Best Double Dimmer Switch Review Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH

What is a Double dimmer or Dual dimmer?

It`s a switch that have two buttons in one control unit and because of that compact design it saves space. It is a good replacement for stacked switches that are usually found in bathrooms and kitchens.

You can use a dual dimmer for:

  • switch on and off lights
  • control your ceiling fan
  • dim lights


In this review we`ll take a look at the double dimmer switch Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH.

The Lutron Maestro double dimmer is an excellent dimmer switch. In fact, you will see on that this dimmer is actually voted on to the best seller list. We will be checking out why this is such a good dimmer switch, the type of light fixtures that this will work with and also the good and bad facts so you can get a better feel for what to expect.

We will also be looking at the other customer opinions from people that actually bought the dimmer and who better to hear from if you are looking to buy it? So you`ll get my personal experiences and opinions plus the other customers too. If you have landed on this review and you are JUST looking to buy this dimmer switch you can check out the Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH at Amazon.

Double dimmer switch Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH Review

So let`s go over the full review of this dimmer switch and tell you what to expect.

Is this The Best Double Dimmer Switch To Purchase?

Let us take a look at the different parts of this dimmer and we will zoom in on the parts that we think make a great switch.

Duo Dimmer Switch Review

This dimmer got two switches and the Maestro Dual Dimmer is a perfect substitute for stacked switches usually found in bathrooms and kitchens. It integrates the task of two dimmers in one control, but is still filled up with all of Maestro’s smart features. This Maestro dimmer can be used with 300 Watts of halogen/ incandescent bulbs, if you have LED or CFL bulbs, please don`t use this dimmer because it could cause your lights to flicker and hum.

Easy to operate switch

This dimmer has a easy-to-control switch that you tap once on when you want to turn the lights on and off to your prefered light level and when you tap it twice the lights will go full on.

If you want a delay when the light goes off, just press, hold and release the switch. This gives 10-60 seconds depending on how long you press/hold, before the lights goes off. A smart feature so you can leave the room or to get into bed safely.

You can use the rocker to adjust the light level from dark to brightest. The dimmer comes with Led`s that glows in the dark so you don`t have to guess where the control is when it`s dark.

Customer feedback of the Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH

Let`s take a look at the customer feedback of the Maestro Double Dimmer. This is going to give you detailed picture from people who eventually bought this dimmer and what they are thinking about it. You will get the good and the bad that people are saying.

Here is an summary of the good and bad of this dimmer based on the customer opinion:

Overall Rating:

This dimmer has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars so it is definitely above average and it makes it one of the best rated dimmers on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a double dimmer switch that will give you good dimming capabilities and you don’t mind the fact that it`s mid range priced then it`s well worth a try!

I will also tell you about the overall good and bad below, so you get a better picture.


The main positive things of this dimmer, based on the customer reviews,  are: the cool feature that when the lights are on and you press in one or both switches, the lights are set to turn off on a timer. The longer you press the switch the longer the timer is set it can bet set up to 60 seconds. It can be a really good feature that you can use when you`re leaving the house or a room.

Another good feature is the fact that the switch is very easy to wire up. If you’re looking for something that is very easy to set up and something that you can easily operate, then this is definitely well worth a look.

The one tap on the switch that will remember your last lightning level also receives a lot of positive feedback.

This dimmer also has a small rectangular button on the left at the very bottom, but you have to take off the wall plate for this feature. If you pull out the button, it kills the power to the switch and fixtures that the switch controls. You can use this feature when you`re changing bulbs in the fixture and when you`re done you just simply push the button in again and your light fixture is powered up again.

Double dimmer switch Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH Review


Someone received a used product. Well that`s not good, you should always send it back and get it replaced by a new dimmer.

One customer bought it for dimming led lights and complained about not working correctly. This dimmer should only be used for  halogen/ incandescent bulbs.


The main thing to remember with the Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH double dimmer switch is that you will get a quality dimmer for the price and you will not find one as cheap that has this quality feel to it.

  • Does NOT work with LED or CFL bulbs
  • For use with 300 Watts of incandescent/halogen bulbs only on both the top load and bottom load

The Lutron Maestro Double Dimmer Switch is equipped with enough features for most people and will give you everything that you need.

Overall this is a very good dimmer switch.

Click here to check out the Lutron Maestro MA-L3L3-WH double dimmer switch at and see what customers have been saying about this very well liked dimmer switch!
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