CFL/LED Dimmer read more about it below)
  • Aquarium heater controllers
  • Desk lamp
  • Floor lamp
  • Bright light for reading but want to dim it to watch TV
  • Makes it easy to turn lamps on and off without reaching under the lamp shade

dimmer switch for lamp


If you choose to buy the LUTRON Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Night Light from Amazon.com, the great thing is that the customer reviews are from real customers, they tell you the negative and the positive about this table lamp dimmer. There is not much negative about this switch, mostly positive. In fact, out of 725 reviews at the time of writing this review the average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars which is good.

Now let`s look at the negative feedback it got:

A customer received a faulty dimmer, the customer called Lutron, explained the problem and got a new dimmer – Did not have to return the problem switch.

Somebody said that it`s noisy – Don`t use it with LED lights ( There`s also a version for LED lights.

Looking for a dimmer switch for LED/CFL Lamps?

The Lutron TTCL-100H-WH Credenza Dimmable CFL/LED Dimmer is what you should be using. 


  • Gives the best dimming for your LED bulbs
  • This works also with ALL incandescent and halogen bulbs (250 Watts)
  • Compatible up to 100 Watts of dimmable LED/CFL 
  • Just plug it in
dimmer switch for floor lamps
Installation is easy

It`s pretty much the same product as the TT-300NLH above but this is a dimmer switch for lamp that uses LED/CFL bulbs. If you don`t have any LED bulbs yet, but planning on getting it, maybe you should get this instead of the incandescent and halogen version, because this can be used with those bulbs too.

Dimmer switch for floor lamp

These switches can also be used for floor lamps.  Just pick the model based on if you got LED/CFL or incandescent/halogen bulbs.


This dimmer is highly recommended but remember to choose the right type based on your bulbs.

Lowest price for the LED/CFL dimmer switch for lamp
Lowest price for the halogen or incandescent dimmer switch for lamp


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