Outdoor Dimmer Switch Reviews – Ultimate Guide 2019

I hope you will agree with me when I say:

That life is much easier when using a remote controlled outdoor dimmer switch for your outdoor dimming purposes.

Do NOT Buy a Outdoor dimmer switch before You READ THIS REVIEW. I`ve spent a lot of money on useless products that did not deliver…but let`s get back to the review.

Ok, there is only a tiny little problem. Finding an outdoor dimmer is not an easy job, because there are not many outdoor dimmers made if you are looking for something similar like an indoor dimmer. But if you want to dim something outside, there are couple of solutions for you. Let`s  take a closer look at these products.

If you just want to turn off your lights remotely or have them turn off by a preset schedule then your choice should be a outdoor dimmer or remote controlled outlet.

To make things easier for you, I have created a list of Best outdoor dimmer switches 2019. After doing some research, installing and using some of these dimmers , I have listed the top outdoor dimmer switches and remote controlled outlets you can get right now.

These outdoor dimmer switches are for everyone because the price-tag is pretty low on most of them.

Nevertheless, one thing can be said for certain, these outdoor dimmer switches are high quality enough to make it to our list of the best outdoor dimmers 2019.

Best Outdoor Dimmers 2019


Outdoor DimmerTypeRatingPrice
Insteon Outdoor Smart Plug, On/Off, Works with Amazon Alexa
Outdoor Dimmer4.2 Check Price
Remote Dimmer, DLDIMMER
Outdoor Dimmer5.0 Check Price
Woods 32555WD Weatherproof Outdoor Outlet Remote Control Converter Kit
Outdoor Dimmer4.4 Check Price
TOSSOW Outdoor Wireless Remote and Plug In Receiver Kit Weatherproof Smart Socket 2 Outlet Switch for Outdoor Electric Appliance with 100 Feet Range
Outdoor Dimmer3.8 Check Price
GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Outdoor Module, On/Off, Plug-In, Black, Works with Amazon Alexa, 12720
Outdoor Dimmer4.4 Check Price
GE Bluetooth Outdoor Smart Switch (Plug-In), 13868

Outdoor Dimmer3.5 Check Price


1. GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Outdoor Review

Most of the consumers know GE because of their top of the line home and kitchen appliances. However, for those who don’t know, GE is also at the top for making several high ends, top of the line lightning appliances.

Outdoor Led Dimmer

The product we are going to zoom in on today is known as the GE Bluetooth Outdoor Smart Switch, the General Electric smart switch is priced under $40 and it happens to be one of the best outdoor led dimmer switches you can buy right now.

The outdoor dimmer switch offers a modern fresh look, something that people will find familiar, especially if they have used an GE product in the past. The switch is elegant pleasing with its complete black construction.

 However, most of you are not here for the design and are more interested in the capability, so without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at how the switch works. 


The GE Z-Wave Wireless is a Smart Lighting Outdoor Control which enables you to wirelessly control your home’s outdoor appliances  and lighting, including landscape and seasonal lighting, fountains and pumps, it also gives you the opportunity to turn lights on and off or schedule a timed event from anywhere and at any given time.

You can easily control outdoor lighting with your computer or mobile device using any Z-Wave certified gateway from anywhere in the world, or control the lighting on location with the manual push-button control or a Z-Wave certified remote control. It can be little tricky to set up for non-technical people, but if you follow the easy instructions it should go smoothly.

Compitable gateways

GE Z Wave dimmer switch compitable

With that said, the manufacturer has paid a notable amount of attention to detail even when designing the device as it happens to be super easy to use and understand.

The switch is also of course weather and impact resistant and it withstands wet and damp conditions. The outlet has a solid rubber cover that keeps dirt out when the smart switch is not in use.

It`s compatible with:

  • CFL
  • LED
  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • Xenon
  • Halogen lighting
  • Wink
  • SmartThings

Pros                                    Cons

• Price                                                 • Tricky set up?

• Range

• Control with your voice

2. Trex Remote Outdoor Dimmer Review

Outdoor dimmer for deck lighting and landscape lighting

This little handy Trex Remote Dimmer for outdoor use is an enhanced-control dimmer and is used to adjust the brightness of any  12v lighting system. You can install it in any new or old DC LED system. It can be located and used to control the whole light system or any piece of the system.

Landscape lighting dimmer switch

The dimmer should be installed after transformer 12v output line. If you choose install multiple units, you can control multiple lighting areas/zones according to your particular requirements  with just one remote.

Pros                                       Cons

•Programmable remote             •Little bit pricey?

•Remote range 30 foot

• 3 year warranty

• Easy to install even without instructions


3.Woods 32555WD Weatherproof Outdoor Outlet Remote Control Converter Kit Review

The Woods 32555 Outdoor Wireless Remote switches devices on and off from 60-feet away.

You can handle your outdoor lights, patio, secury lights or holiday lights from inside your home or even your car if you want to do that  with the wireless remote and receiver.

The signal is pretty strong in this device, it can travel through walls, doors, windows and that`s a good feature and because of that you don`t have to always have eye contact with the device your controlling.

Both the outlet box and remote operate on same ‘paired’ frequency channel, so they don’t cause trouble with other electronics.

If you are getting more than one unit, the frequencies you are getting will be non-specific with a possibility of matching frequencies.

How do you install and configurate the outdoor dimmer switch?

Let`s take a look at the setup.

This remote device is fast to install, you don`t need tools to set-up and it`s super easy to controll just by simple tap of a button.

Weatherproof outdoor switch


  • Durable weatherproof construction
  • 6-inch cord
  • compatible with 3-wire plugs
  • CFL ready and LED compatible

Pros                                    Cons

•great range                               •no timer

•multi use



4.GE Bluetooth Outdoor Smart Switch Plug-In Review

This is a another smart device from General Electrics.

You can transform your home into a smart house/apartment using this compact Outdoor Smart Switch. This is almost the same product like the one reviewed first on this page, the GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control. This switch does not require any gateway, hub or a router to control or program your lighting.

With this smart device you can control and schedule your outdoor lighting. It allows you to schedule and control your home’s outdoor lighting and devices, like landscaping and seasonal light fixtures.

The GE bluetooth outdoor switch is or course equipped with weather-resistant housing and outlet cover.

Plus it comes with multiple scheduling options, such as the seven-day sunrise and sunset setting. It has also the useful vacation/random settings and custom countdowns.

GE outdoor smart switch installation

The installation is as easy it can be. You don`t have to do any wiring, which makes it incredibly easy to install and use.

Pros                                    Cons

•easy installation                          •no intervals <15 min

• versatile


5.Insteon Outdoor Smart Plug Review, On/Off, Works with Amazon Alexa

The Insteon smart on off plug is easy as Plugging in a Lamp

With this Insteon device you can control devices such as fountain pumps and landscape or holiday lighting.

Installation is super easy. Just unplug your fountain, string light or landscape light and connect its power cord to the bottom of Outdoor On/Off Module. Then you plug the Outdoor On/Off Module into the power outlet and then you`re ready to go, that`s it – No hardwiring or tricky installation, just plug it in, plug in the device you want to use/control and link it to an Insteon controller – then just relax and enjoy the automated lighting.

insteon outdoor on off module dimmer

You can also schedule your outdoor lights or appliances

By using the Insteon Hub on your computer, or any other Insteon-compatible device, to turn on or off at any given time or even at sunset and sunrise.

insteon outdoor dimmer switch controlRemote control your dimmer

With Insteon Hub, just launch the Insteon app and use the remote control from your smartphone or use the Insteon app to configure control from other Insteon devices at your place.

Voice control your dimmer

The Insteon Hub will also give you voice control using Amazon Alexa. Want to know more about Amazon Alexa? If you are planning on using the voice control, you must have the Insteon Central Controller Hub.

Pros                                    Cons

•Amazon Alexa compitable     • A bit noisy?



6.TOSSOW Outdoor Wireless Remote and Plug In Receiver Kit Review

Weatherproof Smart Socket 2 Outlet Switch for Outdoor Electric Appliance with 100 Feet Range

Outdoor waterproof dimmer switch

I’m not much of web graphic guy, but I do know a quite of a lot about dimmers.  This year I’ve spent over 300 days on jobs installing and wiring electrical devices and tested over 15 different outdoor dimmers. Many of them sucked but some of them really fit the bill …like this Tossows outdoor waterproof dimmer switch.

What can you do with the Tossow Outdoor remote then?

  • You can turn on the Holiday Lights in a cold night (or warm)
  • Control Lights
  • Good helper for person who is not convenient for action (elder, pregnant woman or limited mobility person) at your home
  • You can control garden watering system from inside
  • Pretty much everything electrical can be controlled with this
  • 100ft range

Two remote controlled outdoor outlets

As you can see from the picture above, it has two outlets, but you can`t control them separately – The remote controls 2 outlets on/off at the same time, because it only has two buttons. There is a new version being developed, in which you can remote control 2 outlets individually and that feature will be available in next version of this Tossow device.

Pros                                    Cons

  • Price                                             •Nothing as yet
  • Quality
  • Range
  • Dual outlet
  • Battery included

So, there you have it, folks! We tested some of the best outdoor dimmers and outlets available in the market at the moment. I hope these reviews helped you a little bit.

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